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Tie Tuesday


Blazers are so wonderful. Take the blazer out of this picture and I’m just standing there in jeans and a tank top. Add the blazer and ba-bam! Professional office attire. Easy!

Given our casual dress code at work, people take notice when a blazer comes out. Oooo, do you have an important meeting? Interview for a new position? Haha, no. I’m just framing my bump!

This hot pink tank is from Target. I love these tanks because they’re super stretchy. I have a couple more colors and I hope they last well into summer.

The blazer is Banana Republic. I have slacks to match but those haven’t fit since week 7 or so.

Finally, I brought out my favorite Forever 21 jeans (okay, I admit, they were still at the top of the jeans pile) and my gray Report flats.


These kimono-style dresses are so comfortable right now. I have another one in solid green. This one is a black and white pattern. I’ve actually had this dress for at least five years (it came from the Urban Outifitters that was located just off campus) but I’ve only worn it maybe once or twice. I always feel like it needs a belt but I can’t ever find one that really works. I will keep searching, but in the meantime I’m not going to stress over it. I really hope this and my other, similar dress can accommodate my belly for awhile!

I added some Old Navy leggings and Rocket Dog flats for even more comfort. I think a bold necklace dresses up the whole thing a bit. Without it, I’d kind of feel like I was walking around wearing pajamas or something!




Ooo, I feel a little big looking at this picture. I mean, I’ll never be a person to call myself fat (especially while pregnant!), but I do feel like those eight pounds I’ve gained so far are showing themselves! Time to add some arm exercises to my routine!

This shirt is from Old Navy (clearance find!). I like the girly flowers on the shoulder. Unfortunately, it is probably on its last wear for awhile. It’s barely covering the top of my jeans anymore! Oh well, I will be happy to pull it out of “the box” this fall.

These Urban Outfitter jeans are still fitting (thank goodness, I’m done to only a few pair!) and my Report wedges are adding height without stressing out my feet or back. I’m already starting to miss my heels, which I have discovered are causing much more discomfort now compared to when I’m not pregnant. Sad face.


I like to use long necklaces to dress up a simple tee. This combo is a silver chain Forever 21 find that has three necklaces in one. Bonus! The other gray pearl necklace was my grandmother’s. I really like the pearls she passed down to me. I try to wear them as often as I can – no point in letting them sit in a drawer forever. They need to see the light of day!

This black tee is from the Gap. I’m going to need some maternity replacements pretty soon because this one is starting to fit a little short just like the Old Navy one from yesterday.

This jeans are from Old Navy and they are now in “the box” of things that won’t fit anymore.

Yay Rocket Dog flats!




Sweater-dresses are so super duper comfortable. The knit is nice and stretchy and they are even pretty warm! What was not comfortable about this outfit were the tights. Dang things have no good place to sit anymore. Under the belly they feel like they’re cutting off my circulation or something. Over the belly they are just overall compressing and restrictive. I haven’t felt this way about any of my other tights yet, though, so hopefully this is an isolated incident.

This pearl bracelet is really a necklace that I just wound around my wrist a few times. This dress isn’t really conducive for a necklace, but a big ol’ bracelet works great.

Yay for wedges, again. I think I need some more of these to perk me up from my “no heels” time.

Whew! Another week of dressing myself is complete!

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  1. OMG you are so lovely! I agree with the blazer, definitely one of my go to’s! Thanks for following, looking forward to reading more!


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