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Tie Tuesday


This week my favorite jeans have started to feel a little tight. I am a little sad at this. I knew they wouldn’t last to the third trimester, and I am super happy that they’ve lasted this long, but still, they’re about a week or so from landing in “the box” of unfittables. Sigh.

For now, though, I’m making the most of my favorite pair of $10 jeans from Forever 21. On Monday I pulled them out and paired them with this purple empire-waist silky shirt, also from Forever. It’s great because it’s kind of flowy so it has room for my bump. You could barely tell I was pregnant in it, I think.

I needed some kind of bracelet so I took this beaded black necklace that I have and wound it around my wrist a couple times. It worked!

I also wore my gray Report flats that I scored from Ross.



Ugh, Tuesday. I struggled finding something “Tie Tuesday” dressy enough that I could zip up! I thought my brown Banana Republic pants would still fit – I didn’t even bother trying them on the night before or anything because that would have been a waste of time, right? Oh no, it would not have been because those suckers didn’t even begin to zip shut. I cried to Mr. Handsome a little. He just gave me the “well, you are pregnant” look.

I thought maybe one of my pencil skirts (that fit like a week or two ago!) would work. Nope, that’s out too. The pile of clothes to relocate to the box grew exponentially. Ugh, I feel like I look huge here!

Finally I saw this black and white micro-checked skirt in the back of my closet. I found it at the Anne Taylor Outlet maybe two years ago. I quickly bought it because it was a great deal and we were out of time and had to go. Well it was too big – I meant to get it altered but I’m lazy and cheap. Well good thing I never did that because I had something to wear! I don’t know what I’m going to do this week – my maternity dress pants are still a bit too big. I’ll have to find another dress or something!

Oh, one more thing. I layered three of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces here: one gray, one pinkish and one white. I thought it looked pretty cool!


Since I know my favorite Forever jeans are on their way out, I wore them again on Wednesday. I had to unbutton them in the car on the way home, but they made it through the day!

This black cardigan has a little funky sheared detail at the top to keep it interesting. I pulled it back from the bump with this faux-croc turquoise belt (from Forever, natch) which is getting a bit too tight. I might bust out the power drill to give it another notch and another few weeks of life! It goes with so many of my cardigans so I can pull them back like this. I don’t want to have to buy another size XL belt!

I took a super long necklace and looped it around my neck a couple times so it would hit at the right height to dress up my bare neck a bit. I’m jonesing for more accessories lately. Time for an after work trip to the Forever accessories store? Who can pass up $4 necklaces, really?


Since I’m seriously running out of shirts that are long enough to cover myself, I dug into my t-shirts and found this super bright yellow v-neck to put under a blazer. Because everything works with a blazer! Plus bright colors are always fun, right?

This shirt was so bright that I didn’t think it even needed any accessories. Why try to district from all that brightness. I suppose the color is a distraction in and of itself!

Even though everything in my closet seems like it’s not fitting, this particular pair of Forever jeans are still holding up well. The waistband is pretty wide (normally I don’t even unbutton/unzip them). I feel like they’ll work for at least a few more weeks. As of Thursday I was still pretty reluctant to pull out any of the maternity jeans I’ve purchased. As of Thursday I was 19 weeks 6 days and, I don’t know, I’d just really rather make it the 20 weeks I guess!



Friday started off sad. I was all geared up to wear my favorite green kimono-style dress. It was my birthday and we were having a pot luck at work so I wanted something nice and loose so I could indulge myself my eating all the food. I was ironing the dress and found a stain that would have appeared right in the middle of my belly! Ugh! No!

So the dress was a go-no. I’ll try to address the stain to give the dress a bit more life but there was nothing I could do at 6:45 that morning. So I went for this sweater in the same color green. But what to do for pants? I can’t be constrained on pot luck day! So I did what I had to do – I pulled out the maternity pants. All my new maternity jeans are a little too long and need to be altered so I’d better get that done in the next week or so (luckily I have a Groupon for that!). I’m even wearing these same jeans as I type – they’re freaking comfortable and they fit pretty well now. It’s crazy how my size changes from day to day right now!

I should also mention that these Forever 21 maternity jeans were a steal at $6! They (actually Love21) are apparently liquidating their maternity line so I scored these cheap. They don’t have real front pockets but for that price I don’t really mind!

For next week, Mr. Handsome says I need to smile more in these pictures. So I’ll work on that!

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  1. You look great! I am impressed that you are still in your pre-pregnancy clothes – good for you. Being cute and stylish with maternity clothes is such a challenge!

  2. I agree with bellissimom! You look great!!

  3. You always look great!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Seriously, you all made me feel so much better!


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