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Tie Tuesday


Monday was, of course, Memorial Day, so I got to wear something that I wouldn’t be able to wear to work. I’ve been waiting to wear this outfit for awhile actually! And it was finally warm enough on Monday.

This tank (from Old Navy) was another pre-pregnancy find. I thought it was nice enough, no big deal really. But then when I found the bronze necklace I’m wearing at Target I got really excited because it matches perfectly with the bronze circles that randomly dot this tank. PLUS I’ve had these bronze t-strap flat sandals forever so put them all together and I’m super bronzed and happy! (I got the sandals for university graduation in 2008. When you live in Arizona you can wear minimalist sandals for any occasion.)

The only problem with this tank is that it is already getting a little too small! And I purchase it for these last couple months especially (because I knew it would get warm eventually). So I’m wearing it with non-maternity Forever 21 jeans because for some reason I feel okay about bare belly peaking out but I will not show my maternity band. That’s just how I roll.


With the holiday, Tie Tuesday totally snuck up on me this week! How does that happen? It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. Anyway…

I love this skirt that I got a couple weeks ago. Since I purchased it with only a couple maternity months left I’m trying to make the most of it. This time I wore it with a simple white tee (that is also getting to be too small already!) and dressed it up with a bunch of pearls and springy heels.

I know I’ve said before, but these pearls belonged to my grandmother and I am very happy to have them in my¬†possession. I love to layer them up together. The pink one is a lot longer than the others so I put a knot in it (I’m so OCD about those things!). I think it gives it some interest too.

These Steve Madden tweed heels are becoming pretty useful this spring! Normally I struggle finding ways to wear them but I’m loving putting them with pearls lately. Makes me feel kind of like a hip old lady. Hehe.


Heels two days in a row! What was I thinking? I know, I was thinking that I like to wear heels. And wedges don’t really count, do they? I mean, they’re so much more supportive. My feet didn’t complain too much; I suppose that’s all that matters.

This navy dress is a non-maternity piece that has morphed into a tunic. I bought it early in this pregnancy because I thought it was fairly flowy and would work as a dress for awhile, but it didn’t last much after the first trimester before it had to become a tunic! But hey, I can still wear it, period, so I’m not complaining!

This time I belted it with this Old Navy D-ring belt that I’ve had for so long I don’t remember when I got it, just that it is from Old Navy. I keep thinking that maybe it’s from high school but that can’t be right. Can it? This one is pink and navy striped and I have another that is green and navy striped. Sometimes people think they’re neckties, but they aren’t.

These jeans are also from Old Navy. No worries about my maternity band showing with this tunic!


I’m getting to the point that I can’t even begin to button my blazers anymore, but I can still wear them! This is my absolute favorite blazer from Banana Republic. I think I have pants that match it but I feel like I haven’t seen them in so long, maybe they don’t really exist! I’m sure they’re buried deep in the “box of unfittables” that is stashed in the basement.

I wore this blazer with a white maternity tank from Forever (and I’m pretty sure you can see my belly button through it if I wasn’t standing at an angle, eek!) and non-maternity jeans from Forever. I love these jeans, I’ve said it before, but, alas, I think it’s about time to retire them. They still fit but they are starting to leave deep marks in my belly if I sit down for awhile. They are just getting to the slightly uncomfortable point. I could probably hang on to them for a couple more weeks but do I really want to? I do have other jeans.

I threw on this hot pink Forever necklace for a splash of color (and, obviously, this outfit needed a little more Forever 21 representation).


I would love this dress so much more if it didn’t just fall straight from my belly, making me look so much bigger! But I do love the rest of the cut and I love all the colors, so I’ll still take it!

This wrap dress from the Gap is decorated with two colors of pink, some light brown/nude colors, orange and probably some other colors too. So I wore some bright colored accessories (all from Target) with it this time – a hot pink tank and shoes plus these wood bangles in pink, orange and yellow.

Bright colors for a Friday! They wake me up on a slow work day.

More next week!

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