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Tie Tuesday

Tie Tuesday time again! This week I discovered my growing size and had to retire a couple more pieces. Sad, but happy because that means I’m closer to busting out some of my newer stuff (in bigger sizes, of course). Yay!


Gosh I was tired. Monday just hit me like a load of bricks this week. After having a 10-day “weekend” for the holiday break, a two-day weekend was sooo not long enough. If you recall last Friday I disclosed my lazy outfit secret: long sleeve tee and a scarf. Done.

I picked up some stretchy tees from Old Navy around Christmastime. They are coming in handy! They’re nice and warm and currently just long enough to not let my bump hang out.

My favorite stretchy jeans from Forever 21 also seem to come out on lazy days. I’m hoping they fit this belly for a long time because they’re the darkest ones in my closet and they skinny leg looks good with everything from flats to boots (no extra fabric to tuck in there!).

I think this scarf is from Target. It’s super soft.

Photobucket Tuesday

I put a little more effort into things the next day. However, I failed to really check the fit of my pants before I left for the office.

In the morning, these pants felt okay. Slightly snug maybe, but doable. But then even before lunchtime hit, I was feeling way constrained. When quitting time came around I was damn near miserable!

So my favorite work pants, from Banana Republic, natch, are now in the “box of unfittables.” I will miss them, but their absence will make my heart grow all that the more fond.

My turtleneck is from Target (I think. It’s a few years old, I hardly ever wear it but it’s been cold around here lately!)

The pearl necklaces were from my grandma – I wore the shorter one to my wedding (it was doubled-up choker style then though).

Purple belt is Forever 21 and the purple shoes are Steve Madden. I had to get some color in this outfit somehow!


There’s the little bump sticking out! And ba-BAM, a bum to match too. Whoa, I didn’t really notice that one! Bless me…

The day after the pants debacle I needed something super comfy that I could “let it all hang out” in. A dress to the rescue!

I got this dress from Old Navy a few months ago. I knew I was pregnant at the time and I thought it would work because it looked a little “billowy.” Well it’s already a little tight. I think it will work for a couple more months but it might turn into more of a shirt/tunic pretty soon!

The belt and leggings are also from Old Navy. The belt is this stretchy wrap-around style some I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of because it will grow with me. Score for that!

My shoes are by Rocket Dog from Zappos (I picked them because they have this dog picture on the soles. Hehe).


I got this green shirt from the Gap Outlet a few years ago. It, too, is getting a little short on the belly already, but I’ll use it while I can!

I picked up the necklace from Target the other day. I went there to get a totally different necklace that I spotted over the weekend and passed over at the time but then I could not get it out of my mind! Once I went back and saw it again, however, it lost its luster. Maybe I built it up too much in my mind. The trip wasn’t a total loss, though, because I picked up this other necklace. Yay!

These jeans are a few years old, too. I picked them up while I was in school from the Urban Outfitters that was just off my college campus. We had this awesome street full of shops just a minute away from my classes. Dangerous for the wallet, but convenient!

Shoes are Report from Zappos.


I think I have a Forever 21 addiction. Who can blame me though, right? I mean, thier stuff is cheap (and if you take care of it and don’t wash it too much it will last at least a season or two, which isn’t bad for the price) and I can buy online. I have a small online shopping addiction, too. One of my resolutions this year is to do more in-store shopping. No resolution to do less shopping though. Huh.

This cowl-neck sweater, chainy bracelet and my favorite jeans are all from Forever 21. I’ve had this sweater for at least a year and it hasn’t even pilled or anything. I probably paid like $20 for it (there’s not much from Forever that I’ll spend more than $20 on).

These shoes were a total score at $15 from Ross. They’re even Report, which is one of my favorite brands. Ross is so hit-or-miss. I went today (cruising for accessories) and found nothing. You never know I guess.

That’s it for this week’s outfit post. Happy Tie Tuesday!

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