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I love Prenatal Yoga! (and mini Jennifer Wolfe Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD review)

Until this past week or two, things have been kinda disappointing on the exercise front. I wasn’t feeling very motivated and the couch was winning. Big time.

For some reason, I’m not sure what it was, I decided to finally pick up this yoga DVD that I bought about a year ago after Mr. Handsome and I started trying. I just did the 15 minute practice, but it was amazing. My constant headache seemed to dissipate a bit. So the next day I tried the 30 minute version and afterward I felt even better. On the third consecutive day I did the 45 minute version and, while that kicked my butt a bit more than the shorter versions, I still felt really good afterward.

Here are some of the benefits that I’ve felt so far:Photobucket

  • I feel more relaxed and centered, both during and after
  • Helps me focus on my body and how it’s feeling
  • Stretches in a more active way (more exciting than laying on the floor and holding a static stretch)
  • Strengthens my core without doing crunches or sit-ups which I guess are okay in second tri but still make me nervous enough that I shy away from them
  • Feels graceful and fluid (makes me miss the ballet I was doing, which I’ve been afraid to do all pregnancy for some weird reason)
  • Doesn’t raise my heart rate above a “conversation level,” a pace that my midwife recommends

Plus, all the feeling good after working out has helped motivate my cardio, too. I’ve done more walking and “elliptizing” (as Mr. Handsome and I call it) in the past two weeks than I’ve done in the last two months! I’m excited to report this week’s progress in tomorrow’s weekly update post.


The DVD I’m using is Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Wolfe (apparently there are two versions; I’m using the one that comes with two DVDs and includes a 15-, 30-, 45- and 75-minute practice). I should say that this DVD is not for the absolute beginner to yoga. You should have some experience and know the poses already because they are not explained. If you don’t know the poses then you risk doing them improperly and that, at the very least, could make you feel worse instead of better and, more seriously, could lead to injury.

Disclaimer aside now, this is a really great DVD. The pace is perfect – slow enough that I feel comfortable easing into the poses but fast enough that I can feel my heart rate is faster after 20 minutes or so and I break a sweat. Jennifer’s guidance is pleasing to the ear; she hasn’t started to annoy me yet after several viewings (bonus!). I doubt she’ll start to annoy me very soon (and if so I’ll just turn the sound off!).

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who has prior yoga experience and needs a good at-home yoga practice. I would recommend prenatal yoga in general to anyone, but if you’re inexperienced, seek out a class where you can get guidance on the poses and related procautions, such as proper hydration and posture.


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