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Book Review: Changing Diapers

Mr. Handsome and I (okay, mostly me but he is pretty much on board) really want to give a go at cloth diapering this time around. I was initially drawn to this option because of the diapering difficulties we had with Baby1: he had horrible diaper rash and was a pistol to potty train. Things I’ve heard about cloth diapering seem to indicate that we can avoid both of these things, so I’m all for it.

PhotobucketConvincing Mr. Handsome brings in another bonus for using cloth: the cost savings. The statistic stated in Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering is that you can save an average of $2,000 over disposables. Well he was sold.

With that decision made, I quickly realized that we don’t know anything about cloth diapers. Well, I know that we used some prefolds with Baby1… as spit-up rags. They worked great! But I wouldn’t be able to show you how to use them as diapers. Plus, there’s so much more out there these days! There are All-In-Ones, All-In-Twos, Hybrids, Pockets, Flats, on and on and on! And how to you clean them? And with what? How do you store the dirty ones? How many should we buy?

I found answers in this book. I read it all in an evening and felt like I actually knew a few things when I finished! I even answered some co-workers’ questions about cloth later that week!

PhotobucketThe book has this great section of green-framed pages that stands out from the rest of the book. These pages contain the various types of cloth diapers. I won’t go into them here, but wow they are all so very different! They each have their own pros and cons, too. The author encourages the reader to only buy a few diapers of different types when you first get started. Find what works for your wash and your baby (they all fit differently too!) then stock up. That’s my plan at least. I’ve already got myself a pocket and a prefold cover.

There’s also a whole chapter on cloth diaper laundry, which is Mr. Handsome’s biggest trepidation about the whole thing. This explains the use of a wet bag, diaper sprayer, strategies for drying and which diaper types wash and dry the easiest. He’s less uncomfortable about this part now (although I’m sure he will not be 100% convinced until he sees the whole process in action).

Bottom line: I knew nothing about cloth before reading this book. After reading I felt confident enough to casually educate others about cloth. So the book did its job!

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  1. We used cloth diapers with our son till he was 1 and was walking. It was amazing not having to buy diapers for a year!


  2. So excited that you guys will be cloth diapering – please…feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


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