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Tie Tuesday

For the origins of Tie Tuesday, check out the prologue post.


I may have stated my love of sweaterdresses before, but I’ll say it again: I love them as a quick, easy, go-to winter look. Once piece, tights and shoes are all you need! Plus they are pretty warm and oh-so comfy. I couldn’t ask for much more.

This sweaterdress is getting too short, so this will be the last time for a few months that it will see the world beyond my closet (or, more specifically, the world beyond “the box of unfittables”).

I recall that last time I wore these brown tights, they were quite uncomfortable due to the tightness around my belly. Unfortunately, I recalled that when I was about halfway to work. In order to resolve the issue, I took my work scissors to them and cut a big slit out down the front. Ahhhh! I was comfortable for the rest of the day. Now these tights can get a few more wears out of them during maternity time too!

Nothing in this outfit is Forever 21 either! The dress I found at Ross, the tights are probably from Target and the shoes are Report from Zappos.


How cute is my puppy? He so wanted to bother me when I was trying to take this picture. Admittedly, this specific shot is staged, but only because we had a shot soclose to this one that I had to get it a little bit better. He waited so patiently for me to let him go – what a good dog!

Anyway, Tuesday was Valentine’s so I wore this Elvis t-shirt for my Valentine because he’s a big fan. To dress it up, since it was Tie Tuesday after all, I put it with this A-line shirt and some fun tights and heels (I used my flats-to-heels switch-a-roo for sure). T-shirt turned dressy in a jiff!

The skirt has to be pulled higher and higher and is thus getting shorter and shorter, but I’m happy it still fits every time I put it on lately!


This little cardigan seems to have shrunk! Haha, or maybe I’m getting bigger? Another piece for “the box.” Sigh…

At least my favorite jeans from Forever still fit! Barely, but they do! I’m finding myself getting a little squeezed when I sit down in the afternoon, but hey I’m almost 20 weeks in to my second pregnancy so I really can’t complain.

This necklace is actually broken – it was a super long chain but the clasp broke. I was at a loss for an accessory Wednesday morning and I found this, wound it around my neck and knotted it up. It did come untied once or twice during the day, but I just tied it back up and moved on with the day. It worked in a pinch!

So I’m pretty sure the cardigan is from Forever and, of course, so are the jeans. The tank is one of the great stretchy ones from Target and I’ve got one of my favorite pairs of flats which are probably loved so much because they were a great steal from Ross and they’re Report, one of my favorite brands.


I love blazers too, I’ve said it before, I know. On Thursday I had some important meetings and the blazer just makes me feel a tad more professional in an office filled with denim-wearers.

Plus, blazer are great at hiding things. For example, I really love this purple shirt that I got from Old Navy maybe six months ago. But it suffered a laundry accident and now the back of one sleeve has a bleach spot. Sad face! But the shirt survives as long as the sleeve is covered. Enter blazer, to the rescue!

So over the weekend I got this belt. It’s a simple black belt, no big deal, but it’s the size of the belt that gave me pause for a second. It’s an XL. Whew! No big deal, I know, and right now it’s on it’s smallest notch, and it’s supposed to fit really low on my waist to complement my “real waist” maternity jeans, but STILL. It’s an XL! I am okay with this, really. Okay I’m convincing myself to be okay with this.

Hey, purple shoes! What a great pick-me-up! These are by Steve Madden and I got them from Zappos.


On Friday I took a day off work to chaperone Kiddo1’s class trip to see a play. Well, earlier in the week I thought they were just going to see a play. However, it turns out that they were going on this day-long tour of downtown to see all the sites they’ve been studying in class. Great idea right? But it worried the heck out of ME! Will I get enough water? Will they take frequent bathroom breaks? How can I possibly eat all day if we’re walking around?

It all turned out fine though. It was a really great day and even I learned some things about our city! The kids were super great and didn’t give us really any problems at all. I couldn’t have asked for a better day out and about with 25 third graders!

It was super rainy though (imagine that, rain in the Pacific Northwest?) so I came prepared with my big Hunter wellies. I also wanted to “young it up” a bit so I put on my rock-star skull t-shirt and black jeans.

See you next week!

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