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Tie Tuesday Pre-Prologue: Taking a Cue from the Pretty People

Tie Tuesday will be a weekly post about maternity style. I’ll explain the nomenclature next week, but for now let’s get on with the fun stuff… Because let’s face it, the most fun thing about being pregnant is dressing the bump! Sure there are more important things: growing a person, nurturing a person, naming said person, practicing your swaddling (aka baby burrito) technique, blah, blah. But showing off the bump is still the most fun!

While I don’t necessarily consider myself a “person of fashion,” I think I do all right. I mean, I think I do well enough that you won’t find me on an episode of “What Not to Wear” anytime soon. (However, I would certainly give up my entire wardrobe THIS INSTANT if it meant that Stacie and Clinton would dress me for a couple days.) I seem to think that I have a fairly set “style:” I like my basics and my neutrals, some fun/cute shirts here and there and overall easy-care fabrics. Nobody LOVES to take in the dry cleaning, or iron, whether or not you’re dressing for two.

But you know what? Maternity clothes suck! The vast majority of what you find in the stores seem to be stuck in the 90s or something – big, frumpy, bad fits, horrible fabrics, etc. They are very few pieces (other than jeans and tanks) that you can rely on as staples. It isn’t easy to build a solid maternity wardrobe… one that you only wear for maybe six months!

So while I’m still able to rock my current rags, I’m looking to some knocked-up celebs for influence on how to translate my everyday “look” into a maternity style I can hang with. From what I gather, success in this realm is a careful mix of maternity and, get this, NON-maternity wear. Yep, just ’cause you have a bump doesn’t mean everything has to have a “maternity” label on it. So let’s get to the pretty people already:

The Look: blazer + jeans


Blazers are sweet because you can use your non-maternity stash plus some accessories to jazz up your maternity basics! Adding a blazer makes the whole outfit more professional (for casual Fridays at the office), it pulls everything together, and it emphasizes the belly! Right now I use the blazer to actually cover/disguise my bloat a bit though.

I dig Ali’s simple look – jeans, white tee and blazer action. Victoria’s (yes, she is pregnant in that photo) is a bit more “rock ‘n roll” with the leather jacket/blazer and sky-high Louboutins. Jennifer’s is all pulled together with the burnt orange pashmina topping everything off (I picked up a similar accessory on Amazon for like eight bucks! Score!).

The Look: a belted dress


Loose non-maternity dressess work will even up to the very end of pregnancy. To enhance the fit, just add a belt above the belly like Jessica Alba! The well-paced belt emphasizes your waist to remind yourself that you do have some shape (because I swear traditional maternity clothes are made to make you think you are now shapeless). Dresses are also great because you can dress them up or down with accessories alone.

The Look: simple denim


For me, maternity denim is a must-have in my pregnancy wardrobe. I am lucky enough to get to wear jeans to work every day so I need a few choices that I can wear often. I like the range of denim on these three actresses. January has a nice straight leg going on; a straight leg is great because it creates a straight line from the hips, making your expanding frame a little more balanced. I really, really love the Kelly green bag, too! Halle is rocking a skinny jean, which not all of us can pull off but if you can, pregnancy is the time to do it. I think they really balance the hips as long as you wear a tunic or jacket (like pictured here) to keep the hips from sticking out like a sore thumb. And Jennifer, oh how I love her pregnancy style, has a simple bootcut which looks good on everyone. We should all have a little bootcut in our closet to pull out at will. Shoot, with my first pregnancy that’s the only cut of jeans that I had!

The basic rules for denim are 1) keep it dark, 2) wear it fitted (not too tight, not too loose) and 3) accessorize to dress it up.

The Look: maxi dress


So technically Tori’s outfit is a long tank and skirt, but it all flows together so whatever. Maxi skirts/dresses are another piece from our pre-KU wardrobe that can be used all through pregnancy. They’re so roomy! You can wear it super relaxed like Tori or Jessica with sandals and a loose cardigan or scarf for a lounging or light shopping day. Or add one of those belts again to cinch it up and pull it together like January. A long belted dress with a cute fitted cardigan (a little less loose than January’s) or blazer would even work for the office!

The Look: cardigan


I didn’t feel like I needed any more examples of this look because everything about this is cute! A pop of color, a pop of belly, a pop of leg. It’s also super easy to put together and comfy, comfy, comfy. Keep those non-maternity cardigans in rotation!

So take a cue from these celebs: you don’t need a ton of maternity clothes, just some basics and well-places accessories! Not only will this save hard-earned dough but it will also allow for continuity of your current look throughout pregnancy.

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