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Tie Tuesday

It’s Tie Tuesday! I was on Spring Break all week so I went a tad more casual than normal – there was hardly much of a real Tie Tuesday at all!


For the first official day of Spring Break, the weather was amazing – sunny and about 60 degrees. I could go without a jacket or sweater! Of course I still wore a jacket when I went out because I’m a wuss and get cold even in 60 degree weather, but whatever.

This shirt and these jeans are both from Forever 21 but they aren’t maternity so yay!

This shirt is so soft and cozy. It was a good shirt for just hanging out in and walking around the zoo for a couple hours. It’s a little loose so I hope to get a few more wears out of it in the coming weeks. We’ll see how that goes! I hope my shirts start to surprise me with amazing amounts of stretch!

And, of course, these are my Rocket Dog flats. Speaking of shopping, it may be time to invest in another pair of black flats…



The weather wasn’t quite as good on Tuesday but other than our trip to Ikea I didn’t leave the house much anyway (so much framing going on!).

This nice soft dress was great – super comfortable and good movement for all the bending and stretching I had to do while framing.

I was excited that this fit – it is another non-maternity Forever 21 item. The chest part actually fit better this time! I suppose I have more to fill it out with now… I still need to put a tank underneath though because it is so low cut!

I also wore this white cuff from Forever. Huh, I guess it was another completely Forever day. I’ll take them while I can I guess! Once I can start non-maternity shopping again I really need to branch out to a few more stores…



There’s a crib in my space! Mr. Handsome and Kiddo1 put it together Tuesday afternoon. It is holding all my project supplies right now, but those are quickly becoming completed projects that need to be hung, like the framed posters in the back.

Since all my jeans are still at the tailors getting shortened, I’m down to just my black Forever jeans and these Gap maternity ones, which I usually wear heels with. But since my day consisted mostly of gluing yellow circles on a paper lantern to make one of the poofs for the very large mobile, I wore my sneakers and rolled up my jeans for any outside time that we did.

Mr. Handsome got me these Adidas shoes for Christmas five or six years ago. They’re the only sneakers I own!


It was super rainy on Thursday so I busted out the Hunter wellies again. We had a good amount of things to do out and about so they really came in handy! I like when my feet are dry. You can’t live in the Pacific NW without having good rain boots, especially in the spring. Or you could just let your feet get wet. I don’t think the latter is the better option though.

Boots like these go so well with skinny jeans – there’s so much less fabric to stuff in! And since these are the only skinny jeans in my closet right now… they will work!

This yellow t-shirt is from American Apparel. Their shirts are so soft, and organic! But they do shrink on the first wash which I always fail the remember! So this shirt probably won’t last too long. Luckily I have another one and it is huge!



I bought this black dress from Old Navy with a nice discount a few weeks ago. I’ve been itching to wear it but it was too cold to go sleeveless again on Friday. Not that the cap sleeves from this t-shirt at too much warmth, but whatever. I’m glad I can use this long dress as a skirt too!

One of Mr. Handsome’s regular restaurant customers crocheted him this black scarf. His regulars are so nice. I think it was the same couple that gave Kiddo1 a game for his birthday (it was a replica of a first edition Monopoly game. The first time we played the game lasted for like three days! I lost first. Mr. Handsome was over built the slum properties and I couldn’t stop landing on them. Anyway…)

So I thought I would borrow the scarf on Friday to keep a little more warm. It was cozy! Such nice regulars.

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