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Book Review: Exploiting My Baby *Because It’s Exploiting Me

I’ve been looking for pregnancy memoirs lately – books that I can relate to and maybe even get a laugh of association from. I found Jenny McCarthy’s book but, honestly, it left me wanting. I needed more substance, more entertainment, more humor. Then I stumbled upon Teresa Strasser’s book, Exploiting My Baby (Because It’s Exploiting Me).

At first, I have to say, I was a little turned off by the title. It just rubbed me the wrong way, you know? You et that feeling sometimes and you’re like nah, I think I’ll pass. But I read some Amazon reviews and they were all pretty solid and the book was available at my local library so I figured, what the heck, it can’t be any worse than Before, right?

This decision to jump into this book anyway reaffirmed the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover (or title), because this book has everything Jenny’s doesn’t.

PhotobucketFirst off, the book has substance. Teresa doesn’t just give quick anecdotes and then move on to the next thing. She weaves each little nuance of pregnancy throughout her stories, with themes of loss (ie, “I miss you toxins”), worry (she might worry a bit too much, but what first-timer doesn’t from time to time?), obsession (her Google search history is pretty hilarious), realism (sometimes it sucks to find out you’re having the gender opposite of what you wanted, but then you realize it’s cool), the desire for companionship (her search for pregnant ladies to befriend) and always, humor. This girl is funny, and I laughed out loud which is really my measurement of how actually funny a book is, of course. Because sometimes books are funny but they don’t actually make you LOL, you know? The real funny books, the real ones, make strangers wonder what the heck is so funny and how can they get their hands on it.

I read this entire book in one Saturday, and not because it’s short because at almost 300 pages I wouldn’t call it a brief read at all. I read it all because I could not put it down, it was so good. Maybe I’m biased because I’m coming off the heels of Belly Laughs and Before, but this book is exactly what I was looking for in the pregnancy memoir genre. I only hope to find more books just like it.

Next review: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

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