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I Think I Have a Problem, Part 2

Back in mid-second tri, I had admitted my addiction to buying maternity clothes. I kept buying maternity clothes since then but have slowed WAY down in the past couple months. I did buy a pair of shorts and a skirt a couple weeks ago, but I remind myself that I only have a few weeks left to go so there’s really no point in buying anything else now… unless I can wear it after pregnancy too!

My addictions don’t really go away, they just get transferred to something else. For example, I used to bite my nails real, real bad. I don’t bite anymore but I am seriously addicted to nail polish and painting my nails. I probably own two dozen colors, no joke. I paint my nails almost every Sunday (I say almost because I have totally slacked in the last month, but before that I hadn’t missed a week in almost a year).

Now that I’m not buying maternity clothes, my addiction has transferred to the benefit of my daughter-to-be: she is super duper well-stocked with cloth diapers.

I’ve talked a little bit about my desire to cloth diaper this baby. I’ve read a great book (Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels) and attended a class at a local boutique. I subscribe to some cloth diaper blogs and follow feeds on Facebook. I have absorbed myself in the cloth diaper culture.

Early in this pregnancy, I told myself that I would only buy a couple diapers, see what works for us, and THEN stock up on our favorite brands and styles. Well, that plan quickly went out the window as my addiction to the fluff grew and grew.

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My AIO and pocket stash – some diapers were free so I do have doubles of the zoo animals and the yellow one. I got the flame wet bag for Mr. Handsome when he’s out on the town with Baby2.

First I was buying All-In-Ones (AIOs) and pocket diapers because they are the most similar to disposables. I think in the long run these will be great for us – Mr. Handsome stays home during the day so I want something quick and easy for him. Not because he couldn’t handle anything more complicated but because he has enough going on during the day – one less step in diapering is the least I can do for him. I’m already making him use cloth wipes as well so I don’t want to add any more complications!

The AIOs and pockets that I’ve gotten are pretty much all one-size diapers, meaning they have lots of rows of snaps so they can grow with your baby (most fit from approximately 10 to 35 pounds!). But they’re HUGE and super fluffy even when snapped to the smallest setting. I want to cloth diaper right from the get-go, mostly because we have a very limited capacity for garbage in our current living arrangement. These one-sizers aren’t going to fit a 7-ish pound newborn (Kiddo1 was 7 pounds 2 ounces at birth, so I anticipate something similar even though I know I could be WAY off).

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My covers and newborn stash (including a free newborn pocket I got with my last order! Who cares if it’s brown!), including snappis and a few cloth wipes. The prefolds aren’t pictured.

What’s a mama to do? Well, I chose to buy more diapers, of course! I’ve heard prefolds are a great way to go for newborns, so I got me 12 unbleached cotton prefolds, 2 hemp prefolds (for heavy wetting) a three pack of snappis to secure the prefolds and four newborn/small size covers (plus four more one-size covers!). I’m even thinking about taking these to the hospital with us so Baby2 is cloth diapered from the get-go.

So that’s my latest addiction. Hi. My blog name is Mother Mary. And I am addicted to cloth diapers. And my baby isn’t even born yet!

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  1. I was just at my cloth diaper store today and they have a new kind of prefold fastener called the Boingo – I haven’t tried them yet but you might want to check them out. You use a pair and they pull the legs tight, whereas the Snappi just kind of fastens the waist and can leave gapping at the legs. I will definitely pick some up if I continue with prefolds…


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