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Tie Tuesday

Learn why it’s called Tie Tuesday, if you want!


It is a baby or a little torpedo in there?! I’m not so sure… Actually, I don’t think torpedos move on their own so I’m pretty sure I’m carrying a baby. And the ultrasound photos are pretty solid.

Anyway… Monday was kind of cold and I had the feeling it’d be one of our last days of wintery-weather (I was wrong: it rained almost all week) so I cozied it up with this ruched tee and boots. Mmmm so cozy!

This green soft shirt is a clearance find from Old Navy. It is soft (did I mention that?) and the ruching gives it lots of room to grow. I doubt I’ll need its warmth much in the next two months, but it IS nice to know it’s there!

These jeans are also very comfy and the fact that they were $6 from Forever 21 makes them even more awesome.

My Doc Martins stayed consistent with the comfort factor. It’s like I went to work in my pajamas on Monday, I swear!

The necklace that you can’t really see is from Target, the bronze one that I wear fairly often.


That’s right, I suited up for Tie Tuesday this week! I was excited to discover that the fabric of my Old Navy maternity pants is quite similar to my Banana Republic blazer (they are from the same company, after all).

I think it is difficult to find professional maternity clothes, which accounts for part of my excitement (the other part is just the joy of discovery!). Luckily I work in a casual office environment, but it has only been that way for just short of a year – I had really awesome timing.

Anyway, this shirt is another Forever 21 find. Apparently I was buying a lot of their longer shirts at one point, which is great now because they’re some of the few non-maternity shirts that will still work for me. I welcome anything that helps to extend my maternity wardrobe!

And these black heels are by Rampage I believe, and I should not wear them any longer than absolutely necessary because my poor feet are getting less and less tolerant of some of my footwear choices. Suck it up, feet!


I’m a super-duper fan of the long (aka maxi) dress lately. I am not a fan of the term maxi dress as I feel it is too similar to term that designates feminine hygiene products. But I digress.

So long dresses. What’s not to like?! They’re one piece to think about, they cover my white legs and what-I’m-pretty-sure-are-becoming-swollen ankles and the just feel all flowy and summery. They’re good times!

This one is from Old Navy. I think it will work all the way til July and maybe even after if I’m lucky.

This time I wore it with my black Rocket Dog flats, which you can barely see under all the long flowyness! That’s a bonus – if I can’t see my feet then you shouldn’t either right?!

Plus I added a gray pearl necklace that belonged to my grandmother. For that classy touch.


It rained on Thursday, but I didn’t care! I’m really into the loose garments lately (can you tell?!) and this green dress was just calling my name. Plus, I’m not too cold out and about lately. That probably has something to do with being a human incubator…

Anyway, this number is from Target. Yes, it is getting a little too short for the office and will probably have to be a “tunic” from here on out, but whatever. I’m going with it for now.

The belt is from Forever 21 (it was like $6!) and while it might not completely “go” with the ensemble (I’m not so sure!) I like this dress better belted than not. So there.

Pink seems to be my thing lately, even though I’m not really all that in to pink at all, but I’m going with it I guess. So my Forever 21 necklace is bright pink and so are my Target flats.

And my legs are bright white but at least the sun wasn’t out reflecting them all over the place, right?!


I went a little “menswear chic” on Friday. That’s still a style right? I’m so behind the times lately. But I saw this  pinstripe vest hanging all lonely in my closet and I thought, I can do something with you poor little vest. Come with me to work today.

The vest is, of course, from Forever 21 and of course it isn’t maternity so perhaps it looks a little small. I did a little “fat guy in a little coat” song for Mr. Handsome.

Also from Forever are the jeans ($10! non-maternity!) and the three-strand silver chain necklace. The other long necklace with black wooden beads is from, you guessed it, Target. It’s one or the other when it comes to most of my accessories, isn’t it? The black belt is also from Target, because their belts are cheap and, no, they don’t last long but I don’t want to keep a size XL belt around forever anyway.

Aaaand these are Report flats.

Til next week, happy dressing!

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  1. Love it! I always look forward to Tuesday now 🙂 Mondays and Wednesdays looks are my favorite! I love Maxi dresses! I bought one recently and wear it all the time, with hopes that one day down the line when I’m preggers, I can still wear it =)

  2. My belly looks EXACTLY like yours in the Monday shot. I was always expecting a uniformly round bump, and instead I got the little ledge plus the torpedo below.

    • Haha, I know me too! My midwife said something about it, like it’s a bit of your ab muscles sticking out or something, but I can’t exactly remember.

      • That makes sense – I always had really bumpy abs (I would call it a 6-pack if they were actually defined). It looks like they’ve just been shoved upwards.

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