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Baby Gear Obsessions: Eating

Welcome to the second post in a series about my baby gear obsessions. The last post covered transportation gear: car seat, wraps/carriers, diaper bags and bike accessories. The next post will cover home items include our top crib choices, changing table, diaper stuff, bouncy seats, and play accessories like mats.

This one is all about eating, because that takes up a good portion of a new baby’s time and, even if you’re breastfeeding, there’s a surprising amount of gear associated with the task! Breast pumps, bottles, support pillows and high chairs will be covered here.

Disclaimer: I haven’t purchased/used all of these products so these posts are not reviews but rather an overview of research I’ve done.

Breast Pumps

Ah, breast pumps. The Holy Grail of working mothers (and SAHMs who need a break sometimes!) is a good, reliable, comfortable and quick breast pump. I’ve done the most research about this product than I have any other baby item I think. A close second would probably be the wraps for all the babywearing I have planned. I digress…

I started doing my research way back in the early second trimester after I had a weird dream about my baby’s birth, memory lapses, loss of time and pumping (it was a weird dream). But it prompted me to research pumps, including Avent, Medela and Lansinoh. Check out that post if you want the full run-down, but for this post I’ll just focus on the one I’ve picked (and have purchased already, just not used so again, this is not a review).

What’s important to me in a breast pump? To reiterate the dream post:

  • It must be fast, a double-pump is required.
  • It must be electric and preferably has a battery-operated option (I can only plug-in if I walk all the way over to the “quiet room” at work).
  • It must be relatively compact so that I can lug it back and forth to work each day.
  • It must be comfortable.
  • It should be quiet. Everyone (well, all the ladies in the bathroom) will know that I’m pumping and I’m cool with that, but I would still like to keep the noise to a minimum.
  • And adding from the last post, it should be easy to take apart and clean.

I’ve chosen the Avent Isis Double Electric pump.


  • I used the single-pump manual option with my first round of breastfeeding (for Kiddo1). We didn’t have enough money for an electric version, but the Avent was still awesome. It was fast (even for a manual pump), compact, comfortable and easy to take apart to clean.
  • As far as the double electric option is concerned, it is apparently lightening fast – reviewers consistently state they’ve been able to pump 5-6 oz in 10 minutes from one breast. One breast! In 10 minutes! That means I can get up to 12 ounces in one pumping session which is approximately two feedings for a four-month-old baby.
  • Powerful (one reviewer favorably compared it to a hospital-grade pump). And it’s got to be to get that much volume right?!
  • It comes in a nice black shoulder bag that doubles as a cooler. It’s discrete and not too huge. It’d probably fit in my large Big Buddha bag just fine.
  • Customizable pace with memory and speed controls right on the neck of the pump: this is super cool because you set the pace manually for the first session and the pump remembers that pace for future sessions. So you can go slow at first to encourage let-down and then speed up once things are flowing (literally). And you can change the rhythm any time you want to. And the machine will remember again! Genius!
  • Quiet: people say it is a quiet electric pump, which is great. I imagine I’ll be using the dedicated room for pumping at work most often so quiet isn’t a huge issue anymore, however some discretion is still preferred.
  • Pump right into the same bottles you can use for feeding (although I’m interested in trying glass bottles this time, see below).
  • Like I said above, the manual option was quick and easy to clean. The electric option looks almost exactly like I remember but with the added suction tubes and motor. The suction tubes have this anti-back-fill feature or something so they don’t get milk in them and therefore don’t have to be cleaned. Easy peasy.

I’m very excited to start using this pump. It will be such an upgrade from what I had last time!

PhotobucketOne more thing about pumping… I found this little device on Amazon and I’m hoping beyond hope that it lives up to its promises. That’s right, it’s a bra with holes for your pump so that you can pump hands-free! That takes electric pumping to the next level right?!

You just strap it on – there’s a zipper closure in the front – stick the pumps in the convenient little holes there, turn your machine on and then get your Angry Birds on! (Or whatever it is that you’d rather be doing than sitting there holding your pumps in place which you try to somehow distract your mind from the boredom.) I think it’s genius. It had better work!


If you’re going to pump breastmilk then you’ve got to have a way to feed it to the baby, so everyone needs bottles even if they’re breastfeeding. I’m quite interested in these glass bottles by Kinetic, for a few reasons:


  • We’re trying to eliminate the plastic food storage at our house and go all glass. We’ve gotten to an almost 100% switch so why would I start bring in plastic now?
  • These particular bottles have a wide neck which makes them easier to clean. There are glass bottles that look more like standard baby bottles but we wouldn’t be able to fit our scrub brush in them. Since we don’t have a dishwasher we need bottles that are easy to clean!
  • These look a lot like the Avent bottles. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that these might even be compatible with the Avent breastpump so I can pump and store right into the glass. However, if that doesn’t work out I can still just put the milk in the bottles when I’m done pumping. Then I won’t need to use so many plastic bags!
  • What would be really cool is if I could use the glass mason jars that I have instead of bottles! But I suppose these would be the next best thing!

Support Pillow

I don’t have so many requirements for a support pillow. It’s a pillow, how hard can it be, right? Last time we used a Boppy Pillow. I know there are a whole lot more options out there for pillows now (including some that have pockets, but I’m not sure what you’d keep in there). I still like the Boppy because we could use it for more than just breastfeeding support for my arms. It was helpful for assisting Kiddo1 when he was learning to sit up. It’s good for tummy time too! And we took each monthly photo with Kiddo1 sitting in the pillow so we had something to compare his growth too. It worked out pretty well!

I thought for sure we had kept our old Boppy around but Mr. Handsome doesn’t think so. I can’t find it anywhere so I suppose I’ll get another one! This time I’m making a removable cover for it so I can clean it up. I never had any problems with it getting too dirty last time but you never know!

High Chairs

I like a chair that can be pulled up to the table so that baby can be close to the family during meals. We had a regular “stand-alone” high chair for Kiddo1 and has always felt so far away. Plus I think it’s more difficult to turn around and help them out. You could always pull the chair up to the table but then the tray sometimes gets in the way, maybe it doesn’t adjust to the right height, blah, blah, blah. I think the following two options are better in that they facilitate family dinner time with all members of the family, no matter how small. A high chair also has to be:

  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Good-looking
  • Economical

The Platinum: Stokke Chair

PhotobucketHonestly, I wish I could get one of these for every member of my family. Seriously! Look at how they work: the horizontal piece for the seat can move to any height using the cool slots on the inside of the “Z” pieces, making it fully adjustable and customizable. Mr. Handsome can have a low seat, Kiddo1’s medium and Baby2 can have a nice high seat so we’re all looking at each other at about the same height. Genius!


  • The chair has an attachment (sold separately) so baby can get all strapped in and safe. Of course baby needs to be able to sit up, but this milestone usually coordinates nicely with the introduction of solids, so no worries there.
  • See above versatility – this chair literally grows with you!
  • Okay so it’s all wood which accounts for the optional seat pad, but the back is curved so reviews say it is pretty comfortable. And it’s not like it’s a lounge chair or anything. Dinner only lasts so long!
  • I love modern furniture so this is a great looking chair in my book!
  • All this awesomeness aside, these chairs aren’t cheap. They run $200 each on the low end, so getting one for each member of my family probably isn’t going to happen at this time. We could get one now and one every, I don’t know, year or so until we have four. That’s quite a commitment to chairs, though.

The Basic: Fisher-Price Table Time Turtle Booster

  • Reviews describe it as safe because it has non-slip rubber on the bottom and straps on to the chair securely plus there’s a harness to strap the little one into the booster itself. I wonder if a baby just starting out on solids (six months or so) could handle such a minimalist seat, but we can always see how it goes.
  • It could be used for any table activity, such as a game or art project, because it can be pulled right up to the table.
  • It doesn’t look like the most comfortable seat in the world since it’s made of hard plastic, but reviews say it’s a snap to clean, just wipe it down. Plus the same could be said of this chair as the Stokke: you don’t spend a whole lot of time at the dinner table! At least not in one sitting.
  • I think the little turtle is adorable and what child wouldn’t like it? One who doesn’t like turtles I suppose… Sure it isn’t the most grown-up thing in the kitchen but it’s little so it can be put away if needed.
  • It costs less than $15. Nuff said I think!

The only problem with this option is that we don’t really have kitchen chairs. We use stools because they’re stackable, lightweight and they won’t break. We used to have real chairs, but they were clearance from IKEA and they broke. All three of them (no, actually two of them broke, while we were sitting in them, so the third is condemned to the basement because we’re too frugal to actually get rid of it. “Oh I’m sure we can use it for something!” I’m not really sure why we think this).

So in order to make this option work we’d need to buy real chairs. Which does make “The Platinum” option more feasible. We’ll see!

Whew! All that just for eating?! Next post will be about Home gear. I think that actually might be a two-part post… Stay tuned!

Tie Tuesday

Here’s more information about Tie Tuesday if you need it!


In keeping with my recent love of long dresses, I took this one out again which is probably my favorite long dress. If I could wear this one to the hospital I would be one happy lady! It’s a little flowy and it makes me feel both pretty and a little maternal at the same time. Perfect for early labor, right? Assuming it still fits in nine weeks!

I put on this black Old Navy cardigan too because this dress doesn’t have any shoulder coverage and uncovered shoulders in the office make me squeamish. Sure, it’s a casual environment but not that casual (that doesn’t stop some people from wearing bedroom slippers and pajama bottoms though!).

I have some black sandals on somewhere under here (well, they’re on my feet, but you know what I mean). I’m so glad the weather is getting warmer!

I also wore my new silver “everyday” necklace that I got a couple weeks ago. It really does go with everything!


One of the good things about maternity clothes shopping before pregnancy is the deals and clearance finds. However, once pregnancy “is on” the “pregnancy brain” can kick in and some of those deals will be forgotten.

I may have sort of, a little bit, forgotten about this knit skirt. I got it from Forever 21’s Love 21 maternity line (before they liquidated that line) for, I don’t know, less than $10 probably. It’s very no-frills, but I like the fit way more than my Old Navy skirt which is much more flowy and makes me feel bigger. Plus this one can go over or under the bump and I like that a lot!

I also wore a Forever 21 blouse that I haven’t been able to wear since the first trimester or so! Yay for high-waisted skirts! Plus this white Forever bracelet and black Rocket Dog flats.

I don’t usually include my bag in these shots but I felt like this look needed a bit more color. I love this Big Buddha bag and I get so many compliments on it!


Speaking of pre-pregnancy clearance finds, this shirt was procured that way, a find at Old Navy for $5. It’s still a little big so I kind of have to fold the waistline a bit so I don’t look like I’m swimming in it, but I’m happy that it will last awhile longer!

I found these wooden bangles at Target recently; these particular three are orange, yellow and hot pink. I think the fact that they’re wood was the big attractor; they must remind me of all the wooden and colorful baby toys that I’ve been going for lately! Plus I’m way more of a cuff-style bracelet person than a bangle person, so I’m trying to branch out a bit with these. I bought a black one and purple one too!

I also recently picked up these yellow sandals. Mama needed a new pair of summer shoes! I think these are my “the shoes” of this summer. Which is great because I’ve had the same “the shoes” of summer for the past three years or so! (A pair of bronze T-strap flats.) I love all the bright colors of this outfit!


I felt like I hadn’t busted out a blazer in awhile, so I wore this grey one on Thursday (which actually isn’t the Banana Republic one I wanted to wear but it was early and I wasn’t paying attention, so I got this one from The Limited instead! I think the BR one fits slightly better and isn’t as wide on my shoulders, but whatever, it still works I guess). I also wore it because I refuse to wear my winter coat anymore and I was a little cold on Wednesday so…

Without this blazer, all I have on are $6 jeans from Forever (the Love 21 maternity line again) and Target tank tops! I love how a blazer classes-up an otherwise very casual look! (So casual that these tanks are the same ones I wore when Mr. Handsome helped me take pictures later that day for my yoga update post!)

I also wore my gray Report flats (another great find at $15!) and one of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces. I actually felt very proper in my pearls and blazer!


I love, love, love this navy cotton dress from Anthropologie. I’ve had it for almost six years and it’s been my go-to dress for weddings over the years. If you know about Anthropologie, you know they don’t have many inexpensive pieces, and this simple number was no exception, but they are quality clothes so you get your money’s worth for sure! And the fact that it’s stretching so I can still wear it is a huge bonus!

I don’t get to wear these pastel tweed heels too often. They’re so cute but they do seem like a bit of a contradiction to me: tweed is like a fall/winter fabric but pastels are decidedly spring. When does one wear these shoes then?! I choose the spring so they don’t get out much. I think I’ve had them for probably eight years or so? Most likely they’re the pair I’ve had the longest!

Finally, this big white ball necklace is from Forever 21 (I think, I’ve had it for a few years too!).

I’m excited because next weekend I get a haircut so this mulletiness should be curbed soon! One more week of shaggy hair before it gets cleaned up again. Whew!

Book Review: Natural Hospital Birth

PhotobucketThis book was recommended to me by a member of my Moms Group. When I heard the title I knew I had to read it, as I am planning a natural hospital birth myself.

I was a little afraid the book would make me start to feel really combative about how we would have to deal with the hospital in order to get our natural birth. Over the last few weeks, I have identified that my biggest fear about birth isn’t that I can’t do it, it’s that hospital staff will somehow mess it up for me by not following my wishes.

Much to my surprise, though, this book doesn’t encourage confrontation with staff. Ms. Gabriel emphasizes a calm but firm approach, one that allows the staff to see your confidence in and commitment to natural birth.

One of her biggest strategies for avoiding interventions is using the phrase, “I think we’ll wait an hour.” It isn’t rejecting the staff’s ideas or being combative, rather it’s a keen delay mechanism that often allows time for whatever they feel needs resolution to resolve itself. For example, if the staff is pushing Pitocin because of an inactive labor, one hour could be all you need to really get in the groove of things. And if one hour doesn’t work, ask for another. Staff may try to guilt-trip you into seeing things their way, but hold your ground and they’ll see your commitment to natural birth.

One of the great things about this book is the assistance in writing one’s birth plan. I had no idea that birth plans can be controversial: apparently some practitioners discourage them because they don’t want their patients to get “too attached” to a specific plan. Ms. Gabriel is a big advocate of plans, though, as long as you understand that plans change and you keep your “hospital version” short and sweet.

Ms. Gabriel recommends three versions of your plan: a dream version, a realistic version and a hospital version. The hospital version should basically say, “I want the most natural birth possible.” I’ve been inspired to finally start to writing down elements of my ideal plan and get working with Mr. Handsome, too, to make sure we’re on the same page.

Plus, I’m asking Mr. Handsome to read this book, too. It’s great that I have all the information about obtaining a natural birth in a hospital, but there’s only so much I’ll be able to do during “the throws” of labor. Mr. Handsome is my advocate so he not only needs to live and breathe our birth plan as much as me (maybe even more so!) but he needs to know the strategies presented in this book in order to get what we want out of this birth. Poor guy, his prescribed reading list is getting longer and longer!

I’m not as nervous about the hospital staff failing me after reading this book. I think there are things we need to do to prepare ourselves for trying to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting. I have confidence in myself and in Mr. Handsome that we can convey our commitment to natural birth and have things the way we want them. I know circumstances can change and some things are just out of our control, but I feel like we will have a handle on ensuring that we have the most natural (and enjoyable!) birth possible.

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day AND it’s exactly two months until the date Baby2 is expected to arrive! Dual causes for celebration!

Here are some images of my Mother’s Day weekend, which doesn’t even include the awesome date night and morning Farmers Market visit with Mr. Handsome (okay, well the crepe is at the market) and Kiddo1’s final soccer game of the season. With those omissions in mind, enjoy!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

A crepe from the Farmers Market with eggs, bacon and greens. Mmm…

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Flowers from the market.

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The wrappings of Kiddo1’s present.

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He decorated a pot and grew a plant for me! (But he forgot what it is! Any ideas?)

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Flowers and strawberries that I sent to my mommy.

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Spinach linguine from the market, made into pasta bianca for my lunch!

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Mr. Handsome’s offerings: chocolate, a magazine and a Starbucks card so I can feed my hot chocolate addiction.


Prenatal Yoga Update (Spoiler: I Still Love It!)

Early in my second trimester, I discovered the awesomeness of prenatal yoga. I had been an occasional practicer for a few years and I knew there were lots of benefits so I really wanted it to become a regular part of my pregnancy fitness routine.

Since then, I’ve kept pretty regular with my practice. When I first started out I was doing four 45-minute sessions a week (I was motivated!), now it’s more like two or three 30- or 45-minutes sessions (my DVD includes routines that are 15-, 30-, 45- and 75-minutes) but I’m still getting it in as much as possible (I’m trying to do more cardio like water aerobics and my elliptical machine plus some walking outside now that the weather is a-maz-ing).

I’m still loving yoga, and still for all the reasons I mentioned back when I started prenatal yoga using the Jennifer Wolfe Prenantal Vinyasa Yoga DVD: Photobucketit relaxes me while helping me to focus, it gives me a good active stretch and strengthens my core while being low-impact and it makes me feel fluid and graceful while generally making me feel good!

I think I’ve improved my flexibility a lot in the past 14 weeks. My downward dog feels so much more natural. I can push my heels to the floor on the first or second attempt at the pose during a session (before it would take me almost to the end of the session to get my heels on the floor!). I can get my chest a lot closer to my knees, too. I do have to space out my heels a little bit more so my belly has some more room though!

PhotobucketSpeaking of flexibility, I can almost get my nose to the floor when I do this sort of half wide-angle pose. My right side is a bit better than my left, but progress is progress! I can touch my toes now too! I could do that no problem when I was taking ballet last year, but I took a break in the fall and then didn’t feel like going back while pregnant (I’m excited to go back in the fall though!) so I’ve gained back some of that lost flexibility!

Besides moving my feet apart more when I do the downward dog, I’ve noticed some other things changing as I grow. Keeping my balance requires a bit more focus. The tree pose is one of my favorites so I will give it all my concentration so that I’m able to hold the pose, raise and lower my arms and not fall down. It’s difficult for me to do big sweeping movements too, especially something like raising my arms into a warrior pose from a deep lunge. One of the recommended modifications is to put your back knee down, raise your arms and then lunge forward on the exhale, so I’ve been doing that a lot (even though it feels like cheating a little bit).

Jennifer Wolfe calls out similar kinds of modifications for each trimester during the session. Since I’m just barely in the third trimester (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself) I try to only do the second trimester modifications, but sometimes I have to cave to the third-tri cheats adjustments. In a pose like the goddess squat, Jennifer sometimes asks you to rise up onto your toes. I love doing this because I feel like it’s good strengthening for ballet, but I get leg cramps so easily now that I can hardly point my toes at all!¬† So I don’t attempt it anymore. Sad face.

A lot of the books I’ve read include a lot of support for prenatal yoga, and some like Choosing Waterbirth and Active Birth actually have whole chapters devoted to explaining poses. I’m loving that yoga not only makes me feel good during pregnancy but can strengthen me up and give me stamina for the birth, give me a good exercise routine for slowly getting moving again postpartum and help me recover faster because I’m all in shape and stuff! Yay extra bonuses!

Finally, I leave you with another one of my favorites, pigeon, in which I can get my nose on the floor now! On both sides! I’m going to be more constrained by my belly than my flexibility pretty soon!


Friday Update: Week 31

PhotobucketThis week baby is about 16 inches long which is about the length of a typical Milton Bradley (now Hasbro) board game box, like Sorry, Clue or Battleship. Kiddo1 has quite the game collection, built up over many years of me asking our families for toys that don’t have batteries.

Indigestion is still quite a battle this week, but only if I struggle to control myself! As long as I eat small meals I’m okay, but that’s so much harder than it sounds! I’m so hungry! And when the food tastes so good (as most foods are) I just want to eat the whole thing! Plus seconds! Also, eating small meals means I need to eat more often which is good and bad. Good because I get to eat (that’s always good!) but bad because I have to have food with me pretty much all the time because I never know when my stomach will cry for more.

On Monday, the hunger struck while I was leaving work which was most unfortunate because I had to pick up my son and then probably run some errands or something, I don’t remember because all I could think about was the hunger! We arrived home and I quickly scarfed down some cottage cheese and carrots but I still ended up having odd indigestion-like feelings and had to lie down on the sofa for awhile. WTF? How can I feel all indigestion-y if I haven’t eaten anything?!

On Wednesday I had it down, though. I ate my lunch in thirds at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30. That way when I left at 4:15 I could make it to pick up Kiddo1 and get all the way home. Then I had to have a snack when we got home and had to eat an early dinner. And some more snacking. If I have to start getting up in the middle of the night I’m going to freak out!

One bad thing about all this indigestion (or reverse indigestion?) that actually leads to good discoveries is all the Braxton Hicks contractions that the discomfort brings on. I had been lying down on my side and breathing through them, which does help a little. But on Monday I decided to kneel on the living room floor instead, with my head up on the sofa seat. To my surprise that worked a whole lot better! A few minutes of that position and the contractions were pretty much gone. Maybe all that stuff I learned from Active Birth is sinking in. Hmmm…

Anyway, let’s go through the weekly wrap-up, shall we?

  • Total weight gain: There’s got to be something wrong with my bathroom scale. It says that I’ve actually lost a pound this week. That can’t be true right? Normally I’d be all like, yay! but one is supposed to gain during pregnancy right? Well, I’m calling it even at 24 pounds gained rather than take a pound away. Baby2 gained half a pound this week!
  • Cravings: I suppose salads, I’ve had five or six this week. Good ones with spinach and other dark greens. I’ve tried to be really good about my carbs lately but I have had some moments of weakness. I can’t help myself!
  • Coolest symptom: This week I had the first experience of “escapism” kicks for this pregnancy. These are the kicks during which a body part protrudes slightly from my belly. I’m not sure what it was, a butt maybe, but something round was sticking out my right side and it was weird and funny. I love these kinds of kicks. I just gave her a little pat and a rub and gently pushed her back a bit. She moved around like crazy for awhile! I hope she isn’t running out of room already!
  • Lamest symptom: When I sit down, my boobs sit on my belly. I’ve got a little boob shelf going on. Also, it’s interesting that when I pass women who I don’t know, they stare at my belly. When I pass men they stare at my boobs (regardless of whether or not they know me). Yes, I am growing people, but I still have a face!
  • Exercise this week (the goal is 210 minutes): 215 minutes! I’m super proud of myself because I also fought a cold this week. I think the working out (combined with the six or seven cups of lemon tea for a couple days!) helped me get over the cold quickly. Also, I did a much better job at getting an even split between cardio and yoga (110 of cardio with water aerobics, biking and the elliptical; 105 of yoga) but I still need to work on getting in exercise on the weekends and I’ve neglected to do my arm routine all week. You win some, you lose some I guess.

Baby2, what’s new with you? Here’s an update, courtesy

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He or she weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. Your baby can turn his or her head from side to side, and his or her arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath the skin. Your little one’s kicks and somersaults may be keeping you up at night. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

Tie Tuesday

Learn why it’s called Tie Tuesday, if you want!


It is a baby or a little torpedo in there?! I’m not so sure… Actually, I don’t think torpedos move on their own so I’m pretty sure I’m carrying a baby. And the ultrasound photos are pretty solid.

Anyway… Monday was kind of cold and I had the feeling it’d be one of our last days of wintery-weather (I was wrong: it rained almost all week) so I cozied it up with this ruched tee and boots. Mmmm so cozy!

This green soft shirt is a clearance find from Old Navy. It is soft (did I mention that?) and the ruching gives it lots of room to grow. I doubt I’ll need its warmth much in the next two months, but it IS nice to know it’s there!

These jeans are also very comfy and the fact that they were $6 from Forever 21 makes them even more awesome.

My Doc Martins stayed consistent with the comfort factor. It’s like I went to work in my pajamas on Monday, I swear!

The necklace that you can’t really see is from Target, the bronze one that I wear fairly often.


That’s right, I suited up for Tie Tuesday this week! I was excited to discover that the fabric of my Old Navy maternity pants is quite similar to my Banana Republic blazer (they are from the same company, after all).

I think it is difficult to find professional maternity clothes, which accounts for part of my excitement (the other part is just the joy of discovery!). Luckily I work in a casual office environment, but it has only been that way for just short of a year – I had really awesome timing.

Anyway, this shirt is another Forever 21 find. Apparently I was buying a lot of their longer shirts at one point, which is great now because they’re some of the few non-maternity shirts that will still work for me. I welcome anything that helps to extend my maternity wardrobe!

And these black heels are by Rampage I believe, and I should not wear them any longer than absolutely necessary because my poor feet are getting less and less tolerant of some of my footwear choices. Suck it up, feet!


I’m a super-duper fan of the long (aka maxi) dress lately. I am not a fan of the term maxi dress as I feel it is too similar to term that designates feminine hygiene products. But I digress.

So long dresses. What’s not to like?! They’re one piece to think about, they cover my white legs and what-I’m-pretty-sure-are-becoming-swollen ankles and the just feel all flowy and summery. They’re good times!

This one is from Old Navy. I think it will work all the way til July and maybe even after if I’m lucky.

This time I wore it with my black Rocket Dog flats, which you can barely see under all the long flowyness! That’s a bonus – if I can’t see my feet then you shouldn’t either right?!

Plus I added a gray pearl necklace that belonged to my grandmother. For that classy touch.


It rained on Thursday, but I didn’t care! I’m really into the loose garments lately (can you tell?!) and this green dress was just calling my name. Plus, I’m not too cold out and about lately. That probably has something to do with being a human incubator…

Anyway, this number is from Target. Yes, it is getting a little too short for the office and will probably have to be a “tunic” from here on out, but whatever. I’m going with it for now.

The belt is from Forever 21 (it was like $6!) and while it might not completely “go” with the ensemble (I’m not so sure!) I like this dress better belted than not. So there.

Pink seems to be my thing lately, even though I’m not really all that in to pink at all, but I’m going with it I guess. So my Forever 21 necklace is bright pink and so are my Target flats.

And my legs are bright white but at least the sun wasn’t out reflecting them all over the place, right?!


I went a little “menswear chic” on Friday. That’s still a style right? I’m so behind the times lately. But I saw this¬† pinstripe vest hanging all lonely in my closet and I thought, I can do something with you poor little vest. Come with me to work today.

The vest is, of course, from Forever 21 and of course it isn’t maternity so perhaps it looks a little small. I did a little “fat guy in a little coat” song for Mr. Handsome.

Also from Forever are the jeans ($10! non-maternity!) and the three-strand silver chain necklace. The other long necklace with black wooden beads is from, you guessed it, Target. It’s one or the other when it comes to most of my accessories, isn’t it? The black belt is also from Target, because their belts are cheap and, no, they don’t last long but I don’t want to keep a size XL belt around forever anyway.

Aaaand these are Report flats.

Til next week, happy dressing!