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Tie Tuesday


The funny look on my face is because of Mr. Handsome: he was telling me this story as I was trying to take my picture and he just would not pause even for a second! Once he gets rolling…

Here’s another shirt that you won’t see again. Look how short it is! It is from… wait for it… you’ll never guess… Forever 21. Shocking! I’ve had it for at least two years and it’s still holding up! I’ll be excited to see it come out of “the box” later this year.

These are my Urban Outfitter jeans. You can tell they are sitting lower because they look like they need to be hemmed. Getting a little bunched up at the bottoms! My Report wedges are not tall enough for them anymore. These jeans are relatively loose and will probably last another month or so, but if I have to wear my tallest heels in order to make them work then they might retire early. Heels aren’t as easy for me to wear lately. But I’ve got a secret heel trick…



I miss my heels. I don’t wear heels exclusively or anything, but I still really like the ones I have. Plus a pencil skirt just looks so much better with a good pair of heels.

So on Tuesday I pulled the ol’ flats switch-a-roo: I wore flats in to work for the majority of my walking (the lot where I park at work, when I arrive by 7:30, is a good few minutes walk from the door) then changed into my heels at my desk. I felt like I was cheating but my feet thanked me at the end of the day!

And oh my goodness this pencil skirt still fits! I was a little in shock when I tried it on. I could even push my belly out a good bit so I knew I wouldn’t be super constrained by the end of the day. It is on the boarderline of hem height for work now, in my opinion (because I have to pull it up over my belly) but with dark tights I think it still works.

This shirt is yet another Forever 21 find that I’ve had for I think at least three years. Like I’ve said before, their cheap clothes really aren’t so bad as long as you find them in a good fabric and don’t wash them too frequently (I usually change right after I’ve taken my picture after work so my clothes don’t get too dirty).


This is the day I woke up with a head cold. I really wanted to feel good so I did my best to dress myself. This shirt has some sparkle detailing so I figured, with the blazer, it might help me feel better.

It didn’t.

But at least I tried! I’m pretty sure this shirt came from Forever. Really, I should only start noting items that didn’t come from that store. I think that will feel up some more commentary space.

This is my favorite black blazer from Banana Republic and my Rocket Dog flats.








Gosh, I really wasn’t feeling it on Thursday, when my cold started to get bad. Even the camera was feeling off, as this image is blurry and I didn’t notice it until today.

So I went with my familiar lazy look because my head could barely focus on the morning routine, let alone dressing myself.

This is a Target long sleeve tee and a orange striped scarf from I have no idea where because I ripped the tag off but it’s probably Old Navy. Maybe.

These are Forever 21 jeans but not my favorite ones, that I wore Wednesday. They are longer and have a very loose waistband that I don’t even unzip. They should last well into this pregnancy.

My super comfortable Doc Martin boots finished everything off. I like that this is my go-to lazy combo. It’s easy, comfortable and not really that sloppy either. Yay!



Friday I was so sick at this point that I stayed home from work and didn’t put on much but my lounging yoga pants and my college t-shirt. I’m feeling much better now and am back at work this week so I should have a full Tie Tuesday post next week!

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