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Gettin’ Crafty

What is it about being pregnant that brings out the creator in us? Most pregnant women that I’ve known have caught the crafting bug during their pregnancy; side effects include an itching to make new things.

I’ve known how to knit and crochet since I was a kid (my mom and grandmothers taught me how) but my skills have been lost a bit over the years. Last year I started brushing up on my knitting and this past weekend I took a quick crochet class to remember how to do that too.

Now with my found talents brimming from my fingers, I’m dying to get started on fun baby projects. Since Baby2 will be born mid-summer, I’m looking for things to make that will work in the heat. We don’t need a lot of heavy blankets and sweaters yet (I’ll save those projects for maternity leave!).

I have absolutely fallen in love with knitted/crocheted shoes, though. Baby shoes are already cute but then you add in the texture of yarn and it multiplies the cuteness!


Baby flip flops! Perfect for July right? These are all crocheted except for the little pink shoes which are knitted. The best part is that these shoes are really like socks – there’s no hard sole which isn’t recommended in the first year I guess. There’s also the super cute booties for when the weather gets a little cooler. I’m totally swooning over them. Can I make some adult sized ones for myself too?

Hopefully making these shoes will satisfy by desire to purchase copious amounts of baby shoes. They have got to be the cutest of all baby garments, really. But there are other projects, too, I’m getting stuck on shoes.


Hats are great for newborns, even in the summer. Babies need help holding their body heat in, or something. Plus, how adorable is the summer old-school prairie bonnet?! Or, if we’re having a boy, the sweet little cowboy hat! Actually, I think that would work for a girl, too. With a flowery little summer dress. Maybe some crocheted cowboy boots too! Oh yes, I do love dressing the childrens.

Last but not least, babies need blankets. I remember going through lots of blankets with Baby1. They take awhile to make because they’re so big, but they are pretty simple patterns to follow, unless you do some crazy complicated stitch. I suppose making a blanket actually is a good time to practice a complex stitch because you’ll be doing it over and over and over…


The flower blanket looks like a great complex stitch to practice (well, I think it would be complex but honestly I don’t know. I’ll have to figure that out). Such cute flowers, it would make a perfect decoration for a girl’s room, too. The primary colored one would be perfect for a boy’s room. It looks like legos! That baby on the green one just looks so happy – it must be that awesome crocheted blanket! Finally, I present this beautiful piece of gianted knitted luxury. I found it on Pinterest and the pinner said she had to whittle wooden dowels in order to make knitting needles big enough. I have no idea from where the yarn was procured. All I know is that I want one of these blankets! It looks so soft and cozy.

Right now I’m practicing my craft by making some simple swatches, but I hope to start picking some patterns and projects pretty soon. I’ll post updates!

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