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Hospital/Midwife Choice

Yesterday, Mr. Handsome and I finally had our first official appointment with the midwife group that we’ve chosen. It feels like we’re making some real progress now!

It’s taken us awhile to get here because we had a hard time finding the perfect place. We were all set to go with the ob/midwife office that I had been seeing for the last couple years. They seemed good enough – perfectly competent, at least. But the more we looked into the hospital they’re affiliated with, the less impressed I was. The hospital just didn’t have the amenities that we were looking for, specifically the waterbirth option (long story short about that choice: a few years ago we were talking to a friend who had a waterbirth and she described the most amazing experience. We knew that would be part of our plan if/when we were to have another baby).


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Regardless of the misgivings, we went ahead and had our first appointment at my fallback office. During that appointment, we learned that the only midwife in the practice is pregnant herself and would not be able to attend our birth. An OB would take over for her, but that’s not the path we want to take this time. We had an OB with our son, and it was a fine experience. We just want something different for this round. (Plus our decision is really validated by the stuff I read on the “My OB said what?!” blog – link in the blog roll at right.) Having a pregnant midwife gave us the excuse we needed to start shopping.

I went on a quick interview with one of the midwives at the university hospital (Mr. Handsome couldn’t go and he was pretty bummed – he really digs this stuff!). I was fairly certain that this was the place for us, so I talked about it with Mr. Handsome and we went over all the paraphernalia at home. We agreed that both the hospital and the midwives had what we were looking for, so we booked a first visit., which we finally had yesterday.

The appointment went great! It’s a group practice so we get a different midwife sometimes but that way we get to know more of the ladies so that we might be familiar with whomever we get come delivery time. Both yesterday’s midwife and the one I met with a few weeks ago were fantastic. Super laid back and easy to talk to. They took plenty of time for questions and didn’t brush off anything (like my OB sometimes did!). No question was silly or seemingly unimportant to them.

I also like the university hospital because we can help people learn! There was a student midwife with us at yesterday’s appointment and I completely expect to see another one in the delivery room (which is more than fine with me – I remember not really caring about “strangers” in the room after a couple hours in labor with our son).

In addition, the facilities are beautiful, the amenities are plentiful (yummy food!) and all the perks that I’m looking for are there (specifically the waterbirth and cord blood donation, which I’ll talk about in a later post).

In March we start group appointments, too, which are regular midwife visits except with several other women/couples who are due around the same time. I’ve heard great things about this method and Mr. Handsome and I are excited to see how it goes! I’ll post updates about how those are working later on the spring/early summer. Today I get to call to schedule our ultrasound too!

Overall, I’m just super happy that we’re finally on track and are feeling good about at least one of the major decisions we have made!

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