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Tie Tuesday

Check out this post to learn more about Tie Tuesday.

This week you’ll notice a couple things:

  1. It was St. Patrick’s Day last week so I wore green all week in keeping with my annual tradition to do so. Green is my favorite color so I own a lot of green clothes. It only seems natural to me to wear them all during one of my favorite weeks – I love when everyone wears green! Of course, though, on St. Patrick’s Day itself I forgot to wear green (it was on Saturday). What’s that all about?
  2. You’ll see that the wall decor that serves as my background has changed. I framed this poster last week and it is loosely hung for now (I need to install a better hanging device on the frame and put some actual nails in the wall – right now I’m using push pins so I only have the frame up when I take my picture!).

Let’s get to it!


It’s been a while since I’ve broken out the long sleeve shirt and scarf combo, which was known as my lazy outfit. I guess I haven’t been feeling all that lazy lately, so I haven’t been using this combo!

This felt really comfortable though. This long sleeve shirt from Old Navy is getting a bit short (in fact, it just made it into “the box of unfittables” over the weekend) so I put a white tank underneath just to make sure the maternity band was covered all the way. It weirds me out when the band part of my jeans starts peaking out. It’s like people know I’m cheating or something…

These jeans are from Old Navy. They’re the under-the-belly style so they have about a five-inch wide band of stretchy fabric that sits under my belly. This is by far my favorite style of all the maternity bands on pants. I don’t really like the constraining feeling of the over-the-belly bands. But I have friends who swear by that style, too, so it’s just a matter of preference.

My Rocket Dog flats finish it off!


I’m so happy this Banana Republic skirt still fits! I come back to it every third week or so and I’m shocked every time I can zip it up. This is probably the last wearing – it’s starting to pucker in the back a bit because it is not meant to be worn so high. It probably isn’t used to my new bubble butt either!

I actually pulled this green Gap shirt out of “the box.” It is far too short to wear anymore but with this high-waisted skirt it totally works. Yay!

I got this necklace on clearance at Target. At first I wasn’t sure about it – the black pieces are kind of sparkly which normally I wouldn’t do – but it works just fine I think. Not too back for $8.

Another thing I wasn’t sure about were the fishnets I’m wearing. Usually I don’t feel like wearing fishnets to the office. I know there’s nothing wrong with it I just couldn’t do it all the same. For some reason I felt differently on Tuesday and took the plunge. I think they worked out pretty well with these Report wedges!


I feel like I just wore this green sweater, even though it was nearly a month ago on my birthday. So I put this black Banana Republic blazer over it to make myself feel better. I suppose it works out pretty well. It’s been cold here lately, too, so the extra layer was pretty nice. Luckily it’s a lightweight sweater so it wasn’t too bulky.

These are my $6 Forever maternity jeans. I finally went to a tailor over the weekend to get them altered so I don’t have to roll them anymore. The alternations cost $20 which is more than I’ve paid for all but one of my four maternity jeans (and that one pair is Rock & Republic and was $80 so I guess it all evens out). I don’t get the jeans back for two whole weeks though! I hope it is worth it!

I wore this sort of bronzey necklace that I got from Target a couple months ago so I thought it would pair nicely with these bronzy/goldy shoes that are also from Target (pairing due to color, not store. hahaha).


Yeah this cardigan is waaaay too short but I didn’t really care on Thursday – I needed something green to wear! I probably could have worn it open but I felt like it made my belly look like it was way sticking out so I didn’t. However wearing it closed kind of made my belly disappear a bit… only a bit though! I can’t hide the belly anymore even if I wanted to.

I can’t believe these non-maternity jeans from Forever still fit (they’re my black $10 ones, as opposed to my regular blue $10 ones that no longer fit). I’m down to just these and one other non-maternity pair. I’m so happy these do still fit, mostly because they’re my only jeans that are a color other than dark blue. I miss my gray jeans so much, I even thought about trying to find a cheap pair of red jeans or something and having them altered to maternity (although if hemming alone is $20 then altering to maternity is probably not worth it). When you wear jeans to work it is important to have options!

Of course a week can’t go by without these black Rocket Dog flats.


This is one of my favorite dresses, mostly because it is green. I wanted to wear it on my birthday but I found a small stain on it (it nearly ruined my morning!). Luckily I was able to get the stain out! Thank you, Shout Stick. Yay!

I was so unsure about the tights with this one – I think I changed tights like three times on Friday morning. I would love to start going without tights (especially since I have to wear them so low so that they won’t constrain my belly). It’s just too cold here still in the Pacific NW to do that, at least for me. I like warm legs, what can I say? Hopefully in a month or so I can start going bare… Anyway, I suppose these tights worked out fairly well, I just felt like there was a lot of black going on this whole week I guess!

This is another necklace from Target (I’m having a Target accessories week I think). I like it better than the one I wore Tuesday. It’s a less sparkly and less flashy all around. I tend to like relatively simple accessories, for the most part. Anyway, thanks to Target for being my accessories wing man this week!

New week: probably no green at all! But no guarantees…

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