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Book Review: Happiest Baby on the Block

PhotobucketSometimes when I read a baby-care book, I have to take the author’s advice with a grain of salt. After all, some things will work for you and some won’t. Every baby and every parent is different.

However, and this may just be my prior experience with Baby1 talking, the techniques given in this book apply to so many babies! Dr. Karp is like “the baby whisperer” or something because I recall using these techniques with Baby1 and they really worked. Of course, I didn’t know back then that I was deactivating the Moro reflex or that “shh”ing is an ancient art form, but I do now!

There are five “layers of calm” or “the five S’s” that sooth a fussy infant; Dr. Karp skillfully explains each and every one of them. His writing style makes for perfect instruction: he doesn’t “talk down” to the reader yet at the same time he doesn’t assume the reader has background knowledge about some of the concepts and terms, such as the aforementioned Moro reflex (which is from long ago in our primate days and kept us from falling off mama’s hairy back).

I won’t go into each of “the five S’s” here; if you would like to read more then reserve this book at your library (although mine didn’t have it so I picked it up from Amazon). However I will take a moment to discuss my favorite “S,” the swaddle. Mr. Handsome and I learned the swaddle (and really, most of the techniques in this book) from the lovely nurses at the hospital where Baby1 was born. We used that swaddle every day and night and didn’t stop until, I don’t even know, he was probably big enough to kick and jab his way out of it. Our swaddle skills got pretty dang awesome, if I do say so myself, and he was swaddled tight and firm. He really loved the swaddle; we could tell because even if he was super fussy all it would take sometimes is a good swaddle and he’d calm right down. Photobucket

Now there are all these “swaddlers” and shortcuts to the classic swaddle. I’m not saying these are good or bad products (like I said each baby and parent finds something that works for them) but I just can’t use anything other than your standard receiving blanket. The illustration at right is not from the book, but it’s still a good step-by-step guide. Fold down a corner, arms at the sides, tuck a corner under the opposite arm, fold the bottom corner up under the shoulder, wrap the remaining corner around and secure. After some practice, you can do it in seconds, one handed, with a squirming screaming baby.

I seriously digress with the swaddling, back to the book. I have nothing bad to say about this book. There’s no piece of advice that I wouldn’t follow (although Dr. Karp does reference some cultures that nurse their babies 24/7 and I just don’t think I could do that!). Everyone with a new baby should at least give these tricks a shot. They can’t hurt! The only babies I wouldn’t recommend these techniques for would be the perfectly quiet, content ones. They probably don’t need any help.

So if you need some help calming your little screamer, give The Happiest Baby on the Block a try!

Next review: Hey! Who’s Having This Baby Anyway?

Tie Tuesday


This week my favorite jeans have started to feel a little tight. I am a little sad at this. I knew they wouldn’t last to the third trimester, and I am super happy that they’ve lasted this long, but still, they’re about a week or so from landing in “the box” of unfittables. Sigh.

For now, though, I’m making the most of my favorite pair of $10 jeans from Forever 21. On Monday I pulled them out and paired them with this purple empire-waist silky shirt, also from Forever. It’s great because it’s kind of flowy so it has room for my bump. You could barely tell I was pregnant in it, I think.

I needed some kind of bracelet so I took this beaded black necklace that I have and wound it around my wrist a couple times. It worked!

I also wore my gray Report flats that I scored from Ross.



Ugh, Tuesday. I struggled finding something “Tie Tuesday” dressy enough that I could zip up! I thought my brown Banana Republic pants would still fit – I didn’t even bother trying them on the night before or anything because that would have been a waste of time, right? Oh no, it would not have been because those suckers didn’t even begin to zip shut. I cried to Mr. Handsome a little. He just gave me the “well, you are pregnant” look.

I thought maybe one of my pencil skirts (that fit like a week or two ago!) would work. Nope, that’s out too. The pile of clothes to relocate to the box grew exponentially. Ugh, I feel like I look huge here!

Finally I saw this black and white micro-checked skirt in the back of my closet. I found it at the Anne Taylor Outlet maybe two years ago. I quickly bought it because it was a great deal and we were out of time and had to go. Well it was too big – I meant to get it altered but I’m lazy and cheap. Well good thing I never did that because I had something to wear! I don’t know what I’m going to do this week – my maternity dress pants are still a bit too big. I’ll have to find another dress or something!

Oh, one more thing. I layered three of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces here: one gray, one pinkish and one white. I thought it looked pretty cool!


Since I know my favorite Forever jeans are on their way out, I wore them again on Wednesday. I had to unbutton them in the car on the way home, but they made it through the day!

This black cardigan has a little funky sheared detail at the top to keep it interesting. I pulled it back from the bump with this faux-croc turquoise belt (from Forever, natch) which is getting a bit too tight. I might bust out the power drill to give it another notch and another few weeks of life! It goes with so many of my cardigans so I can pull them back like this. I don’t want to have to buy another size XL belt!

I took a super long necklace and looped it around my neck a couple times so it would hit at the right height to dress up my bare neck a bit. I’m jonesing for more accessories lately. Time for an after work trip to the Forever accessories store? Who can pass up $4 necklaces, really?


Since I’m seriously running out of shirts that are long enough to cover myself, I dug into my t-shirts and found this super bright yellow v-neck to put under a blazer. Because everything works with a blazer! Plus bright colors are always fun, right?

This shirt was so bright that I didn’t think it even needed any accessories. Why try to district from all that brightness. I suppose the color is a distraction in and of itself!

Even though everything in my closet seems like it’s not fitting, this particular pair of Forever jeans are still holding up well. The waistband is pretty wide (normally I don’t even unbutton/unzip them). I feel like they’ll work for at least a few more weeks. As of Thursday I was still pretty reluctant to pull out any of the maternity jeans I’ve purchased. As of Thursday I was 19 weeks 6 days and, I don’t know, I’d just really rather make it the 20 weeks I guess!



Friday started off sad. I was all geared up to wear my favorite green kimono-style dress. It was my birthday and we were having a pot luck at work so I wanted something nice and loose so I could indulge myself my eating all the food. I was ironing the dress and found a stain that would have appeared right in the middle of my belly! Ugh! No!

So the dress was a go-no. I’ll try to address the stain to give the dress a bit more life but there was nothing I could do at 6:45 that morning. So I went for this sweater in the same color green. But what to do for pants? I can’t be constrained on pot luck day! So I did what I had to do – I pulled out the maternity pants. All my new maternity jeans are a little too long and need to be altered so I’d better get that done in the next week or so (luckily I have a Groupon for that!). I’m even wearing these same jeans as I type – they’re freaking comfortable and they fit pretty well now. It’s crazy how my size changes from day to day right now!

I should also mention that these Forever 21 maternity jeans were a steal at $6! They (actually Love21) are apparently liquidating their maternity line so I scored these cheap. They don’t have real front pockets but for that price I don’t really mind!

For next week, Mr. Handsome says I need to smile more in these pictures. So I’ll work on that!

Successful Ultrasound!

It’s late (after 9 pm!) but I promised myself I’d get his out today before I forget about the excitement of this afternoon.

We’re having a GIRL! That’s right, apparently it is entirely possible for Mr. Handsome’s and my very male-dominated family lines to produce an actual female!

We had a great ultrasound and, from where I was sitting, everything looked perfect. The tech didn’t seem to hint anything out of the ordinary, but we don’t have our midwife appointment and official results until later in the week. I also had a vaginal ultrasound at the very end (ugh) which actually I would have requested anyway because I really wanted to make sure my cervix was getting long enough. I had a LEEP procedure back in 2003 so since a tiny part of ma’lady is gone now there’s a small chance I could develop complications/preterm labor because of a short cervix. The tech measured my cervix at 3.2 cm which is above where the “danger zone” starts at 2.5 cm, so I should be okay. The midwife could request another ultrasound in the third trimester, but we’ll just have to wait and see for that. Cervix, cervix, cervix (I feel like I just typed that word a whole bunch there).

Anyway, back to the good stuff. So it was a great scan! Kiddo1 came with (he and Mr. Handsome went outside during the second ultrasound, I you’re curious) and he even smiled a bit when he was told he’ll have a sister (which, if you know Kiddo1, is a pretty high level of excitement). We got all kinds of awesome pictures of Baby2’s profile, spine and even her feet! Her heart looked amazing, it seems like we saw that a good half of the time that we were there (I hope that’s not a bad sign now that I think about it). I may share pictures, I haven’t decided. Ultrasound pictures kind of weird me out. I have to stop thinking about how it’s my uterus on display…

After the ultrasound fun we went to Mr. Handsome’s restaurant to eat all the food. All the food on the menu, that is. I mentioned this the other day when I was talking about my birthday food. Mr. Handsome’s restaurant cooks up some good grub. It’s fancy but not TOO fancy, you know? They brought us so much food! Luckily they stretched it out over a 2.5 hour meal, plus I tried to be pretty conservative though so I wouldn’t get another round of indigestion. I’m feeling pretty good (all I feel in my belly right now is a bunch of baby kicks from my little girl!) so it was a successful meal both during and after!

After that we came home and I had a totsy email (that site is dangerous when it’s good) about Big Buddha bags, which I have two of and have carried for the past two years. 50% off! Steal! So I bought this one:


And threw in this too:


I’m going to be dangerous I think…

Birthday Food and A Loose Tooth

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I celebrated by eating food. I mean, I can’t drink, I can’t stay out late (because I’m tired), I can’t really “party” in any way so I eat (yes, I would much rather be growing a baby than indulging in the vices, but still). So much for yesterday’s post about controlling myself because I fell off the wagon in a huge way yesterday.

Okay, most of the food I ate was decently healthy, I guess. Wait, nope, now I’m remembering the morning and the late evening; the day was bookended by bad food choices. Well, excellent tasting food but oh so, so bad.

I ate so much throughout the day that I suffered from indigestion. Twice. I never get indigestion, pregnant or not.

Anyway, the day started out innocently enough. I went to Starbucks to use my free birthday drink coupon (I ordered my regular, a grande hot chocolate without whip cream because coffee is gross and mama tells me I’m sweet enough already) and I threw in some coffee cake because, hey, it’s my birthday! I drank the cocoa in my way in and saved the coffee cake for desk time.

Then, I get to work. We were having a pot luck at work for my birthday (and because we’ll take any excuse to have a pot luck, of course). Sometimes people bring in breakfast items instead because it breaks up the day and then we don’t have quite the overwhelming selection to sample from come lunch hour. So I had a donut from the local grocery store. The coffee cake got put on hold.

Then someone arrives with the best donuts in town, the ones that we’re practically famous for. Well, I couldn’t say no to those, especially because she drove halfway across town, in morning rush hour, to get them. Two donuts down now. Still no coffee cake.

Fast-forward through a couple uneventful meetings and we’re at lunch time. Glorious pot luck. Sometimes pot lucks are hit or miss. But this time, oh this time, everything was freaking fantastic and I tried it all. It ALL I tell ya. See:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

There’s eggplant parm (which was amazing – apparently eggplant is really freaking good if smothered in breadcrumbs and mozzarella), fried chicken, taco dip (under the chips), I made the sandwich swirl thing there, I could go on and on with the yumminess. No veggies (other than the eggplant?) but there were lentils in the rice! My friend brought oreo cupcakes, swoon, another friend brought me a delicious brownie, there were cookies all over the place (the only thing I was able to hold myself back from, so go me). I ate and ate.

I suffered through my indigestion in my afternoon meetings (or was it the meetings that made me suffer? Ha! No, it was the indigestion). During one conference call I managed to finally scarf down the coffee cake.

I finally make it home later that afternoon after picking up Kiddo1 who, I have to say, was acting a bit weird. Something was up. We walk in and there’s Mr. Handsome (who normal works Friday nights) with roses and dinner reservations. Aw, I’m spoiled.

We dropped Kiddo1 off at a friend’s house (we later took that same friend home for a sleepover – this is a decent trade, I think) and headed off to a new neighborhood joint for more food. This place is a couple neighborhoods away which is awesome. It’s very new, only four months old, but has received rave reviews (which is a good sign when you live in a foodie town). The atmosphere I can only describe as Pacific Northwest and hipster (wait, are those the same things now?). Rustic-cool. It was nice!

We dined on deviled eggs (Mr. Handsome only) and a roasted duck leg, then salads (I had a kale caesar which was awesome because I hate romaine lettuce but I love caesar salads). The menu enticed me with the selections of ham from four, FOUR, states so I asked for all the ham. Yes, all the ham. See:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

From left to right we have ham from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Iowa (the Iowa one coincidentally came from the same town where my best friend from college lives). Oh goodness they were heavenly. Mmmm ham.

That not being quite enough for the day, though, Mr. Handsome took me for some Ben & Jerry’s so I could get my new top-flavor of ice cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie (because stupid Baskin Robins discontinued the Chocolate Fudge flavor and I am boycotting them, as I mentioned in a previous post. It was super not cool of them to do this as I’ve enjoyed that flavor for as long as I can remember. But to make matters worse the dude at the store tries to tell me that the new Superfudge Chocolate is the same. Well it isn’t. There’s like chunks of stuff in there. There were no chunks in the smooth, chocolatey deliciousness that was Chocolate Fudge. Grrr).

We picked up the kids for the sleepover and I went to nurse my second round of indigestion for the day from my couch. Oh my geez it hurt so bad it made my back hurt. No more marathon eating sessions. And this time I mean it!

Finally, later on in the evening, after we’ve settled in to bed, Kiddo1 comes in to tell us that he has his first loose tooth. Yes, he is nine years old and finally, FINALLY, he is about to lose a tooth. Time for another dentist appointment (last time the x-rays showed the teeth under his gums just waiting to pop through and the dentist said it was nothing to worry about but I’m still like, um, he’s nine. WHEN ARE THE TEETH COMING OUT?).

So now I’m 31, my tummy feels better, my child is still growing (both the ex- and in-utero ones) and I’m off for a snack.

Friday Update: Week 20

Week 20, “the halfway point,” is here! Earlier this week, while talking to a co-worker, I referred to this time as the “golden period” in pregnancy. Think about it: you’re not too big yet but big enough to for others to safely assume you’re pregnant, the baby moves around and you can feel it, lame symptoms have pretty much subsided, energy levels are high, the “worries of birth” are not yet threatening, I mean, it’s a pretty great time.

PhotobucketThis week baby is about 6-1/2 inches long which is the approximate height of a standard birthday hat. Why did I pick a birthday hat this week? Because today is my 31st birthday! Yay! I love birthdays, and the past couple years they’ve been especially great because I’ve discovered all the free stuff you can get around your birthday if you sign up. I get a free entree at Noodles & Co, a local pasta place, Benihana’s, a free drink at Starbucks, goodies at Sephora and a free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robins (although I’m boycotting them since they discontinued my favorite flavor, Chocolate Fudge. I nearly cried). There’s way more free stuff out there, you just have to search the web for it.

I love all the free birthday stuff, but this week and from now on, really, I’m trying to be a bit more careful about what I’m eating. Super Bowl Sunday fatty foods plus Valentine’s day candy was a bad combination for my weight gain the last couple weeks. I gained five pounds pretty quickly there. This week I’ve been better and my weight reflects that (see below).

I’ve always been a bad vegetable eater. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could will myself into craving super healthy foods during this pregnancy. Well, no such luck. I am capable of eating a vegetable a day (or so) so that is the goal. I tend to lean toward the green leafies (I love spinach) or “green stringies” such as asparagus and green beans. I like carrots, too. Today at work we’re having a pot luck and someone is bringing eggplant parmigiana so I’m excited to finally try eggplant!

I’m also trying really, really hard to limit my chocolate/sweets intake. I’m craving chocolate like no other now, though, so I still allow myself a little bit every day, but only one thing! So if I indulge at work and have some dark chocolate pieces, I can’t have ice cream that night. So far it is working pretty well (it’ll work a lot better once we get these girl scout cookies gone!).

So yeah, happy healthy birthday to me! Today we’re not doing much but tomorrow I have a haircut and I might stop to get a pedicure on the way back home. I might do some shopping around to get a picture framed for the nursery too. Monday we’re going out to dinner at Mr. Handsome’s restaurant which I’m so excited about. They do a prix fixe menu twith a twist and literally bring you every item on the dinner menu (it is a small menu, but all their food is delightful!). I’m getting ready to eat a lot of great (and mostly healthy!) food.

Some statistics for the week:

  • Total weight gain: 15 pounds. Woohoo only one pound gained this week! I’m back on track!
  • Cravings: Lots of chocolate, but also pasta, of course. I’m not really craving anything out of the ordinary this week. I mean, I’ve always wanted chocolate and pasta!
  • Coolest symptom: Woohoo more kicking! Sometimes I even feel it in the day now, when I’m not lying completely still! It’s awesome to feel the baby move and know that things are still going on in there.
  • Lamest symptom: You know, I’m really feeling pretty great this week! Headaches are pretty much gone, stabbing abdomen/round ligament pain has mostly subsided (I’m drinking lots of water!) and my back hasn’t been bothering me TOO much (but still a bit here and there). It really is the “golden period” right now!
  • Exercise this week: The goal is 210 minutes per week (that’s an average of 30 minutes per day). This week the count is a little odd because I’m sorta counting the class field trip I chaperoned – we did about three hours of walking downtown, seeing the sights. I’m also counting another rigorous vacuuming session. Those two things together are about four hours, but I’m only counting 90 minutes of field trip and 30 minutes of vacuuming because counting more than than just seems unfair for some reason. Yoga and arm exercises rounded out the week for a total of 215! Yay!

Here’s what’s new with baby:

Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He or she is around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel – the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby’s legs are curled up against his or her torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken “crown to rump” – from the top of the head to your baby’s bottom. After 20 weeks, your baby’s measured from head to toe.) Your baby is swallowing more these days, which is good practice for the digestive system. He or she is also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in your baby’s bowels, and you’ll see it in that first soiled diaper. (Some babies pass meconium in the womb or during delivery).

What IS it?!

We have less than a week to go until the big anatomy scan! Kiddo1 is even coming with us and he is really pumped about it. We talked to him about how the pictures are really grainy (I’ve got to bust his out of the baby book to get him all prepared) but he didn’t care – I think he just wants to be among the first to find out the big boy/girl answer too!

We are very excited to get another glimpse of Baby2 and have some confirmation that he/she is doing well. I try to always keep a positive attitude but there’s always something in the back of my mind saying, what if something is wrong? Why haven’t I felt any strong kicks yet? (Although I am confident I’ve felt some light kicks, see Friday’s update post.) Is my stabbing abdomen pain indicative of something more than just round ligament pain?!

PhotobucketWith the anatomy scan pending, I thought it’d be fun to do some sex speculation! That way I can look back on this post once we know what we’re having to see if my predictions made any sense. Because right now I’m really up in the air about what this baby could be!

Reasons I think we’re having a boy:

  • We’ve already had a boy.
  • Boys dominate both Mr. Handsome’s and my families. On Mr. Handsome’s side he has two older brothers, his mother has a brother and his father has five brothers. On my side I have a brother, my mother has two older brothers and my father has three older brothers.
  • It’s just my luck that we’d have another boy. I always comment about how I’m surrounded by testosterone. Kiddo1 also likes to point out that I’m the only girl in our building – we live in a triplex and there’s a man with two sons on one side and two male roommates on the other. And our dog is a boy.
  • I haven’t had any morning sickness, just like with Baby1 (which really is an old wive’s tale, I know).

Reasons I think it’s entirely possible that we maybe, just maybe, could be having a girl:

  • We had our boy nine years ago and I have this theory that, if you wait long enough, you get the opposite gender (I mean, a know more than a few families who had a few kids, all boys or girls and then, finally, nearly a decade after having their first they get the other sex). It’s far-fetched, I know, but I’m clinging to it.
  • I’m a girl. My mom is a girl. Mr. Handsome’s mom is a girl. So there are some girls in the family.
  • I seem to be carrying this baby in a more “wide” way than with Baby1. He was a nice, compact little basketball in my belly (yes, another wive’s tale).
  • I’m having more headaches, abdomen pain, back pain and cravings than with Baby1. The first pregnancy was super, super easy. This one is easy too but not as much as the first.

Kiddo1’s guess: “BOY. [sighs] But it’ll probably be a girl though…” (He wants a boy.)

Mr. Handsome’s guess: “Girl. Because it would cause me the most grief, anguish and worry. It’s going to be, like, six years of bliss and then all this worry.” (He wants a girl but you probably wouldn’t know if from his prediction there…)

If I had to make a guess, I’d probably still go with boy at this point. I just can’t get over the family history of male domination. Either way though, a healthy, happy baby is all we can hope for and all we’ll ever need.

Update pending next week!

Tie Tuesday

For the origins of Tie Tuesday, check out the prologue post.


I may have stated my love of sweaterdresses before, but I’ll say it again: I love them as a quick, easy, go-to winter look. Once piece, tights and shoes are all you need! Plus they are pretty warm and oh-so comfy. I couldn’t ask for much more.

This sweaterdress is getting too short, so this will be the last time for a few months that it will see the world beyond my closet (or, more specifically, the world beyond “the box of unfittables”).

I recall that last time I wore these brown tights, they were quite uncomfortable due to the tightness around my belly. Unfortunately, I recalled that when I was about halfway to work. In order to resolve the issue, I took my work scissors to them and cut a big slit out down the front. Ahhhh! I was comfortable for the rest of the day. Now these tights can get a few more wears out of them during maternity time too!

Nothing in this outfit is Forever 21 either! The dress I found at Ross, the tights are probably from Target and the shoes are Report from Zappos.


How cute is my puppy? He so wanted to bother me when I was trying to take this picture. Admittedly, this specific shot is staged, but only because we had a shot soclose to this one that I had to get it a little bit better. He waited so patiently for me to let him go – what a good dog!

Anyway, Tuesday was Valentine’s so I wore this Elvis t-shirt for my Valentine because he’s a big fan. To dress it up, since it was Tie Tuesday after all, I put it with this A-line shirt and some fun tights and heels (I used my flats-to-heels switch-a-roo for sure). T-shirt turned dressy in a jiff!

The skirt has to be pulled higher and higher and is thus getting shorter and shorter, but I’m happy it still fits every time I put it on lately!


This little cardigan seems to have shrunk! Haha, or maybe I’m getting bigger? Another piece for “the box.” Sigh…

At least my favorite jeans from Forever still fit! Barely, but they do! I’m finding myself getting a little squeezed when I sit down in the afternoon, but hey I’m almost 20 weeks in to my second pregnancy so I really can’t complain.

This necklace is actually broken – it was a super long chain but the clasp broke. I was at a loss for an accessory Wednesday morning and I found this, wound it around my neck and knotted it up. It did come untied once or twice during the day, but I just tied it back up and moved on with the day. It worked in a pinch!

So I’m pretty sure the cardigan is from Forever and, of course, so are the jeans. The tank is one of the great stretchy ones from Target and I’ve got one of my favorite pairs of flats which are probably loved so much because they were a great steal from Ross and they’re Report, one of my favorite brands.


I love blazers too, I’ve said it before, I know. On Thursday I had some important meetings and the blazer just makes me feel a tad more professional in an office filled with denim-wearers.

Plus, blazer are great at hiding things. For example, I really love this purple shirt that I got from Old Navy maybe six months ago. But it suffered a laundry accident and now the back of one sleeve has a bleach spot. Sad face! But the shirt survives as long as the sleeve is covered. Enter blazer, to the rescue!

So over the weekend I got this belt. It’s a simple black belt, no big deal, but it’s the size of the belt that gave me pause for a second. It’s an XL. Whew! No big deal, I know, and right now it’s on it’s smallest notch, and it’s supposed to fit really low on my waist to complement my “real waist” maternity jeans, but STILL. It’s an XL! I am okay with this, really. Okay I’m convincing myself to be okay with this.

Hey, purple shoes! What a great pick-me-up! These are by Steve Madden and I got them from Zappos.


On Friday I took a day off work to chaperone Kiddo1’s class trip to see a play. Well, earlier in the week I thought they were just going to see a play. However, it turns out that they were going on this day-long tour of downtown to see all the sites they’ve been studying in class. Great idea right? But it worried the heck out of ME! Will I get enough water? Will they take frequent bathroom breaks? How can I possibly eat all day if we’re walking around?

It all turned out fine though. It was a really great day and even I learned some things about our city! The kids were super great and didn’t give us really any problems at all. I couldn’t have asked for a better day out and about with 25 third graders!

It was super rainy though (imagine that, rain in the Pacific Northwest?) so I came prepared with my big Hunter wellies. I also wanted to “young it up” a bit so I put on my rock-star skull t-shirt and black jeans.

See you next week!