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“I’m pregnant!”

Oh such a wonderful phrase to be spilling to people lately. After lots of planning and what seemed like a lifetime of trying, our bun is finally in the oven and we’re having a blast telling everyone!
Telling has been so much fun that I thought I might share the “top 9” reactions I’ve had to the announcement thus far:
9. My team at the office: high fives were given all around. I’m the fourth on the team (of seven) to be part of a pregnant duo (the three predecessors were spouses so I’m the first pregnant lady on the team), so I’m joining the team bandwagon! The other ladies in the office are a little weary of getting to close to us now, though. Apparently our group is quite fertile!
8. Besties from high school: a “SQUEEE,” a “YIPEEE” and request for baby photos. I don’t get to connect with them often, but I love them all the same!
7. Work besties: screams and squeals all around during our Skype session with the bestie who is living in Paris. I’m so happy that we were all able to get together (regardless of me getting to share my news).
6. My boss: he just kept repeating, “That’s so exciting!” (To be fair, his first baby was less than a month from being born at the time). Even after the conversation switched to business he still kept saying how exciting it was! Made me feel good.
5. My beer connoisseur besties: Total excitement, of course, but they already knew. I hadn’t had any beer at our last two or three get-togethers and that’s a dead giveaway when you love beer as much as I do!
4. Early college besties: a suggestion to come visit me and the fam! Wooohooo! I love having visits with my ladies! I hope they can make it!!
3. The in-laws: “Woohoo!” from the MIL and some shocked silence from the FIL followed by, “really?!” Further followed by questions regarding what baby gear we had kept (answer: none! We’re not lugging that stuff around for nine years!).
2. My parents: “WHAT? Are you really?” They must have been shocked because they didn’t ask ANY more questions!
1. Our son: hands high above his head and a big “yay!” followed by, “this is the best day EVER!” In the conversations that followed, he referred to Baby2 as “the child” and is apparently quite interested in showing him/her the “ways of being a kid.” This should be fun!

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