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Tie Tuesday

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In keeping with my recent love of long dresses, I took this one out again which is probably my favorite long dress. If I could wear this one to the hospital I would be one happy lady! It’s a little flowy and it makes me feel both pretty and a little maternal at the same time. Perfect for early labor, right? Assuming it still fits in nine weeks!

I put on this black Old Navy cardigan too because this dress doesn’t have any shoulder coverage and uncovered shoulders in the office make me squeamish. Sure, it’s a casual environment but not that casual (that doesn’t stop some people from wearing bedroom slippers and pajama bottoms though!).

I have some black sandals on somewhere under here (well, they’re on my feet, but you know what I mean). I’m so glad the weather is getting warmer!

I also wore my new silver “everyday” necklace that I got a couple weeks ago. It really does go with everything!


One of the good things about maternity clothes shopping before pregnancy is the deals and clearance finds. However, once pregnancy “is on” the “pregnancy brain” can kick in and some of those deals will be forgotten.

I may have sort of, a little bit, forgotten about this knit skirt. I got it from Forever 21’s Love 21 maternity line (before they liquidated that line) for, I don’t know, less than $10 probably. It’s very no-frills, but I like the fit way more than my Old Navy skirt which is much more flowy and makes me feel bigger. Plus this one can go over or under the bump and I like that a lot!

I also wore a Forever 21 blouse that I haven’t been able to wear since the first trimester or so! Yay for high-waisted skirts! Plus this white Forever bracelet and black Rocket Dog flats.

I don’t usually include my bag in these shots but I felt like this look needed a bit more color. I love this Big Buddha bag and I get so many compliments on it!


Speaking of pre-pregnancy clearance finds, this shirt was procured that way, a find at Old Navy for $5. It’s still a little big so I kind of have to fold the waistline a bit so I don’t look like I’m swimming in it, but I’m happy that it will last awhile longer!

I found these wooden bangles at Target recently; these particular three are orange, yellow and hot pink. I think the fact that they’re wood was the big attractor; they must remind me of all the wooden and colorful baby toys that I’ve been going for lately! Plus I’m way more of a cuff-style bracelet person than a bangle person, so I’m trying to branch out a bit with these. I bought a black one and purple one too!

I also recently picked up these yellow sandals. Mama needed a new pair of summer shoes! I think these are my “the shoes” of this summer. Which is great because I’ve had the same “the shoes” of summer for the past three years or so! (A pair of bronze T-strap flats.) I love all the bright colors of this outfit!


I felt like I hadn’t busted out a blazer in awhile, so I wore this grey one on Thursday (which actually isn’t the Banana Republic one I wanted to wear but it was early and I wasn’t paying attention, so I got this one from The Limited instead! I think the BR one fits slightly better and isn’t as wide on my shoulders, but whatever, it still works I guess). I also wore it because I refuse to wear my winter coat anymore and I was a little cold on Wednesday so…

Without this blazer, all I have on are $6 jeans from Forever (the Love 21 maternity line again) and Target tank tops! I love how a blazer classes-up an otherwise very casual look! (So casual that these tanks are the same ones I wore when Mr. Handsome helped me take pictures later that day for my yoga update post!)

I also wore my gray Report flats (another great find at $15!) and one of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces. I actually felt very proper in my pearls and blazer!


I love, love, love this navy cotton dress from Anthropologie. I’ve had it for almost six years and it’s been my go-to dress for weddings over the years. If you know about Anthropologie, you know they don’t have many inexpensive pieces, and this simple number was no exception, but they are quality clothes so you get your money’s worth for sure! And the fact that it’s stretching so I can still wear it is a huge bonus!

I don’t get to wear these pastel tweed heels too often. They’re so cute but they do seem like a bit of a contradiction to me: tweed is like a fall/winter fabric but pastels are decidedly spring. When does one wear these shoes then?! I choose the spring so they don’t get out much. I think I’ve had them for probably eight years or so? Most likely they’re the pair I’ve had the longest!

Finally, this big white ball necklace is from Forever 21 (I think, I’ve had it for a few years too!).

I’m excited because next weekend I get a haircut so this mulletiness should be curbed soon! One more week of shaggy hair before it gets cleaned up again. Whew!

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