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To Do List: Mid-Second Tri Update

We’re about half-way through the second trimester right now, so I thought I’d revisit our to-do list and see what kind of progress we’ve made. Everything from the first trimester list was done on time and the second trimester list is looking pretty good! Just a few more things to do in the next several weeks…
A recap of the First Trimester list, all complete:
  • Research hospitals and choose a midwife, with birth plan in mind COMPLETE, and I’ll post about it in a couple weeks once my regular appointments begin
  • Start a pregnancy journal STARTED, and this Sunday I’ll post about the journal I selected
  • Start a photo journal STARTED
  • Find a social pregnancy group FORMED MY OWN
  • Download pregnancy apps for iphone DOWNLOADED (three!)
  • Schedule first appointment/ultrasound FINISHED
  • Write down questions for midwife QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERED
  • Get on a kegel schedule SQUEEZING CONTINUES FROM TTC
  • Get on an exercise schedule (cardio) COMPLETE (although I’m struggling to stick to it, but I cardio it up when I can)
  • Plan meals/eat well A WORK IN PROGRESS (but I’ve made vast improvements over my pre-pregnancy habits)
  • Start a blog COMPLETE!
  • Decide whether or not to do the NT scan COMPLETE (and we declined)
  • Find some books about the next few months/year COMPLETE (and book reviews will begin on Sunday)
  • Start a name list BEGUN

The partially complete Second Trimester list:

  • Budget evaluation (let’s make adjustments now where needed) – I suppose this is a work in progress right now, so I won’t mark it as complete yet.
  • More diverse exercises (yoga, swimming) STARTED, I love prenatal yoga!
  • Research childbirth class and sign up – We’re looking at a couple but haven’t committed yet. The hospital class is $250 and 6 weeks, which I think is a bit much. The search for the perfect class continues.
  • Evaluate maternity wardrobe COMPLETE and I think I’m set for a least another couple months. I’m only nervous about the last month or so because I know I’ll be absolutely huge then.
  • Prevent stretch marks PREVENTING AS BEST I CAN (link)
  • Check out classes such as bf, baby wearing, cloth diapering, etc. – Baby wearing and cloth diapering are coming up in April/May. I’m looking for a good breastfeeding class though.
  • Brush up my knit and crochet skills and start some projects STARTED some ideas. Projects pending.
  • Research maternity leave policy COMPLETE but the policy is pretty disappointing. I get six weeks paid 100%. I could get up to 13 weeks paid but I’d have to have a medical excuse. Lame!
  • Dog training (stop jumping, door management) – we need to get this started.
  • Learn the sex of our baby! GIRL!
  • Doula?
  • Register – I started an Amazon list awhile back, but Mr. Handsome and I need to dig into this together now.
  • Nursery Ideas COMPLETE
  • Living Will – I downloaded one of those eLegalForms things so Mr. Handsome and I just need to sit down and do it. Still not complete just yet.
And, to come, the Third Trimester list:
  • Finalize birth plan
  • Hospital tour, preregister
  • Plan for when labor starts
  • Plan for Kiddo1 and Max while we’re at the hospital
  • Find out what the grandparents’ travel plans are
  • Baby Gear, clothes
  • Baby book
  • Decide if we want pregnancy photos
  • Fill out cord blood donation paperwork/register
  • Install car seat
  • Pediatrician
  • Make some frozen dinners
  • Wash baby clothes, blankets/sheets, diapers
  • Set up nursery/baby spaces
  • Prep Kiddo1 for “culture shift”
  • Plan baby welcoming party for mid-August
  • Research c-sections and inductions, just in case
  • Birth announcement (email, mail?)
  • Familiarize myself with contraction-timing apps
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Trial run to hospital
  • Clean house/have cleaned

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  1. We have a lot of the same things on our “to-do” list. There is still so much mroe I want to do but as I come into week 38 I am starting to realize giving it your best is all you can do and knowing that more can be done later is an important lesson.


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