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Tie Tuesday

If your curious about Tie Tuesday’s start, you can read the prologue post. Fascinating stuff.

You may notice that the crib is missing this week. That’s because Mr. Handsome and I put wheels on it so I can roll it away when I need to! The wheels also come in handy for getting to my closet (which is just to my left) because my belly doesn’t fit around it so well anymore. Wheels are so fantastic in a tight space.


I had planned on wearing a flowery spring dress on Monday, but I quickly discovered that it wouldn’t zip up. At all. Oh well, at least I tried! That dress is too pretty to put in “the box of unfittables” so I will allow it to hang it my closet, from where it will taunt me… but also inspire me to stay fit so I can wear it before the warm season ends this fall!

A suitable replacement was found with this navy dress from Anthropologie. I got this over five years ago for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s a simple cotton number with some gathered fabric around the middle (emphasizing the waist is always a “do” on What Not to Wear!). I thought the gathered fabric would kind of get in the way, but it really isn’t too bad! And hey, it fits so who am I to complain?

It was another beautiful sunny 60 degree day in the Pacific NW, so I went without tights. I don’t think I’m going to wear anymore tights now – we’re supposed to have weather in the 60s all this (current) week. I hope it sticks around!

I’m also wearing a bronze-ish necklace from Target and Report wedges.


Tie Tuesday! I took advantage of these very comfortable Old Navy slacks. They have a real waist but I haven’t really showed that off yet. My belly looks just kind of beer-bellyish when I tuck in shirts right now. So I’ll leave that feature for use a couple weeks in the future…

This shirt is from Forever 21 and isn’t maternity, although I feel like it looks maternity since it is so long! It’s sort of a tunic fit and has these pockets with zipper detail on the sides. Again, I’m just glad it fits, so I will wear it! And rejoice in its non-maternity status!

This is another necklace from Target which has come in very handy the last few weeks. I like that I can wear it long or doubled up so it’s shorter, too. Versatility always wins.

Aaaaaand my Report flats which were an awesome score from Ross at $15. Yay!


I finally got all my jeans back from the tailor’s on Tuesday night! I was so excited – I tried them all on immediately. These are my most expensive pair of maternity jeans – a pair of Rock & Republic “real waist” flare fit jeans. I don’t usually wear a flare fit on my jeans, but I wanted something to wear with sneakers every now and then. This are awesome, although they are a bit tight and quite low-waisted so I fear they won’t last long. I’m trying to wear them often (I wore them all weekend!) to stretch them out, although they have a surprisingly low amount of stretch for maternity jeans.

It was cold and rainy on Wednesday so I wore this Old Navy long sleeve maternity tee that I found on clearance last summer (yeah, I totally watched the clearance finds before I was even pregnant). It is so comfy and has lots of room for growth. I hope it can come in handy on cool summer nights because I expect our weather to stay warm now! (I have high expectations.)

I’m also wearing yet another necklace from Target – it has a big mother-of-pearl (or fake) pendent which doesn’t see the light of day too often, but I keep it around because I still like it, even though it doesn’t go with much of my wardrobe. Another Target accessory are these flats. I like Target.


I stayed home with Kiddo1 on Thursday (doc says it’s a mild ear infection). Lately, whenever I’m home I like to take advantage of clothes that are right on the edge of making it into “the box,” like this Banana Republic shirt. Clearly, it is too short for the office (I was pulling it down all day and didn’t take my coat off at the doctor’s office!). I’m glad I got one more wear out of it before banishing it to “the box” though! It has some interesting detail at the top which does not at all come through in the photo. Oh well.

I also wore these Forever 21 jeans that I don’t have to roll up anymore thanks to the alterations! And they’re not maternity and they still fit really well! A whole day of no maternity – I am doing a happy dance for pulling this off at 26 weeks. Very happy indeed.

I wore the Report flats again and no other accessories – I’m so lazy on days off sometimes!


This “tunic” is actually a dress – I wore it with leggings and a black belt back in my second Tie Tuesday post. But when I put it on on Friday it was only a couple inches longer than what you see here. Clearly too short for anything but especially the office! So now this dress is a shirt. But at least I can still wear it.

So instead of leggings I put on these Old Navy maternity jeans (which were also a clearance find that I bought before I was pregnant). I normally don’t wear jeans at this length with heels but I’ve been seeing it a lot lately so I decided to try it out. I think I like it!

I found this belt at the Forever accessories store for like $6 or something. I bought an extra large and planned to wear it with some dresses. I don’t know why I feel like this dress, I mean tunic or shirt or whatever, needs a belt but I do.

I also wore these Report wedges again. I very much meant to put on a necklace but I was so wrapped up in the dress becoming a shirt that I totally forgot. Pregnancy brain is funny.

Here’s to warm weather for next week!

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  1. I like the belt with the tunic. I am a big fan of a pregnant woman belting her top – it just makes the baby bump that much more adorable!


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