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One Nursery Project Down!

I’ve started to get a little antsy about starting to prepare the nursery for Baby2. I know we have another four months to go so I’m trying to curb my enthusiasm a bit, but I can get some preliminary sorts of things started right? I know I could just do it all now, there’s no harm, but I feel like I would be getting ahead of myself. Might as well stretch out the fun you know?

This past weekend I tackled a project that I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS. I have a whole bunch of art poster prints that I’ve been wanting to frame for so long. Mr. Handsome and my bedroom walls are covered in college-esque posters (still in their plastic wrap for ultimate preservation) of Picasso, Kandinsky and Munch. One of my favorites is Le Repos by Picasso. It hung over Baby1’s crib oh so many years ago. I wanted to use it for Baby2, too, but now that we’re a little older and wiser I thought I could make it look better.

I took the print to the local framer and they wanted to charge me almost $300 to frame it! Sure it’s fairly large at 24×36, but still. I eventually got them down to $150 for basically a “do-it-yourself” option where they cut the mats for you and dry mount your art and you put it together. A good savings but still out of budget.

My education is in Architecture so I spent four years of my life cutting mat board to build models. I figured, I got this. So I went to the art supply store and bought two mat boards and a mat cutter for $40. I also got a frame from that same shop for $20, and it’s a nice sturdy wood frame with glass so the price was really fantastic. I don’t think I should really count the mat cutter in the total price because I will use it again for other projects, but if I do count it the total investment tops out at $60 which is less than half of the frame shop’s even cheapest price.

After I bought the mat board I went back and forth with the color. Kiddo1 and I sat down and went over the colors we thought that would be best. He was really interested in helping with this project which was awesome! He had some good input too. Ultimately he decided that the mat color I had chosen was the best, so I felt better about that!

We also thought that the colors in the painting would be good for the whole nursery. Here’s what the finished product looked like (which I need to get hung ASAP):

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There’s so much glare from the glass… But I think this is pretty good for my first dabble in framing!

So the nursery colors will be a deep red, mustardy yellow, a deep turquoise and perhaps a splash of purple or maybe even hot pink (“because she is a girl,” says Kiddo1).

My next project is to start on the giant mobile piece. I have fallen in love with these – they’re so much more of a statement and focal point than your standard mobile. And I feel like baby can see the bright colors and big shapes better anyway. Here’s some of my inspiration from Pinterest:


I like how the pink one mixes the paper lanterns and “poofs,” the latter of which there is a tutorial for here. I’m currently looking for the best place to buy some cheap paper lanterns (from the above pictures I’m thinking I’ll need about a dozen). I found this site and am searching for more.  Martha Stewart makes the accordion-style ones but I’m not sure if the blue set really fits the color scheme perfectly.

In the meantime, I have to find the perfect fabric to tie all these colors together. I’m swooning over the prints at Modified Tot on Etsy. Crib skirts (which is what I intend to make) are available but they are so expensive! So I will sharpen my DIY skills once again – too bad I sold my sewing machine four years ago when we moved.

And back to framing, hopefully I’ll get to one or two more posters before Baby2 arrives. I’ve got Von Gogh’s Starry Night and Kandinsky’s Composition No. 6 for candidates!

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  1. thecrunchywife

    Love it! Totally looks like you had that art professionally framed. And I’m loving the giant mobile idea. Can’t wait to see what else you do 🙂


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