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A Punishment Gone Right (and A Lost Tooth!)

Kiddo1 didn’t turn in his homework on Friday (he forgot it at home, mostly because he didn’t put it in he backpack like I asked him to do on Thursday because, he said, “I’ll remember!” Well, he didn’t). We’ve been over how important homework is because earlier in the school year he only had an 88% homework return rate and we were like, what?! Vast improvement needed (he was finishing it he just didn’t turn it in a couple times but we have no idea why and  by the time we learned about it it was too late to really prod him for information).

So when I found his homework on the kitchen table (I didn’t notice it before I took him out for dinner and The Lorax movie on Friday night, dang it) a good punishment was needed. Kiddo1 loves his “screen time” so all weekend he had to go without any screens – no TV, no games on Mr. Handsome’s or my phone, no computer and no Kindle Fire time (he bought it on his own by accumulating gift cards from his birthday).

This punishment actually turned out to be pretty darn cool. It was enough of an impact on his immediate happiness to get the point across, but it made the weekend even more fun because we spent so much more time as a family than just plopped in front of a screen. Mr. Handsome had to work Saturday night so we amused ourselves with lots of games – Kiddo1 even taught me how to play chess! Yes, I’m 31 years old and had never played a game or even known how to play chess. But now I know (mostly)! He was a pretty great teacher – we played a game and he let me have some do-over moves. He repeated so many things I’ve heard Mr. Handsome say to him as pointers. This made Mr. Handsome happy indeed.

On Sunday we started a game of Monopoly that we played for at least a couple hours but then had to take a break to get some things done. We walked over to the neighborhood “main street” and stopped at the library, then got hungry so we walked all the way down the street to this awesome sausage joint and had ourselves two sausages/hot dogs each! Walking took it out of us. We ran by the hardware store on the way home to get yard work supplies. Finally we stopped by the park so Max could have a quick run with his ball. We were out about two hours and I estimate we walked at least two miles, per Google maps.

We did some yard work together – Kiddo1 pulled all the weeds from the raised garden beds and they are pretty close to being ready for planting in a few weeks! Mr. Handsome worked on repairing the neighbor’s back screen door (it won’t latch and it’s right by our bedroom window and all night we hear creeping/squeaking. It’s so annoying!) and I tilled up some soil wear the grass has worn away so we could plant new grass seed. Our yard has gotten pretty patchy, mostly because our other neighbor loves to throw the ball for our dog which is great exercise but it tears up our yard so I really wish he wouldn’t do it. Try telling him that though – he either forgets or refuses to listen!

Then we went to a wedding reception for some of Mr. Handsome’s co-workers. It was at a bar across the street from his restaurant. I had a very yummy but very greasy grilled cheese sandwich with some very creamy tomato soup. It was so good but I could feel myself getting bigger I swear!

Finally we came home and played more Monopoly and we still haven’t finished the game. The TV is back on tonight however we decided that we will now have one “no screen day” every weekend because it was actually a lot of fun! You forget that just because you’re sitting together watching TV doesn’t mean you’re actually spending any time together. I doesn’t really count at all.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppAlso, finally finally, Kiddo1 has lost his first tooth! He reported it loose on my birthday and has been wiggling the heck out of it all week. We were hoping with him that he’d loose it while at school so he could get one of those cool little treasure chests, which I can’t believe they still give out. I remember wanting one of those things so bad because I couldn’t seem to lose my teeth at school. He’s a lucky kid for getting one for the first tooth.

His two front bottom teeth have already started to grow in so I doubt he’ll have this little hole for long (his tooth looks SO tiny in the little treasure chest).

He’s going to be awaiting the tooth fairy tonight (if we’re lucky we’ll get The Rock version!).

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