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Book Review: Belly Laughs

The other day I was watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC (have you noticed yet that I’m a fan of the show?). Stacie and Clinton were making over a woman who worked as a personal assistant to and was nominated by Jenny McCarthy and some other woman who is on “Dancing with the Stars” or something (and was obviously starved for screen time. I mean, the nominator does not do the 360 and shopping with the nominee. Why they let her tag along to all that is beyond me. Jenny’s taped segments, on the contrary, were fairly low-key and all about the nominee. Much more classy, in my opinion.)

PhotobucketCoincidentally, the day after my “What Not to Wear” viewing Mr. Handsome brought “Belly Laughs” home from the library for me. Aw, isn’t he sweet?

That night I sat down to have a read, and one read was all it took. I finished this book in about four hours, including several potty breaks and a 30-minute reading session with Kiddo1 (he just started the Harry Potter series, which I’m so excited about!). The short chapters are like individual short stories which makes you feel like you’re just flying through the 161 pages.

I think we all remember “classic” Jenny McCarthy: I’m thinking of the days she was really popular, co-hosted “Singled Out” on MTV and never held back from a fart or poop joke. Jenny totally owns up to this reputation and makes it very clear in her first chapter that this book is not for the modest as she does bring up several subjects that would probably make non-pregnant women a bit uncomfortable. But honestly, to the pregnant (especially the experienced pregnant) there wasn’t a ton of overly-graphic detail. Most of it just gave me a little “ew” expression, like the story about her proctology visit (let’s just say the doctor she visited really seemed to love his job – a lot – and she didn’t go back).

I expected a marginal amount of grossness and she did not fail to deliver. However, I was also expecting a few more laughs. I like a book that can make me laugh out loud, especially if it’s about something that I can relate to. Mr. Handsome gave me a Chelsea Handler book last Christmas and I really had to be careful where I read it because she would have me close to rolling on the floor sometimes. David Sedaris has that same effect, too. Looking back on my Jenny memories, I think that I’ve just never found her to be all that funny. Our styles of humor just don’t “mesh” well. Others have found this book to be quite LOL funny – I mean, it was an NYT bestseller. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me.

One thing that I did take from this book is a reminder that everyone’s pregnancy is different. While we all experience similar “side effects,” some women’s experience can be drastically different than others. What works for some women won’t always work for you. That’s something for me to keep in mind not only with all these pregnancy books I’m reading, but also for all the strangers who will start to comment on and give advice regarding my bump/baby now that it’s become obvious that I’m expecting.

Next Month’s Book: Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels

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  1. I read this book years before I was even thinking about having a baby. I was working at a maternity store and read it when the store was slow. I don’t remember finding it hilarious but I did find it kind of fascinating since back then I knew NOTHING about pregnancy or babies! Likely it wouldn’t be so revelatory if I read it now.

    • Oh yeah, it would definitely be an eye-opener for someone who’s never been pregnant! Everyone else it’s just kinda “eh,” huh? Thanks for reading! (My blog, not the book, haha.)


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