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Cloth Diaper Class

Today I went to a class all about cloth diapering with my moms group. Actually, Mr. Handsome and Kiddo1 came along, too! (Mr. Handsome asked to come so Kiddo1 was drug along by default.)

It was a great class about the overview of cloth diaper types, cleaning/care and overall “poop management” (what do I do with the poo?-type questions/answers).

It was encouraging for me in a number of ways. One, I was happy to actually not learn too much new information which means the books I’ve been reading (mainly Changing Diapers) and Googling I’ve been doing has paid off! I already had a good handle on the different types of diapers and washing methods. The class did help to fill in the gaps about what types are good for specific situations. For example, the All-In-One is great for when grandparents or babysitters are doing the diapering because it most resembles a disposable diaper. Also, prefolds with covers are great for hanging out at home and a pocket with a disposable liner is good for being out-and-about because you can flush the poop away instead of taking it home with you.

Two, I learned some great washing tips. For example, our instructor told us that the dryer lends a hand in sterilizing diapers so the don’t start to smell. I had no idea! I was very gung-ho about line drying in the sun (at least in the summer when we have sun in the PacNW) in order to naturally bleach stains. Now I’ll probably balance the machine-drying and line-drying sessions so we get the best of both worlds.

Three, Mr. Handsome got to hear about all things cloth from someone other than me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s absorbed the knowledge that I’m passing along, but it certainly helps to have another person explain it all. I have no doubt that he’ll be a great cloth-diaperer – probably better than me when it comes down to it, as he’ll be doing a majority of the diapering after my maternity leave is over. Plus I think he’s totally into the diaper-sprayer concept and will probably be rigging one up in our bathroom soon (I think this will come in very handy during those early postpartum days too!).

To celebrate our confirmed and new-found knowledge (and use a coupon we were given at the class – I can’t resist a coupon!) I indulged in some new hemp/cotton cloth wipes and some of the aforementioned flushable liners for when we’re on the town with Baby2.

I also got another coupon from Kelly’s Closet for a free one-size diaper (this is quickly becoming my new obsession) so I bought a couple more covers today so I can use the prefolds we always register for (we got these with Kiddo1, too, even though we weren’t cloth diapering then because they’re great for spit-up rags, burp clothes, etc). Since my first purchase, the collection has grown by these four pocket cuties:

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You can probably tell that I’m trying to scoop up the prints as they go on sale! The yellow diaper was a freebie! I can’t wait to see what today’s freebie brings me. At this rate we should be well supplied by July!

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  1. I had also heard that line drying was better. One of the reasons I was also told not to put them in the dryer was that drying might wear out the diapers so it is interesting to hear an counter opinion. I may have to try putting them in the dryer a couple of times and seeing how it goes.

    • Yes, I’ve heard the same. The elastic can wear out faster in the dryer. I may just limit the drying to when the diapers start to get a little stinky. That way I’ll get the best of both worlds right?

      • Yes, good point. I will keep that in mind. Just once in a while to keep the funky smells away.

  2. hellesbelles86

    Such cute diapers! I love the mushroom print and want to take it home with me šŸ˜€ Where did you find freebies? That would be so great for making the burden a little lighter in the beginning!

    • Thank you – I love the prints so much! Sometimes has coupons – they have one going on right now for a free one-size! I follow them on facebook to get the updates. Their diapers aren’t always inexpensive (although really they’re no more expensive than other places) but the free ones help even it out for sure!


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