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Tie Tuesday

Why Tie Tuesday? This post will tell you more!


Alright Monday! Well I was not ready for Monday, of course, so I needed something quick and easy. Blazer to the rescue again! I threw on a white tank top, one of the stretchy ones from Target that I’m actually surprised still fits. Every week it seems like I’m only days away from having to put it in “the box” but still it lasts!

This orange scarf adds some color and a bit more warmth!

These are my Forever 21 maternity pants (actually Love 21, which I believe no longer even sells maternity as these were a clearance item at, I love to say, $6). I keep putting off getting them altered – too much to do over the last couple weekends!

They really are pretty comfy, maternity jeans. These have a below-the-belly stretchy waistband on the front only with real belt loops in the back. I’m not sure what the benefit of that is, though…

And these are my Rocket Dog grey faux suede flats.


I’m still officially out of dress pants currently, as all non-maternity work pants no longer fit and the one pair of black maternity pants that I have are still a bit big. That’s okay, I’ll stick with dresses for now!

This one I recently purchased from the Gap. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend ($60) but I had a 30% off code and a gift card so I went for it. I’m glad I did. This dress is very versatile. The colors in the pattern (pink, orange, tan) coordinate with a lot of accessories I already own. The true wrap style (not a faux wrap like another dress I own) makes it really expandable so I think it will fit well even into the third trimester. It should even work later on this summer when I’m no longer pregnant!

I thought the pattern was black but I think it’s really more of a navy blue. Of course I realized this after I got to work dressed in full black accessories, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal, right? Oh well, next time I’ll use other accessories anyway! Yay versatility!


Hey, no maternity clothes today! These days of no maternity clothes are getting to be fewer and further between. At least maternity clothes have improved a ton in the last nine years, so wearing them isn’t too bad. They’ve come a all way!

This is a Forever 21 cowl neck sweater. It’s so comfortable and easy! Now that I think about it, I’m once again in all Forever, as these jeans I bought from there too, about a month or two ago. $10! And they still fit! Unlike my other most favority pair of $10 Forever jeans which are now, unfortunately, in “the box.”

This turquoise bracelet was also a Forever find – they have an accessories-only store at the mall near work which is very dangerous for me. I cannot resist the pull of $4 necklaces! Seriously, it isn’t healthy! But my wallet doesn’t really complain.




More Forever today, this time there’s these jeans that have a wonderfully large waist and therefore still fit really, really well. They, too, need to be hemmed. I really need to call about that this week! The hem is even longer than usual because I have to wear them so low on my waist. It’s not just my belly but also my hips that are starting to affect the fit of my clothes!

Plus another Forever bracelet – I think I’ve had this one for a couple years which, for a Forever accessory, is like a lifetime! The silvery paint (of whatever it is) is starting to wear off in places but I guess that gives it a little patina of its own, right? I’m sure that makes it way cooler… or something.

This shirt that was a clearance find at Target still fits pretty well. The belly is really loose and flowy (and it’s so convenient for me that that’s stylish/trendy right now!) but the boob room is most limited lately. I guess this just gives me some extra lift!



It was an unseasonably warm day here in the PacNW on Friday, so I wanted to wear a dress without, gasp yes without, tights for a change. They’re getting a little… tight, in places. So this nice long dress fit the bill (is it me or does the title of “maxi dress” just seem a little bit weird? I can’t use it).

This one is from Old Navy, obtained during the same online purchase that brought me Tuesday’s dress. It is so soft and comfy! I’m surprised that it 1- is long enough but not too long and 2- not so low-cut that I have to wear a tank under it for work. It has a nice short sleeve too so really I don’t even need to wear the jean jacket with it.

Sometimes I totally forget that I have this jean jacket. It’s really nice to break out sometimes. Plus the office’s daily denim thing means I really can wear it anytime I want.

I found this matching necklace at the aforementioned Forever accessories store. The shoes are from Target and they don’t match exactly but I do think I’ll get a good amount of wear out of them this summer. Works for me!

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  1. I have the same dress from your Friday picture. It is so comfy and I love that you paired it with the jacket – very cute!


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