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Tie Tuesday

What the heck is Tie Tuesday?


I’m not really sure what the look on my face is for… Maybe Mr. Handsome was trying to make me laugh or something. It was a week ago so I’ve completely forgotten by now. Well, enjoy my strange expression.

Monday I was feeling my “old lady” accessories – I’ve got tweed shoes and a whole bunch of my grandmother’s pearls. I guess I was in a bit of a silly mood on Monday, what with my funny expression and “character” accessories!

Anyway… This purple dress is wonderful; it isn’t maternity but it is wrap-style so it still fits! The weather is starting to get warm so I wanted to get it in while I can still wear long sleeves. But I didn’t cave to tights! You will face the wrath of my white legs! Muhahaha.

I also wore a light pink tank underneath to go with my pink tweed heels. It’s too bad the heels don’t go with much because I do like them. But pearls go with everything!


For Tie Tuesday I thought I’d finally tuck my shirt into these “real waist” pants since I haven’t done that yet. I still feel like my belly looks really “beer belly” when I do that but I guess that didn’t stop me today (or tomorrow!).

These pants are so comfy, I love them, but I didn’t want to get them hemmed so I have to wear them with heels. Normally that’s fine but for some reason I picked these booties that are fairly high-heeled and I wore them all day – to work, to my son’s dentist appointment, to dinner. My feet were killing me for like two days afterward. I can still wear heels just fine but I think I’d better do a better job at pacing myself!

I also wore this white scarf because I needed an accessory, but it wasn’t really cold enough for a scarf. I love that the weather is getting warmer, though. I’m ready to put the winter stuff away!


See, I tucked again, even though it weirds me out. I guess I just want to take advantage of these “real waist”-type paints. Plus this shirt is a little long/big so I kind of needed to tuck! It’s funny because sometimes I still feel like I’m between real clothes and maternity, but I’m glad the maternity stuff is still big because I know I will be grateful for it in a couple months!

This shirt is from Old Navy, another one of my pre-pregnancy clearance finds. I’m glad that all the stuff I bought before I got pregnant is stuff that I’m actually able to use now! And most of it is summer stuff so I can keep wearing it for awhile. Double score! Triple if you count the savings too!

The turquoise-ish bracelet is from Forever 21, of course. I have had it for awhile, at least a few years. I think it’s slowly starting to come apart but whatever!

And these are flats from Target.


I like this soft purple shirt. It isn’t maternity but it is a flowy, empire-waist style. It hardly fits but I made it. Some of the buttons toward the top were working hard, some failing, causing me to look down almost all day to make sure I wasn’t starting to come undone! Good thing I have to wear a tank underneath, because the fabric is already a little see-through.

These are my Forever/Love 21 maternity jeans ($6! Yes I will mention that every time I wear them!) and a Forever bracelet again. The silver paint (or whatever it is) is starting to wear off, okay it’s beyond starting, but I think it makes the bracelet look like cool worn or something. Shabby chic if you will.

And these are my Report flats – they look a little wet around the soles because I was taking the dog out before I took this picture and the ground was all wet from an earlier rain. Yeah, you needed to know that.


I don’t remember this maternity tunic being so short the last time I wore it, but whatever I still like it and it has pockets! I wore it with leggings which are totally not tights but I get that they aren’t pants either so, you know, the risque thing could go either way. Nobody says anything at work or even looks at my twice, though. I think I get a “pregnant lady pass.” I’ll take it because I was comfortable!

Like I said, this is a great tunic, comfy and with pockets, but it has kind of an awkward cinched waist that just didn’t work for me the last time I wore it. So I added this black belt instead. I think the belt is from Old Navy? The leggings are Old Navy, I remember that!

Plus I wore my go-to black Rocket Dog flats. Love them.

That’s it for Tie Tuesday this week! Happy dressings!


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  1. Please advise on where you found Friday’s tunic; it is adorable.


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