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The Obsession Begins

How cute are these?!


I don’t know much about cloth diapers (yet) but I do know that once people get started with them, they tend to get a little obsessed. What’s not to like? First off, they’re freaking adorable as all get out! I didn’t even pick the cutest ones (because they do get a bit pricey!).

Mr. Handsome got me an Amazon gift card for Christmas. I picked up a couple books (Hey, Who’s Having This Baby Anyway and Changing Diapers), both of which I will review in the coming weeks. After I carted the diaper one, a whole bunch of super cute cloth diapers came up as suggestions. Well I had some more gift card to spend and I’d never really seen one of these things up close, so I figured I’d procure some samples for myself.

I’m also hoping that their cuteness and size flexibility will also help to convince Mr. Handsome that cloth is the way to go this time. We went through a whooooole lot of disposables with Baby1 and it got expensive. I think we can do better this time.

Back to my naivete regarding cloth: I don’t know anything yet, but I will! I’ll post updates and my book review of Changing Diapers soon!

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