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Tie Tuesday

What’s Tie Tuesday all about? This post will tell you more.


I pulled out this dress-that’s-now-a-tunic that I bought from Urban Outfitters during my college days oh so long ago. I have never worn it so much in my life as I have these last few months of pregnancy! Funny how the things with extra room are getting so much use right now…

The flowy things look way better belted and with a very fitted bottom piece to balance things out. This poor black wrap-style belt from Old Navy is seriously suffering right now though. Not only am I giving it a lot of use but the space between my belly and boobs is quite limited. By the end of the day the poor belt is practically folded in half!

These leggings are from Old Navy, too. Boy do they come in handy. All my dresses-that-are-now-tunics need something underneath them, lest I flash all passerby.

And these, of course, are my most favoritest Rocket Dog flats.


It’s kind of nice when I start to feel like I’m running out of options for things to wear because it makes me dig back deep in my closet to find things. Then I discover outfits that I wouldn’t normally think of putting together!

This knit skirt is from Forever 21’s old maternity line (it was actually Love 21 but whatever). It’s very stretchy and I can wear it as high or low as I feel like on that particular day. On Tuesday I wore it a little high so this Forever 21 belt would still fit. It’ll creep up to wear it is in this picture anyway so why fight it?

Then I found a non-maternity white t-shirt which is of course way too short for a normal-waisted skirt but not a super high-waisted one! Thank goodness it works here because I really miss regular crew-neck shirts.

I love that these Report wedges match the belt almost perfectly (just a couple shades off!) AND I love that I’ve had them for at least four years and they’re still going strong. Yay long-lasting shoes!


I know I said these black jeans were on their way out because, time to face the music, they are starting to get a bit tight. Oh non-maternity jeans, I suppose it is time to finally bid you farewell. But I don’t wanna, so you get one more week.

Plus, this lightweight Gap sweater is still big so I’ve got to tuck it in to something! (Fortunately, I washed it in hot water this weekend and I believe it is now sized to fit. It’s stretchy too so I don’t think I shrank it out of productivity. I hope. Because it is a nice soft sweater and perfect for the “summer” weather we are currently having, which is like 20 degrees below normal temps for early June.)

I went with my Rocket Dog flats again because they are so versatile. This necklace was a clearance find at Target. Score! Target’s accessories are more expensive than Forever’s most of the time, so a clearance find evens it out a little bit, I think. Even this plain ol’ belt was the price of a few of Forever’s $6 belts. Each has its place though, I’m not complaining! I AM rambling though…


Ugh, Thursday. You know what bothers me about this picture? It’s that I do not feel as big as this picture makes me look. I feel like my regular self most of the time, except for when I’m sitting and slouching and my bellyboobs get all compressed.

This Old Navy dress is really soft and comfy and flowy but ugh this picture just bothers me. There’s nothing to balance the flowyness – the bottom half of the dress just kinda jets straight down from the largest part of me, making me look even bigger.

Perhaps it would look more slimming if I belted it under my belly, but since there’s a self-belt at the top I think two belted spots would just look weird. I don’t know…

I might be saving this one for days around the house only from this point forward. I like this dress a lot but I like pumping up my self esteem too.

I think it will work great after pregnancy is over though! I’ll have to experiment with the neckline a bit but it could be a good nursing dress. We’ll see what the future holds for it…


My hair is starting to get longer so I either have to pin it off my face or start styling some bangs! Doing yoga without getting hair all up in my way is becoming more of a challenge!

The Old Navy tank does make me feel a little big but the scarf-turned-belt kind of helps and the pockets allow me to draw it in when I walk so I don’t feel as self-conscious about it!

I wore Old Navy maternity jeans with it too. Once in elementary school I wore jeans under a dress because it was super cold (but I was super girly) and I got made fun of so bad for it! I thought of that a few times on Friday, but it didn’t stop me from wearing jeans with this tunic! Take that elementary school bullies!

Til next week!

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