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It’s Tie Tuesday Time!

Welcome to my very first official Tie Tuesday post! Since I now have a little bit of a bump, I’m ready to start cataloging my “maternity wear” (which is in quotes because I’m not rocking any official maternity wear yet and I hope to put it off as long as possible. I have made my aversion to maternity wear known in a Tie Tuesday Prologue/Pre-Prologue post).

My goal is to post every Monday thru Friday outfit from the prior week (cause I’ve gotta have some time to upload my pics over the weekend). I hope this will motivate me to “keep up my appearance,” as they say, because we all know that pregnancy can take the motivation out of you sometimes. Let’s just get to it!

PhotobucketWell geez, I’m breaking the rules already. This outfit was actually from the Tuesday prior to this past week (so that’d even be before the holiday break). I included it because, 1) I thought it showed a nice little bump and 2) I’m not going to be able to wear this pencil skirt for too much longer. The latter reason seems to be a theme for some of the outfits I’m picking lately, too. I look in my closet for the things that are getting tight quickly. I must make use of them before they “expire!” I’ve already had to pack up a box of things that stopped fitting weeks ago. I’d rather not look at what I can’t have. And when it’s time to bring them back it’ll be like getting a whole bunch of new clothes again!

So this shirt is from Forever 21 and I’ve had it for about a year, which is a lifetime for some F21 clothes.

Skirt from the Limited.

Belt from Forever 21. Tights from Target probably, I don’t remember. I started collecting tights last winter. And shoes are Report from Zappos.

PhotobucketThis was on Tuesday, Tie Tuesday. So far my work pants are still fitting really well. Which is fantastic because I love my work pants so much. I get them from Banana Republic (every pair I have is BR). And before you judge me for spending $100 or more a pop on work pants, you should know that I keep these suckers forever. This pair I’ve had since just after my son was born, so at least eight years. They still feel fantastic. They’re a little worn at the hem, but I could get them altered and still wear them with a small heel or flats. I just haven’t done that yet because I’m lazy, but I did just buy a Groupon for alterations so I think I’ll finally tackle that to-do item.

Another shirt from Forever 21.

Shoot I think the turquoise beaded braclet is from Forever too. I love their cheap accessories.

Shoes are also once again Report from Zappos.

When I find something I like I stick with it!

Photobucket Wednesday: Yay for blazers! I am currently using them to hide the last bit of bloat at work. Also, my tiny bump just confuses my co-workers (at least the ones that I casually pass in the hall that I haven’t told I’m pregnant because that’s just a weird conversation with acquaintances. They’ll find out from someone or figure it out, and that’s all right with me).

I bought this blazer about 8 years ago with another pair of Banana Republic pants. The blazer cost more than the pants and Mr. Handsome freaked out about it big time. About that same time I bought a black winter coat from JCrew for a couple hundred bucks too. But you know what? I still wear both of those pieces a LOT. They have gotten their money’s worth and then some. So he has apologized, and continues to do so sometimes when he sees me in either piece.

Blazers are also great because they dress up a simple tee – this is a plain ol’ cotton vneck from Target.

Another necklace from Forever 21 and more Report shoes from Zappos. I’m pretty sure the jeans are from Forever too!

PhotobucketThursday: Oh yeah, there’s the bump! I got a ton of sideways glances at the office for this one. The fabric really made the bump stick out!

This is another piece that I’m afraid will stop fitting soon so I busted it out now. Also, all fall/winter I’ve been determined to make this summer work because this dress is just so damn comfortable and it has pockets. Pockets! Every dress should have pockets, they’re so handy!

Anyway, so I put it with a black cardigan (I have no idea where it came from, probably the Gap), plain black tights (because my usual “interesting” tights would have distracted from the print too much), and the same black wedges from the first outfit with the pencil skirt, above.

I felt pretty.

PhotobucketMax would not leave me alone while I was trying to take this picture! He really wanted to be in one, I think.

You know I’m feeling lazy when I go with my standard long sleeve tee and scarf combo. I have endless color combinations of this outfit. It’s good for this time in my pregnancy too because it hides a bit of the bloat. Belly peaks out a little bit, but not too much.

These are my absolute favorite jeans from Forever 21 and they cost me about $10. I know they won’t last for very long but I’m okay with that, considering the cost. They are a little stretchy and a low (but not too low) rise so I think I’ll be able to wear them for awhile.

White tee from Old Navy. The orange scarf I found on Amazon for like $8! It’s actually a pashmina so I’m hoping it comes in handy this summer too as a quick shoulder cover for the office or a cardigan substitute.

These boots are Doc Martins – they cost the same as they did when I was in high school (which I’m not afraid to admit was like 10 years ago)! Can you believe it! And they’re just a comfy as they were back then. Some things never change.

Okay, that’s this week’s and the very first Tie Tuesday post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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