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Tie Tuesday

For more about Tie Tuesday, visit the prologue post.


Baby is getting bigger! It’s hard to believe we only have seven weeks until her arrival. And she and I have so much more growing to do!

This is a Forever 21 tunicish shirt; it isn’t maternity but it is so very long that it still fits the bump just fine. Long enough to cover the belly panel on these Old Navy maternity jeans, so it works for me!

I looked for something to add a little color to this outfit, I hate going all grey, but it was Monday morning after all so I just went with what matched instead of what “goes,” as Stacy and Clinton would say. I haven’t been watching too much WNTW lately – I suppose my evenings have been filled with reading more than TV, as I’m trying to catch up on my book reviews at the moment.

Anyway, I digress! In keeping with the grey theme, I wore these Report flats to match my tunic. I suppose I figured I’d match the grey weather that we had this week!


For Tie Tuesday I wore my Old Navy maternity pants with the “real waist.” I’m feeling less like my belly is really “beer belly”-looking when I tuck in my shirts so I’m more comfortable showing off the waist on these pants. Yay for real-looking pants making me feel a bit more normal!

This shirt is also from Old Navy – another one of my pre-pregnancy clearance finds I think. Some of the leaves on the shirt have silver sparkle things on them. Sparkles weird me out in the office a little bit BUT this shirt is kind of subtle and the work environment is casual so I go with it anyway.

This silver basket-weave bracelet looked like it would be a good accessory for this shirt. It’s a Forever bracelet and the silver is starting to wear off – I wonder if I can find a spray paint to make it look all new again? Or perhaps just let it age…

I also wore these black heels (I think they’re Rampage? I’m too lazy to go look at the box right now). I’m still wearing heels but I can’t wear them everyday or my feet will just hurt too much. Too much extra weight over my feet!


This maternity dress is from Old Navy. A good thing about these maternity dresses is that they are long enough! My non-maternity ones keep getting shorter as my belly gets bigger.

I just got this short sleeve blazer off Ebay. It is from Black House White Market, which I usually love, but it must be a bit old because the sleeves are longer than I’d typically go for and the shoulder pads are a bit more paddy than I’d like. Overall it isn’t too bad for an Ebay find, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it. I’m piling up the clothes to sell or give away after I no longer need them. Anyway…

I found this silver necklace in my forgotten jewelry stash. It’s actually really long but I just doubled up the chain so it would work with the neckline on this dress. I think it worked out rather well since this dress has kind of a leafy print going for it. Not so bad!

For some color I wore these hot pink flats from Target. Pay more attention to the shoes than my ankles – it’s been two weeks since I’ve been to the pool which has not helped the swelling that has started. Sad face!


I have to bend over a bit more now to be able to see my shoes! Luckily I can still put my shoes on by myself, though (of course most of my shoes are slip-on so I shouldn’t loose this ability… I hope).

This whole outfit isn’t maternity which made me pretty happy on Thursday! The shirt is another Forever 21 tunic that is really a shirt now. It originally had a belt attached to it but it hit in the middle of my belly so I cut it off. That belt got in the way normally anyway.

These jeans are also Forever (another $10 pair!). Magic Forever jeans that still fit. It’s probably a combination of the stretchy material and the low rise – whatever it is, it makes me happy. I do a little happy dance every time I put these on and I can zip them up AND they don’t cut into my skin. Joy!

The flats are again from Target. I like finding cute shoes when I’m supposed to be buying fabric softener and cereal.


Another cozy maxi dress to close out the week! This is from Old Navy – a lot of my maternity clothes are from Old Navy. That’s because they send me coupons and I’m a sucker for the deal. So I buy online and the stuff shows up at my house and Mr. Handsome just kind of shakes his head at me. I have a problem, I know. I just can’t seem to shake maternity or online shopping!

I still love my jean jacket – lately it’s hard to limit myself to wearing it only so often! I have so many strappy summer dresses and there’s this big crack down in the office about not wearing sleeveless stuff (let alone little straps!) so what’s a girl to do? Jean jacket it is.

The necklace is a triple chain that I doubled up from Forever. These shoes are once again from Target – I love their pop of color. I wish I had more but by the time I gave in to these the other colors they were offering were sold out. That’s probably a good thing, actually, as I am running out of room for shoes!

Have a great week readers!

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  1. Love your Wednesday outfit! Its perfect 🙂


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