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Tie Tuesday

Whoa! It’s the 20th Tie Tuesday post! Check this out to see where it all began…


The weather was so unbelievably nice this week! I got to bust out this pair of yellow sandals again. I think my feet are happier when they have some color on them!

This purple dress is from Old Navy. It’s technically a nursing dress, not a maternity dress, but it fits so I don’t really care! The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it has an odd twist-to-a-bow detail in the front that I don’t particularly care for – but I love the color so I bought the dress anyway! I just covered the weird part with this black wrap-style belt.

I do like the length on this dress, though. Most of my dresses are getting shorter and shorter (I must be getting taller right?!). So this slightly longer length is a welcome change.

Plus I’ll be able to wear it all summer and apparently have an easy time at nursing with it on because it’s got this faux cami thing that lifts up. Modest and stylish!



I recently purchased this maternity pencil skirt, as well as a pair of knee-length shorts both from the Gap (20% off sale!). I wonder if I’m crazy to buy any more maternity clothes with only two months left to go, but I know I’ll get a lot of uses out of these two pieces, heading into summer. It’s getting warm already and I only have so many dresses!

I’m already really liking this skirt anyway. It has pockets, what’s not to like! I just hope it fits for the next couple months. It is pretty form-fitting. Let’s hope my growing is confined to my belly and not my butt or hips!

This fuchsia shirt is from Old Navy, one of the clearance items I bought pre-pregnancy. It’s soft and nice but still super big – I have to roll up the bottom a bit so it doesn’t get all droopy.  I have another Old Navy shirt (or two) that is super big too so at least I know I’ll have something to wear all the way to the end!

I’m also wearing this long three-strand silver necklace from Forever (worn doubled up) and my black Rocket Dog flats.


This is another Old Navy maternity shirt. They really design their shirts to fit for awhile! This time I could just tuck it in to my jeans.

These are of course my black Forever 21 jeans that I purchased for $10 (I say of course because I’m pretty sure I mention the same things every time I wear these!). I don’t know what angel designed these jeans but the fact that they still fit me means they must have come from heaven, right?! I have maternity jeans that are tighter than these, it just doesn’t make sense! I suppose I’ll just accept it and move on.

These are my Rocket Dog flats again, my go-to staple shoes. I think I may have finally gotten all the muddy spring-ness off them too!

And this necklace was a clearance find from Target. I love cheap accessories. Have  I mentioned that before?




I’ve been loving wearing this jean jacket lately. It’s the perfect shoulder cover for some of my summer sundresses!

Apparently other KTFU ladies have been digging the jean jacket too, according to this brief article on The Scene Maternity & Style. Oh yeah, I’m so super trendy (ha!).

This Old Navy dress is not maternity but it is forgiving so it’s still working out okay. It’s getting short though! And the actual bust of this dress would not be anywhere near enough coverage for the girls right now, but with a pale pink tank it works out just fine I think. Doesn’t it look like it deserves pockets though? More dresses should have pockets, really; it makes them so much more functional!

These wedges are by Report. I like that they go with almost anything!




I finally got a haircut the day after I took this picture, so my mulletiness won’t be as severe any more! I still can’t decide if I’m growing my hair out or not, so for the time being I’m just cutting the inch or two of growth down my neck. It’s only been like six weeks since my last cut. It seems to have grown really fast! That or she just didn’t take enough off last time. I think I’ll go with the former, it makes me feel better. Hehe.

This purple tank is from Old Navy and it’s maternity. It’s also really long when I stretch it out which is great because it completely hides the maternity band on my Old Navy jeans. Yay!

These bright shoes are from Target, score, and the relatively-close-to-matching necklace is from Forever.

“See” you next week!

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