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I Think I Have a Problem…

Hello. My blog name is Mother Mary. And I am addicted to buying maternity clothes.

It all started out innocently enough. When Mr. Handsome and I starting trying over a year ago, I would look for clearance finds if we just happened to be at a department store or Gap/Old Navy with a maternity section. I looked for summer things at first and as the year wore on I looked for seasonless pieces. If I found an item for $5 or so I would snatch it up. Needless to say I didn’t find much, but still a little bit here and there. I would put these items in a brown paper bag at the back of my closet (because, frankly, as the year drug along it just got depressing to look at them).

PhotobucketOnce we saw those magical two lines, I got a little more serious with my hunt. I looked on ebay or at Goodwill to find cheap major pieces like jeans and dress pants. I still didn’t find much, but when I scored something special I tucked it away in my brown paper bag.

Then today I received an email from Old Navy Maternity (signing up for those emails is dangerous and far too tempting); 25% off through tomorrow using code GAMEDAY at checkout. There were already several things I had my eye on, so I took the plunge on a dress, a tunic, a skirt, two tanks and a Gap wrap dress that I’ve been lusting after for too long (I had a gift card from Christmas to spend too).

Well, I really should have checked this brown bag before clicking “Order.” I did just now, and while the contents aren’t necessarily bountiful, I probably have enough now (especially considering I’m not even wearing maternity yet!).

Today’s purchase notwithstanding, I have:

  • 2 dresses
  • 1 dress skirt
  • 2 long sleeve t-shirts
  • 6 work shirts
  • 3 tanks (two white, one olive green)
  • 1 3/4-length light sweater
  • 4 jeans (two with a “real waist” so I can tuck in my shirts!)
  • 1 black dress pant

See, it isn’t a TON of clothes but I could probably stop now. Especially if you count the six or seven non-maternity dresses and three pair of very stretchy jeans that will probably last until at least the seventh month.

Now, every time I have a craving for clothes, I will look back on this post and realize that I have more than enough. Enough to get me through the first few weeks of actually having to wear maternity, at least!

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