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What IS it?!

We have less than a week to go until the big anatomy scan! Kiddo1 is even coming with us and he is really pumped about it. We talked to him about how the pictures are really grainy (I’ve got to bust his out of the baby book to get him all prepared) but he didn’t care – I think he just wants to be among the first to find out the big boy/girl answer too!

We are very excited to get another glimpse of Baby2 and have some confirmation that he/she is doing well. I try to always keep a positive attitude but there’s always something in the back of my mind saying, what if something is wrong? Why haven’t I felt any strong kicks yet? (Although I am confident I’ve felt some light kicks, see Friday’s update post.) Is my stabbing abdomen pain indicative of something more than just round ligament pain?!

PhotobucketWith the anatomy scan pending, I thought it’d be fun to do some sex speculation! That way I can look back on this post once we know what we’re having to see if my predictions made any sense. Because right now I’m really up in the air about what this baby could be!

Reasons I think we’re having a boy:

  • We’ve already had a boy.
  • Boys dominate both Mr. Handsome’s and my families. On Mr. Handsome’s side he has two older brothers, his mother has a brother and his father has five brothers. On my side I have a brother, my mother has two older brothers and my father has three older brothers.
  • It’s just my luck that we’d have another boy. I always comment about how I’m surrounded by testosterone. Kiddo1 also likes to point out that I’m the only girl in our building – we live in a triplex and there’s a man with two sons on one side and two male roommates on the other. And our dog is a boy.
  • I haven’t had any morning sickness, just like with Baby1 (which really is an old wive’s tale, I know).

Reasons I think it’s entirely possible that we maybe, just maybe, could be having a girl:

  • We had our boy nine years ago and I have this theory that, if you wait long enough, you get the opposite gender (I mean, a know more than a few families who had a few kids, all boys or girls and then, finally, nearly a decade after having their first they get the other sex). It’s far-fetched, I know, but I’m clinging to it.
  • I’m a girl. My mom is a girl. Mr. Handsome’s mom is a girl. So there are some girls in the family.
  • I seem to be carrying this baby in a more “wide” way than with Baby1. He was a nice, compact little basketball in my belly (yes, another wive’s tale).
  • I’m having more headaches, abdomen pain, back pain and cravings than with Baby1. The first pregnancy was super, super easy. This one is easy too but not as much as the first.

Kiddo1’s guess: “BOY. [sighs] But it’ll probably be a girl though…” (He wants a boy.)

Mr. Handsome’s guess: “Girl. Because it would cause me the most grief, anguish and worry. It’s going to be, like, six years of bliss and then all this worry.” (He wants a girl but you probably wouldn’t know if from his prediction there…)

If I had to make a guess, I’d probably still go with boy at this point. I just can’t get over the family history of male domination. Either way though, a healthy, happy baby is all we can hope for and all we’ll ever need.

Update pending next week!

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