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Spring Break Projects Wrap-Up

What a week it has been! I’ve been on a self-imposed Spring Break from work this week while Kiddo1 is on his school break. I had a long list of projects to accomplish plus some fun family stuff, too. Here’s what when down, and what is still left on the table…


I spend the weekend gathering and organizing supplies for all the projects I planned on doing. I received a few deliveries of supplies on Friday but I had to wait until Monday before I had everything in hand (stupid UPS doesn’t delivery on Saturdays, but FedEx did bring me something so I like them). I spent a lot of time at the local fabric store and art supply store, but surprisingly I didn’t spend all that much money. Yay me! Besides gathering supplies, the weekend was spent relaxing (gathering energy) and we all went to a cloth diapering class with my moms group.


Monday I didn’t get too much done on my projects. I took Kiddo1 to the dentist in the morning (FOUR cavities! Someone needs to get better at flossing because all the cavities are between his back teeth). We also went to the zoo with one of Kiddo1’s friends. It was a beautiful day so it was great to walk around outside. Unfortunately everyone else in the city felt the same way! The zoo was crazy packed but we ended up spending two or three hours and saw almost everything.


Tuesday I finally got a project started and finished with the framing of three more posters. I had already completed framing a Picasso print a few weeks ago. This time I framed a Kandinsky for Mr. Handsome and I’s room:

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Apparently I couldn’t even wait until we were don’t hanging it before I started taking pictures because the level is still hanging out there… This one has white mats only because the color scheme of Mr. Handsome and my room is all white (I think it’s peaceful that way).

Plus I finished the two new Degas prints (still waiting to be hung) that I ordered for Baby2:

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They should bring a little more girlyness to the space! I chose red for the mats because we’ve got this red, mustard, turquoise thing going on. I seem to be gravitating toward the primary colors once again (Kiddo1’s room was straight-up solid, bright primaries while this one is a bit darker/bolder).

I added up all my framing costs and figured that finishing four posters costs a little less than $200 which was still significantly less than the $300 the framer wanted to charge for one framed poster. My cost includes all four frames, the mat cutter, all the mat board, the frame hangers and the Degas prints I bought (I’d include the cost of the Picasso and Kandinsky prints I already had but I’ve had them for so long, I have no idea how much I paid for them). Not bad, huh?

Also on Tuesday, we bought a crib! This is our first major purchase for Baby2 (if you don’t count the minivan), so we congratulated ourselves. I wanted it so I could make and attach the crib skirt that I had planned for this week. Kiddo1 and Mr. Handsome put it together (they were adorable) while I worked on my framing. It’s sort of weird having an empty crib hanging around… but it isn’t really empty as it is filled with supplies for my projects (and slowly filling up with completed projects that need to be hung or placed!).


On Wednesday I started working on the poofs I had planned for the huge mobile of paper lanterns. I did a 12″ paper lantern (this tutorial is for 6″ and 9″ lanterns) and it took literally all day and well into Thursday, too. I had already cut three yards of fabric into circles over the weekend, so all I did Wednesday was glue, glue, glue. On Thursday I cut three more yards of fabric into circles and finally finished in the afternoon. I want to do three of these (a 10″ and an 8″ too) but we’ll see how that goes… Here’s how the first one looks though!

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I freaking love how it turned out, even though it took two days to do. The texture is just amazing and the size and color are eye-catching for sure. I hope the other two yellow poofs will go faster because they’re smaller, but I’m not going to count on it. At this point I’m more worried about my fabric costs than the time I have to spend on it!

Also on Wednesday, Kiddo1 and I also took a bike ride around the neighborhood (yay I can still get on my bike!), got some lunch together and picked up some groceries. I had dropped off the car for an oil change earlier in the day and Mr. Handsome worked. A fairly productive day, really! But I felt like the week was slipping away too quickly…

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppSo other than finishing the first poof, on Thursday I took Kiddo1 to a skateboarding class at the community center. He learned a couple new tricks (of course he claims he already knew them, but whatever), gained some confidence with the ramps and spent a couple hours getting exercise and meeting new kids. Win! Later on we took a friend to the science center to see the traveling Lego exhibit.

The visits to a very crowed zoo and science center further reaffirmed my belief that I don’t want a stroller. I don’t want to disrespect the stroller parents, because of course strollers have their place, but the baby-wearing parents did look happier and less stressed. I may write a post about my feelings about my potential personal stroller use (or lack of use) in the next week or so. We’ll see.


On Friday, I took Kiddo1 back to the dentist to have his cavities filled. It was his first experience with Novocaine and he did a really awesome job. I was glad Mr. Handsome took the morning off to come with us, too, because I wasn’t allowed to be in the room when they were giving him the nitrous oxide. Kiddo1 needed a little support for the Novocaine shots shortly after.

Kiddo1 spent the rest of the day relaxing off the Novocaine so I was able to start and finish the three red lanterns I had planned for the mobile while watching movies with him. All that’s left to finish on that project are two yellow poofs and two small purple ones (I’m using a different technique for the purple ones than I had planned so I hope they don’t take as long). I’m not ready to post a picture yet so that’ll have to wait for the finished product.


I spent most of Saturday struggling with the sewing machine that I bought so I could start the crib skirt. It bought a fairly crappy machine off Craig’s List fo $50. It was a mistake – I never got the thing to work right. I’m thinking of reselling it for parts. I did find another machine that I picked up on Saturday while Kiddo1 was at a birthday party. It worked perfectly, thank goodness! So I was able to start and pretty much finish the crib skirt in a few hours:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I used this tutorial but eliminated the trim pieces (for now – I may go back and add some trim in a to-be-determined color). Even though I haven’t sewed for several years, it was so easy! I finished it and attached it to the crib (with adjustable velcro) in just a couple hours.

I’ve also added more projects to my plate to be completed over the next few months – I always let these things escalated a bit out of control. So now I also want to:

  • Make matching pillows out of the crib skirt fabric (three 12″ square pillows and one bolster-type long, round pillow).
  • Make matching crib sheets (it looks super easy with this tutorial) out of some yellow, red and turquoise fabric I bought as backing for the pillows.
  • Attach wheels to the bottom of the crib to make it easier to move around the tiny nursery space.
  • Find and refinish a dresser to use as a changing table. (I think I found one today that I can pick up tomorrow! Mr. Handsome is totally hating Craig’s List right now, I know it.)

I am crazy. I know it.

Today I will be relaxing, aka taking a mini vacation from my vacation (and trying not to think about going back to work tomorrow). I’m a tad exhausted but I’m so glad I got some stuff done! I feel better about heading into the third trimester with a few accomplishments. Yay Spring Break!

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