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Tie Tuesday

Happy Tie Tuesday! As always, you can learn more about why it’s called Tie Tuesday here.


I purchased these Gap maternity jeans off Ebay a few months ago. They were huge back then and now I’m afraid they barely fit on my waist! They’re the “real waist” style so there’s a real zipper fly and pockets and everything! Although the pockets are a lot closer to the side seems, but whatever I guess. There are elastic pulls on the inside of the waistband so you can adjust them but I’ve already got them on their loosest setting. Oh well, at least they fit now!

This bright pink shirt is from Old Navy and it is also maternity. I put all the maternity clothes in my closet about a week ago so I’m actively using them now. Especially since so many of my non-maternity clothes have gone in “the box” of unfittables, I need the maternity clothes to stretch the wardrobe possibilities a bit!

The purple heels are from Steve Madden – I love their purple color. And, of course, the big white necklace is from Forever 21.


Continuing the trend of pants-that-didn’t-fit-months-ago, I also bought these Old Navy black work pants and they were HUGE when I tried them on. But they were my size and they have the same “real waist” and elastic pulls on the inside so I went for it (I probably had a coupon code or something too).

Now, they fit like a dream. The waist is just a bit loose and nice and low so they’ll last for awhile. Thank goodness as they’re the only “work” pants that I have now. Being able to wear jeans to work is like my saving grace for this pregnancy!

This white shirt from Old Navy was a clearance find. It is maternity but I fear how long it will last because it fits really well right now. It’s a little thin but I just put a white tank underneath and it was no biggie.

I layered the black necklace from Target with a few silver chains from Forever. The black heels are by Rampage I believe.


Whoa this dress got short! And I didn’t really notice the extent of the shortness until now! Oops. I guess this really is a tunic from now on… But hey, no maternity clothes today!

The dress, I mean tunic, is from Urban Outfitters. I’ve had it for maybe five years or so and have only recently discovered it again and have started wearing it. It’s v-neck is very deep but with a white tank it works great.

I also just recently rediscovered this jean jacket too – I think it will come in very handy this summer as a quick shoulder cover for the office. I think it works really well with some of my spring dresses!

I also decided to go tights-less on Wednesday (I hope my white legs aren’t too blinding!), which was a big gamble because it was not exactly warm, but my Doc Martins kept my feet toasty at least!


More maternity on Thursday! The tee and skirt are both from Old Navy. I think the cotton skirt is better for spring and tights-less weather, but my legs were cold yesterday so… out came the tights again. Even though I didn’t really like the skirt with tights. I just feel like it’s too flowy – I guess I like my winter skirts more structured.

I do like this skirt and I think it will come in handy this summer. Thank goodness it isn’t too short! It has a fold-over waist, too, so I can make it even longer if I need to. I like that the hem is cut so that the front is a little bit shorter, that way it looks even when I wear it under my belly.

This shirt is nice and comfy, but it bothers me that the only neck options in maternity seem to be a scoop neck (by far the most available) and v-neck. Where are all the crew neck shirts? I can’t seems to find them.

Anyway, and these, of course, are my Rocket Dog flats. A week can’t go by without them!


Another non-maternity day – that’s two this week! Yay! Small victories, I tell ya. I’ll take what I can get!

I’ve always professed my love for the blazer. Without it I’m in jeans and a tank top here. This Banana Republic blazer is probably my all-time favorite. It fits the best out of all my blazers. Although it doesn’t really button anymore, but I don’t need it to (actually this guy at work noticed me trying to button it and he said, “Don’t worry, my blazers don’t button anymore either.” Ha!).

These are my $10 Forever 21 black jeans and I love them so, so much because they still fit really well. I don’t see them going away too soon – I hope they stick around forever!

I threw in this purple scarf for a little bit of color against all the black and gray – some of the gray is from these Report flats.

Until next week!

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