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Tie Tuesday

This week I completely forgot Monday’s photo. I don’t know what happened! But I still have four out of five photos, so not a total fail for the week. Let’s get to it!


These are the last pair of “work pants” I have that fit! They’ve always been a little loose, thank goodness.

This shirt is a clearance find from Target last year. I bought it when we first started TTC and I thought I might need some flowy shirts to hide my first trimester bloat. Now, thanks to it’s size, it fits the bit of belly I have too! But it won’t last long: there isn’t enough boob room! Oh well, I’m coming to terms with finding more things each week that go in “the box” of things I can’t wear anymore.

These shoes I just recently discovered again. Unfortunately I also discovered that most of my heels might be on their way out too. My feet never really hurt unless I left my shoes on well after I returned home in the evening. Now they hurt before I get to work! I’ll have to stick to wedges and flats. Sad face.

Another bracelet from Forever 21. I love their cheap accessories.


It was so cold that day! I swear I wasn’t being lazy with my long-sleeve-shirt-and-scarf combo. I literally needed something warmer! It snowed about four inches overnight on my side of town (of course over on the work side it barely snowed at all so no one could sympathize with me).

I needed the boots too, both to keep my feet warm and to keep the snow from freezing my toes. I had to scrape a lot of it off my car and of course it all fell on my feet (no matter how hard I tried to move out of the way).

Mr. Handsome’s aunt gave me this scarf for Christmas several years ago. It is so soft and colorful! And warm! It comes out on days like this when nothing else will keep me warm enough.

My favorite jeans from Forever tuck into these Doc Martin boots just perfectly. I was very comfortable that day.


It warmed up so I decided to bust out this skirt – I was afraid it wouldn’t fit at all. Well it didn’t fit like it’s suppose to (on my hips) but I was able to pull it over the bump and I actually liked the length a whole lot better! I found this hot pink tee too. I like going shopping in my closet.

Both the skirt and the tee are from Banana Republic. I know the tee was an outlet find and the skirt might have been too. I need a day at the outlets – you can find so much good, inexpensive stuff!

These tights are from Target. I love fun tights. Since this skirt is pretty plain, I needed something with a fun pattern to spice it up. Especially since I stuck with flats after Tuesday’s discovery about ouchy heels.

These are my Rocket Dog flats.


Another Forever 21 find and another shirt that’s about to be too small.

This green jacket I scored at Forever a good three years ago probably. I love my blazer-type jackets right now because I know they’ll fit – and keep fitting! As long as I don’t button them, of course. That isn’t happening for sure.

This simple Gap tee is a great staple for me. I usually have a few of them at one time because I either wear them a lot (they’re a great base layer!) or I stain them beyond what a bleaching can handle (I’m a big fan of marinara sauce and apparently I’m a messy eater too).

Urban Outfitter jeans again and my trusty Report wedges (which I just saw on the episode of What Not to Wear that I am watching right now and I freaked out to Mr. Handsome! Look honey, I have those shoes in a different color!).

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