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Happy Anniversary Mr. Handsome!

I was all set to post yesterday like I had planned, but we have had some fantastic weather here this weekend so I couldn’t help but enjoy it without the computer on my lap. So this post is a bit overdue.

PhotobucketAnyway, Mr. Handsome and I celebrated our 5/10 anniversary on Friday – that’s five years of marriage and ten years of togetherness. We were married in Phoenix with our four-year old son at our side, my brother officiating and Mr. Handsome’s two brothers attending, plus my two best friends.

It was a good wedding (of course there are things that I wish went differently but I did a lot of compromising with my family) but the real important thing is that it is a good marriage.

Mr. Handsome is pretty awesome. He’s awesome not only because he picks up my slack (which, oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe how much better he is than me at housework, cooking/meal planning, parenting, basically making sure shit gets done) but because he makes me feel awesome every day.

He always wants to cheer me up if I’m feeling down, even when I don’t really want him to (but I appreciate it anyway, even if I don’t let him know that). He always says I look good and calls me his “sexy lady” even though I balk at him almost every time – he still never gives up and I love him for it, even that I won’t tell him that either. He even doesn’t seem to mind taking my crap – me not telling him I appreciate him as much as he does for me, me refusing his niceities, me just being a lazy pain in the ass.

I’m sure I bring some things to the table in this relationship, but he brings all the good things. He makes my life easier, better and just generally more pleasant. He is an amazing father, caretaker, dog-owner and man. And I love him very much.

Happy anniversary Mr. Handsome. I’m excited to live the rest of our futures together.

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