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Donating Cord Blood

Donation has always been an act that is near and dear to my heart: might as well let someone else reap the benefits of my unused and/or unwanted stuff! I’ve donated my time, my son’s toys and clothes, my office-wear, my hard-earned dollars, I’m a registered bone marrow donor and I plan to donate my body to science when my life is over. (For real, med schools struggle to find cadavers and they are such a useful tool for the students. I took an anatomy class once and I learned far more in two days of lab than I did from the books!)

So when I read about donating cord blood while we were TTC, it became a goal of mine to get involved. If you’re pregnant and don’t plan on banking your baby’s cord blood (we don’t feel that it is right for us), then you’ve got to check it out. Follow the link for more info as there are some restrictions.


  • Help save a life
  • No waste!
  • Feel good about giving
  • It’s free!
  • It’s painless!
  • All you’ve got to do is give birth! Easy, right?

It’s also quite possible that, if you eventually do need the cord blood that you donate, you can find your deposit again. At the very least, you are likely to find a match within the public cord blood bank.

Mr. Handsome and I are really excited to take advantage of this option this time around. We’re supposed to register with Be the Match about a month prior to delivery, so just to be safe I’m going to inquire around late May/early June (I tried to register already but I was told that paperwork changes limit registration times). Hopefully our cord blood will be of use to someone, somewhere!

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  1. This is something we have been contemplating also. Whether to go ahead and do this for our baby or to donate. We are still undecided but we need to make our minds very soon!


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