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Tie Tuesday Prologue: Maternity Style Tips

Why Tie Tuesday, you say? Well, there’s a couple reasons:

  • At work, we’re allowed to wear jeans every day, which is awesome, but all my office clothes are now just gathering dust (they just instituted the policy a few weeks ago). So Tuesday is the day that I break out my “nice clothes.” Some guys at work also used the phrase as they day they would all wear ties (on Tuesdays), but Photobucketthat was back when we did have to “dress up” for work (ties were not mandatory). They don’t seem to do the tie thing anymore. I think they’re lazy.
  • At my son’s school, the kids in his class celebrate Tie Tuesday by dressing up for fun. The boys were ties, the girls wear dresses and everyone has a good time. It’s optional, of course, but they all really get into it. They’re so cute!
  • Now, Tie Tuesday will be the title of my weekly outfit posts. They’re for me to catalog some pregnancy memories (like this whole blog is, really) and they’ll be good motivation to keep myself up! I hope those that read my blog might gain a little inspiration as well. Feedback is always welcome!

I don’t yet have much of a bump to show off, so last week and this week I’m just prepping myself to have good maternity style. Here are my “9 best” tips that I’ve gathered from the Amy Tara Koch Blog (link at right) and several years of devoted “What Not to Wear” viewership.

1. Lengthen, lengthen, leeeennnngthen. A long and lean appearance balances out a belly. This is achieved with long scarves, necklaces, straight cut jeans/pants, etc. It also helps to match your shoes to your pants, especially if you’re wearing boots, because it creates an unbroken line of color.

2. Keep it fitted. Show off that bump! Sure you may feel as big as a house (even if you’re only a few months “in trouble,” as they say) but you aren’t. Trust me. Besides, big, over-sized clothes only add pounds; you’re not fooling anyone by hiding under that tent. If you must wear something baggy, belt it. A belt will at least give you a bit of shape. Yes pregnant Photobucketladies do have shape!

3. Speaking of slimming, if you’re really self-conscious your expanding size then keep your “base layer” dark. A perfect base layer (meaning your pants/skirt and shirt/tee) would be a slim-cut dark wash jean with black fitted tee. Accessorize with a funky texture like Halle Berry’s jacket, at right, or something bright to add color and interest, such as a bright scarf, long chunky necklace or bag. Experiment with accessories. They’re easy to change!

4. Accessorize! Accessories can dress an outfit up or down, add color, etc. They are relatively inexpensive (look at Forever 21, LuLu’s, H&M, etc) and, as mentioned, easy to change. You can have a maternity wardrobe with the most basic staples and get away with a light rotation as long as you have a diverse repertoire of accessories. The best part is, they don’t need to be maternity-specific! You can use what you already have and, if you need more, you don’t have to search and search like you do with maternity clothes.

5. Invest in basics. These will require a careful, calculated search but it will be worth it. Basics with a good fit will be your security blanket, in a way. If they fit Photobucketcomfortably and make you feel good then you will be oh so happy you put the time and effort into finding them. Here’s what I plan on investing in: a couple pair of dark, fitted jeans, black slacks, a pencil skirt (I’m dreaming about the one at right by Noppies NYC Maternity; credit to the Maternity Blog by Belly Dance Maternity for the image), a white button-up shirt (super hard to find one that will get you through the ninth month but again, worth it), a couple black tees (not t-shirts, nice fitted cotton tees) and white tanks. Look for stretchy fabrics!

6. Use color. Jazz up your basics with a colorful cardigan, blazer, or shirt. The basics are just that: basics. They aren’t complete outfits without color and a little of #4 (accessories, a word I’m sure you’re tired of reading by now). A world without color is boring and a bump without color is sad. Have a happy bump!

7. Show some skin. V-necks are fantastic for adding length and brightening (and slimming!) your face. Open necklines also slim the bust, which seems to be as expansive as the belly during pregnancy! A little bit of leg never hurts either, as a shorter hemline will once again elongate the silhouette. However, limit the skin-showing to one area at a time. Otherwise you’re just walking around half-naked and Photobucketpregnant and, well, that just gives others the wrong idea, if you know what I mean.

8. Prints. A printed fabric hides and distracts from all body imperfections. Check out Nicole Richie here: you can hardly tell she’s even pregnant! That is the power of prints. Harness it for yourself.

9. DON’Ts. As stated above, shapeless tents don’t hide anything, they make you look bigger. Shiny fabrics often attract light to the wrong places; avoid the risk. Chokers do the opposite of lengthen: they cut off the long line that starts at your face. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. Dressing can be good times!

See you next week for some actual bump photos – of myself! Yay!

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