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Tie Tuesday


So I was feeling a little fancy on Monday and busted out my peep-toe d’Orsay heels! Actually, I had to run by Mr. Handsome’s new restaurant after work and I wanted to look all hip and what not (although “hip” in this town tends to be a little more… dirty, no, unkempt, for lack of a better word, but whatever).

This shirt is, of course, Forever 21 and it is not maternity but it’s a little long (not quite a tunic) so it still works! It covers the maternity jeans belly band at least!

These are Old Navy maternity jeans, “below-the-waist” style. So comfy.

The turquoise-colored bracelet is also Forever 21. It’s beaded with several strands and one of those strands broke apart as I took it off about two seconds after I took this photo. I saved the beads and I could fix it (another strand broke off awhile back too!). We’ll see…


Oh my we are growing aren’t we? And the baby is getting bigger too! (By “we” I meant my boobs.)

Anyway, Tuesday I went to work for all of an hour to grab my meeting schedule and answer some emails, then I headed home to hang with a sick Kiddo1 (bad cold, swollen ear canal, who-knows-what but he’s feeling better now, although the cough lingers).

This Gap Maternity dress is so comfy I wore it all day, though. It’s a true wrap style so I can wrap it looser as the weeks pile up. I hope I can wear it after the maternity need has passed! Maybe just get the hem straightened up or something…

These shoes are from Target. I think part of the awesomeness of this dress is that there are so many colors I can pull from the dress to accessorize with it!


No maternity today! It’s simple pleasures like that sometimes, you know?

These are my loosest-fitting Forever 21 jeans. I’m shocked that they still work. But they were already pretty low-waisted.

This green blazer is also Forever (claro que si!) and it is a little, well, uncloseable at this point but whatever! Who said anything about closing it anyway!?

I’m also wearing two layered white tanks from Target and more Target flats. I like their flats – I keep looking for more when I’m there!

This necklace I think is Forever. It’s made of wood in funky shapes. I’ve had it for a couple years but honestly never worn it until Wednesday. I call it my Teacher Necklace. Kiddo1 says, “Yeah a Cool Teacher Necklace!” Aww, he’s a sweetie.


This shirt is a lightweight Gap sweater and it is nice and soft. $10 black Forever 21 (non-maternity!) jeans. But the belt from Target is size XL so, you know, you win some… Plus my Rocket Dog flats.

Another bit you can’t really see is my new necklace that Mr. Handsome got me for our anniversary (he actually got me the gift card that I purchase the necklace with – he knows I’m super picky). So I took a close-up shot. It’s my new go-to necklace I think!



Sleepy Friday! This dress is from Target (I’m seeing a store trend besides Forever this week!) and it isn’t maternity and it is barely fitting but it was comfy so I didn’t care! It stretches. I could pull the waist band up to empire height, and I probably will this summer, but I wanted to wear it “normally” at least once!

My Gap jean jacket is becoming a Friday staple. It makes me feel more comfortable in the office when I’m wearing strappy dresses.

The shoes are again from Target (same ones as Wednesday) and I think this necklace could be from there, too. It’s another one of those accessories that I’ve had forever and don’t wear often but have discovered that it is versatile and I should wear it more. Whew.

Plus I pulled my hair back and I’m not too sure how I feel about it but I do like that my hair is a little longer! I haven’t decided to grow it out or not but I’m not cutting it either. We’ll see how that goes.

Check in for more bump coverage next week!

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