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Tie Tuesday


Monday was the premier of my newest pair of $10 jeans from Forever 21! I got these black ones last week in the mail (I’m an online ordering addict).

While it may be kind of crazy to get non-maternity jeans at one’s fourth month of pregnancy, a $10 steal is hard to pass up, no? Plus, I’ve had these jeans before – they are nice and stretchy. They’re bound to last for another month or so right? And they’ll come in real handy as I struggle work hard to return to my pre-pregnancy size.

This shirt is of course also from Forever (maybe I should clue the Forever people into my blog. I sound like a freaking advertisement for them already). Actually the only thing on me today (other than my undergarments) that isn’t from Forever are my shoes, which are my Rocket Dog flats.

Go figure right? Well at least I’ve found a store that works for me and is within my budget. Can’t complain there.


I couldn’t remember where this dress came from (it’s a couple years old) so I went to check just now. Well it isn’t from Forever! It’s from… Love 21, which is Forever’s “contemporary” line. Sigh.

But hey, it is comfortable, pretty warm, and of all my sweaterdresses it is the only one that is “growing with me” nicely. The others are getting far too short for my taste. And HR’s.

The faux wrap of this dress has just enough actual wrap to expand out a bit. I know this dress won’t last for too much longer but at least it is working now. And that’s all I can ask for really.

I used these grey-blue tights instead of basic black to try and jazz up the whole thing a bit. They may clash a little, I’m not sure, but whatever, I tried something new. I also used my “flats to heels switch-a-roo” so that I could wear my nice black heels again. The trick is coming in quite handy!


Wednesday was a really gray day here in the Pacific Northwest (shocking, right?!). Some days I think the sun is just too plain lazy to get up. So I busted out my bright yellow sweater. I was a replacement for the sun: bright and round. Ahahaha…

This sweater is a little big (why did I get the “tall” version? I am not tall.) so I belted it in order to add some shape. This sweater, surprisingly, is not from Forever. It is Old Navy, which is probably the store where the second biggest population of my clothes is from. More online shopping, what can I say?

When I was trying to take this picture my dog, Max, was trying to free his ball from under our bed. He gets so worried about his ball being just out of his reach – I call it his pacy (pacifier) because it is always in his mouth). I did get down and help him find it after I snapped the picture. He happily squished it in his mouth a few times and walked off. Good dog.


I’m really loving the tank-and-blazer combo lately. It’s just so easy and I don’t have to think about it! I have a lot of these stretchy tanks from Target – I think maybe four colors? I thought maybe a size medium would get me through the second trimester but I could be mistaken. They’re stretchy but they aren’t magic!

The only things in this outfit that are from Forever are the jeans (of course) and I believe the necklace is from there. It might be from Target, I can’t remember. I got it three or four years ago and it’s only recently made regular appearances outside my jewelry chest. I seem to do that with a lot of jewelry – I think I like it, I buy it, I don’t really like it but hang on to it and then in a few years I like it enough to wear it. Weird.

These are my Report flats that I got for $15 at Ross. I love these shoes. They’re simple with just a bit of interest and they go with lots of stuff!


I swear this tunic used to be a bit longer. I’m glad it was Friday and I didn’t have many meetings at work because I probably shouldn’t have gotten away with this one! These leggings aren’t see-through but they aren’t pants either! Oh well, now I know that this tunic is best paired with jeans! I think I might even work on detaching that tie-belt thing (it’s just in an awkward spot now with the bump) and make it work as a regular shirt. I can tuck it in to the couple pair of maternity jeans I bought that have a real, yes a real! waist. I’m really excited to see how those jeans work out.

My Doc Martins and scarf are keeping me nice and warm and comfortable – I’m all ready for the weekend now!


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