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Kiddo1’s Birthday Party

This past weekend we had a birthday outing for Kiddo1’s ninth birthday. Usually we do a big party with all the kids in the class. Birthdays are a big deal to us! Up until last year we had everyone at our house and partied in the basement (concrete floors are easier to clean the cake off than carpet!). Then last year we finally broke down and invited everyone out to one of those inflatable bouncing centers. At eight, he was a getting a little old for that I guess, but his friends were all so high-energy that we needed a place where they could really go crazy.

While Kiddo1’s friends are high-energy, he really is not. He’ll run and play with them all day long if they’re doing it, but he’s not one to instigate. He’s been asking us to have a movie party for a few years now but we knew his friends couldn’t handle it.

Well now that his friends are a little older and are able to control themselves a little better (as long as you pick the right ones, that is!), we decided we’d give a movie party a go. Also, since we got the new car, we could take five extra kids with us and actually get them all to the theater.

So we did it! We took six third graders to the movies, followed by pizza in the mall food court and ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s (we had a Groupon!). Kiddo1 had a great time and finally got the movie party he’d always wanted.

When compared to the $250+ that a “play place” party costs, this movie option was cheaper, even to see a 3D film (Journey 2 The Mysterious Island). We went to the first showing of the day so tickets were only $9.75 each (only is a relative term I guess). Then a pizza at Sbarro was less than $20 (including a salad for Mr. Handsome and me). The ice cream was only $15 for all including the price of the Groupon. All total it was about $115. If you count the ice cream cake we got on his actual birthday we still spent less than half of what last year cost us. Even hosting the party at home isn’t as cheap when you consider all the decorations, food, cake, beer (well the parents hang out and, you know, it might as well be a party for them too).

Plus, this option was super easy for us. No need to clean the house (twice), no cake to bake, games to plan, decorations to hang, etc. No waiting on anyone to arrive or leave because we picked up and dropped off everyone ourselves (which was great because we got a few minutes to touch-base with all the parents too). No stress! Yay!

Happy birthday Kiddo1! We’re glad you had fun with your friends!

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