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Tie Tuesday

To learn more about the origins of Tie Tuesday, check out this post.


Monday was ultrasound day so I wanted to wear something loose and not have to unbutton my pants (because Kiddo1 was coming with too and, I don’t know, that just felt like it would be awkward). So I dug out a maternity tunic and put on some leggings, too.

This tunic is great because IT HAS POCKETS! Any dress or quasi-dress I own with pockets gets instant love from me. I think they should all have pockets, really. I wish my wedding dress had pockets (I really should have had them do that) because I wouldn’t have forgotten my phone that day, I’m sure of it.

Anyhoo, I was very comfortable throughout the day and the ultrasound was not at all awkward so the outfit must have worked! Plus I felt dressy enough at Mr. Handsome’s restaurant that night, too. I wish this tunic was a tad bit longer so it could pass for an easy summer dress – it will only get shorter as I get bigger!

This big white-ish ball necklace and Rocket Dog flats make the finishing touches.


Last Tie Tuesday I discovered that my last non-maternity dress pants and pencil skirts needed to move on to “the box of unfittables.” Sad day. But at least I know now so I won’t go trying those things on anymore! This A-line Banana Republic skirt is about all I have left until the one pair of maternity dress pants I have starts to fit (thank goodness I need to get a little bit bigger for those!).

I also found this little cardigan which I think is from Target and hits so nicely where the top of the skirt ends up now that I have to hike it so high over my bump. I don’t see this skirt lasting too much longer! I’m going to have to get creative for coming Tie Tuesdays I think!

Last week I picked up this white cuff from Forever – often I buy these cheap accessories with no outfit in mind. I just buy them because they’re like $4 and I like them. So when I find something to wear them with it makes it all worth it! I also really love this fleur-de-lis tights that I found a winter or two ago. They make winter more fun!


This is the second maternity item I wore this week (this and the jeans from last week and I believe I’m up to three maternity items so far, which isn’t too bad, really).

This lightweight sweater from Old Navy is still pretty big so I tucked it in to these black Forever jeans (did I mention these jeans were $10?! Yay jean deals!).

Old Navy’s maternity stuff isn’t too bad – I have a couple of their dresses now and about a week’s worth of shirts too. I recall wearing a lot of Old Navy/Gap stuff when pregnant with Kiddo1. They really aren’t too bad for the price (although I wouldn’t pay full price – Old Navy especially has lots of sales and coupons if you sign up to receive their email notifications. The emails are annoying but 30% off comes in handy now and then!).

I probably should have worn a belt with this too but sometimes I’m sleepy in the morning and forget these details. Next time…


This poor tank top worked pretty hard on Thursday – it kept wanting to creep up the belly (and I think a couple times it did get the better of me – I hope no one at the office noticed). I suppose this one goes in “the box” too, but I’m glad it made it out one last time. I like the little detail at the neck – it’s kind of like fish scales or something. Plus I like the blue color. I don’t have a lot of this color blue in my wardrobe.

My favorite Forever jeans… this is probably their last public outing. I wore them over the weekend and didn’t feel at all comfortable sitting down. Into the box they go, which is sad but I’m happy to look forward to their return later this year! Think happy thoughts!




I’m trying to smile more in these pictures for Mr. Handsome but I guess I kind of forgot about that until Friday! I’ll work on that more next week I swear!

Mmm this outfit was comfy. These are the same Forever maternity jeans that I wore last week and they are so comfy (and they were only $6!). Maternity jeans really aren’t that bad, you know? You don’t have to unbutton them or anything!

I think this purple shirt is probably from Old Navy… I always forget how comfortable it is. And at this point I’ll take any non-maternity shirt that actually covers me! Even the white stretchy Target tank underneath is getting a little creep-happy.

These shoes and this brassy-colored necklace are both from Target. I guess they go together fairly well!

Whew! I made it through another week without walking around naked!

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