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Birthday Food and A Loose Tooth

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I celebrated by eating food. I mean, I can’t drink, I can’t stay out late (because I’m tired), I can’t really “party” in any way so I eat (yes, I would much rather be growing a baby than indulging in the vices, but still). So much for yesterday’s post about controlling myself because I fell off the wagon in a huge way yesterday.

Okay, most of the food I ate was decently healthy, I guess. Wait, nope, now I’m remembering the morning and the late evening; the day was bookended by bad food choices. Well, excellent tasting food but oh so, so bad.

I ate so much throughout the day that I suffered from indigestion. Twice. I never get indigestion, pregnant or not.

Anyway, the day started out innocently enough. I went to Starbucks to use my free birthday drink coupon (I ordered my regular, a grande hot chocolate without whip cream because coffee is gross and mama tells me I’m sweet enough already) and I threw in some coffee cake because, hey, it’s my birthday! I drank the cocoa in my way in and saved the coffee cake for desk time.

Then, I get to work. We were having a pot luck at work for my birthday (and because we’ll take any excuse to have a pot luck, of course). Sometimes people bring in breakfast items instead because it breaks up the day and then we don’t have quite the overwhelming selection to sample from come lunch hour. So I had a donut from the local grocery store. The coffee cake got put on hold.

Then someone arrives with the best donuts in town, the ones that we’re practically famous for. Well, I couldn’t say no to those, especially because she drove halfway across town, in morning rush hour, to get them. Two donuts down now. Still no coffee cake.

Fast-forward through a couple uneventful meetings and we’re at lunch time. Glorious pot luck. Sometimes pot lucks are hit or miss. But this time, oh this time, everything was freaking fantastic and I tried it all. It ALL I tell ya. See:

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There’s eggplant parm (which was amazing – apparently eggplant is really freaking good if smothered in breadcrumbs and mozzarella), fried chicken, taco dip (under the chips), I made the sandwich swirl thing there, I could go on and on with the yumminess. No veggies (other than the eggplant?) but there were lentils in the rice! My friend brought oreo cupcakes, swoon, another friend brought me a delicious brownie, there were cookies all over the place (the only thing I was able to hold myself back from, so go me). I ate and ate.

I suffered through my indigestion in my afternoon meetings (or was it the meetings that made me suffer? Ha! No, it was the indigestion). During one conference call I managed to finally scarf down the coffee cake.

I finally make it home later that afternoon after picking up Kiddo1 who, I have to say, was acting a bit weird. Something was up. We walk in and there’s Mr. Handsome (who normal works Friday nights) with roses and dinner reservations. Aw, I’m spoiled.

We dropped Kiddo1 off at a friend’s house (we later took that same friend home for a sleepover – this is a decent trade, I think) and headed off to a new neighborhood joint for more food. This place is a couple neighborhoods away which is awesome. It’s very new, only four months old, but has received rave reviews (which is a good sign when you live in a foodie town). The atmosphere I can only describe as Pacific Northwest and hipster (wait, are those the same things now?). Rustic-cool. It was nice!

We dined on deviled eggs (Mr. Handsome only) and a roasted duck leg, then salads (I had a kale caesar which was awesome because I hate romaine lettuce but I love caesar salads). The menu enticed me with the selections of ham from four, FOUR, states so I asked for all the ham. Yes, all the ham. See:

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From left to right we have ham from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Iowa (the Iowa one coincidentally came from the same town where my best friend from college lives). Oh goodness they were heavenly. Mmmm ham.

That not being quite enough for the day, though, Mr. Handsome took me for some Ben & Jerry’s so I could get my new top-flavor of ice cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie (because stupid Baskin Robins discontinued the Chocolate Fudge flavor and I am boycotting them, as I mentioned in a previous post. It was super not cool of them to do this as I’ve enjoyed that flavor for as long as I can remember. But to make matters worse the dude at the store tries to tell me that the new Superfudge Chocolate is the same. Well it isn’t. There’s like chunks of stuff in there. There were no chunks in the smooth, chocolatey deliciousness that was Chocolate Fudge. Grrr).

We picked up the kids for the sleepover and I went to nurse my second round of indigestion for the day from my couch. Oh my geez it hurt so bad it made my back hurt. No more marathon eating sessions. And this time I mean it!

Finally, later on in the evening, after we’ve settled in to bed, Kiddo1 comes in to tell us that he has his first loose tooth. Yes, he is nine years old and finally, FINALLY, he is about to lose a tooth. Time for another dentist appointment (last time the x-rays showed the teeth under his gums just waiting to pop through and the dentist said it was nothing to worry about but I’m still like, um, he’s nine. WHEN ARE THE TEETH COMING OUT?).

So now I’m 31, my tummy feels better, my child is still growing (both the ex- and in-utero ones) and I’m off for a snack.

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  1. Sounds like so much good food! A great way to celebrate your birthday but yes, indigestion is one of those inevitable pregnancy things.


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