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Nursery Ideas!

Yay! Creative stuff!

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long (a whole trimester!) to really get into nursery planning. Well, I guess I do know. We’re probably moving a couple months after Baby2 is born, so I didn’t want to let myself get too excited. But nursery planning is so much fun! So instead of holding back completely, I’ve decided to just keep my ideas flexible. I’m focusing on only getting the essential pieces of furniture (a crib and a dress that doubles as a changing table) and going for things that I can refinish after we move (trying to get a house of our very own this fall, instead of continuing to rent).

Even before we move, though, I know the basics of what I want. Mr. Handsome loves bright colors, and I’m a fan too. I’ve never really liked pastels. For Kiddo1’s nursery we did primary colors. Good for a boy, I think. I never took a picture of his room when it had a crib in it, but I did finally take a picture after he transitioned to a “big boy bed” when he was one or two (is it bad that I can’t remember?!).

The house we moved into already had yellow walls. They were a little lighter than we would have liked, but they were all cute and striped so we didn’t want to change it. It was close enough. Here’s what his room ended up like:


The race car bed (that Mr. Handsome just HAD to have) kinda clashed with the Disney thing we had going, but still, not too bad, I think, considering we had NO money. We couldn’t even buy window coverings – I made the striped thing on the right out of plywood, leftover fabric and some found piano hinges. Resourceful! The top part is two pieces that open like shutters. The bottom piece is fixed because the window went all the way down to the floor and we needed something to keep Kiddo1 (then Baby1) from falling out from the second floor. Yes…

Anyway, so we like bright colors! And babies see bright colors and contrasts more easily. I’ve been playing around on Pinterest and came up with a board of color ideas. I’m thinking bright bolds like the box of Crayola markers in the “bold” colors: turquoise, magenta, goldenrod, electric blue, deep green, etc.


These will be grounded by neutrals of black and cream. We have this black and cream chair that I’d really like to put in Baby2’s room at least until Baby starts running around because climbing on it could be dangerous (at that point we can move it back to the living room). I think it’d be awesome to have a black crib with cream sheets to match. Here’s our chair:


It doesn’t have the pull thing for the recliner on the side – instead it’s on the inside of the arm, which is really convenient when you’re rocking! It’s a rocker/recliner so it’s perfect for baby! I think it would be better for a girl’s room, but honestly I don’t think it would be horrible in any child’s room for the first year.

As mentioned, I’m looking for a crib and dresser that can easily be finished after we move and settle in to a real nursery. I love modern furniture, which you can probably tell from the following board. There are a couple simple cribs at IKEA that I have my eye on. They could be taken apart and spray-painted pretty easily. I also like the IKEA cribs because they are fairly well constructed (don’t want it falling apart on baby now!) but inexpensive. With Kiddo1 we went right to a “big boy bed” after the crib, and pretty early, too. Once he could figure out how to crawl out of the crib there was really no need for it anymore (seems like that would be dangerous anyway!). So we don’t need a convertible crib or any expensive stuff like that. Anyway, furniture ideas:


I’d love to find a dresser at Goodwill or on Craig’s List that I could refinish. Paint it a nice bright color and put on funky drawer pulls like that yellow one in the middle(ish). We used a dresser as Kiddo1’s changing table and it worked out so great. It can hold everything, pretty much: all the clothes, diapers, blankets, sheets, etc. And it can be used well after baby is no longer a baby, but a kiddo! Kiddo1 still has his dresser in his room.

Last, but not least, I’m after a big statement mobile-like piece. I’d like to have it hang from the ceiling, too. I think it’d be safer that way. Harder to clean, though! I’m looking for an idea with a lot of contrast and texture that will be a focal point for baby. I love these pics:


The only things I’m staying away from, for the time being are wall paint colors (because we can’t paint in our rental and Baby2 will be in our bedroom until we move, the color scheme of which is all white) and wall hangings (because I have no idea what will work in our new, as yet imaginary, place).

With these limits in mind, I’m having a good time daydreaming. As things get a little more concrete I will post updates!

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