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Tie Tuesday

For more about Tie Tuesday (and some maternity style tips I collected!) check out the prologue post.


I’ve taken a liking to wearing dresses on Mondays; they make me feel more ready to take on the week for some reason. This is a new one I just got from Old Navy (damn you Old Navy and your constant online sales! If my husband sees one more package from you…). I’m excited to wear it all summer and hopefully (fingers crossed!) I can get it slightly altered to fit well after Baby2 arrives, too!

I’ve also been feeling the belts lately, but most of my belts are getting small (are they shrinking?!) so I used a purple scarf instead. It tied around twice so, big fist pump for that. I thought it would go fairly well with these Steve Madden purple heels which, I’m also proud to say, I wore all day without changing into flats. I will take advantage of this until the third trimester swells kick in!

Finally, these huge boobs and growing belly round out the whole look. I mean, sheesh, I’m like all boob there. Sigh.


Sure, this skirt is quickly on its way out, but it is non-maternity so I’m milking it for all it’s worth. It may not fit the next time I reach for it, but I’m prepared, emotionally, for that. I think. Deep breath. After Baby2 arrives I’ll need this one altered, too, because it was too big before and I kind of like being able to wear it now. It’s funny how something will just sit in my closet until one day I think, well that wouldn’t be so bad…

So the skirt fit, which was great, but I didn’t know what to put with it! I put the focus on bright accessories: a super bright necklace from Forever 21 and similarly bright flats from Target. I think they made for a spring-time look!

I am determined to stay away from tights now that the weather is (slowly) starting to warm up here. This makes things a lot more comfortable for me, although I force bystanders to shield their eyes from my glaring-white legs. Sorry everyone!


I tried tucking in my shirt on Wednesday, and I still think my baby belly looks a little beer belly-ish, but I’m giving it a try. I suppose I have to show off these non-maternity Forever jeans somehow right? These jeans make me really love the Forever people. And did I mention they were $10?! Happy, happy.

This is another Old Navy shirt. I like their shirts because they are plenty big with room to grow, they’re soft 100% cotton and they aren’t too expensive if you find them on sale (I just don’t want to pay $20 for a shirt that I’m only going to wear for a few months – I’m cheap like that). So I have a lot of Old Navy maternity shirts. And dresses. And other stuff.

My poor Rocket Dog flats are all muddy from the rain that day. Oops! Time to clean them! And this is the black Target necklace that I currently can’t get enough of. It goes with seriously everything!


I felt like I hadn’t brought out a blazer in awhile, and I felt like I had nothing to wear on a sorta cold Thursday, so blazer to the rescue! All I needed was a tank and a scarf for a bit of color. Outfit complete!

Blazer are great because no matter how big I get they still fit! I just don’t button them. My winter jacket is getting to be that way, too; the top buttons are the only ones that have gotten to close for awhile now. But I refuse to buy a maternity coat! Did I mention I’m cheap?

These jeans are also from Old Navy. They’re super comfy. Maternity jeans are great because they are oh so comfortable but I hate trying to find shirts that will completely cover the belly band, even when I’m sitting, bending over, etc. I noticed that the band is just slightly poking out here and that drives me crazy!

Anyway, I put on my Report flats to match with the blazer. Grey on a grey PacNW day!


It was warm and sunny again on Friday! The weather is so close to being nice all the time – I love summers up here.

This dress is another Old Navy frock but it isn’t maternity, just a little flowy. Not a lot of boob room on this one though, which I desperately need right now! So I put a pink maternity tank on underneath which went really well with the few very light pink flowers on this dress (which you can’t really see in the picture but I swear they’re there. I swear).

I recently rediscovered my jean jacket and all of a sudden it goes with everything! Funny how that works! It’s coming in really handy to make these sundresses office-friendly.

These Report wedges are also coming in handy – I feel like they go with all my summer dresses that just don’t go with any other shoes. I think I’ve had them for about four years now. What will I do when they fall apart?!

Til next week!

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