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A Nursery Is Born!

After a few months of on-and-off labor, a nursery for Baby2 has been born! I’ve worked on little projects for this space when I have time in the evenings and on the weekends (which really isn’t too much free time now that I look back!). There were lots of little projects that led up to the completion, too.

Like I said in my last post about completed nursery projects, I know that Baby2 doesn’t really care what kind of space she sleeps in and gets changed in, as long as it’s safe and warm! But I didn’t get to do much nursery decorating when Kiddo1 was born so I guess I just wanted the experience of making a baby space this time. So I started with a couple simple projects and, knowing me, things quickly ballooned from there! I can say that I’m at a point where I’m comfortable stopping (except for maybe the mobile, below!) so it’s time to show off what I’ve been able to finish!

Our space is small, as the only room we’ve got right now is in Mr. Handsome’s and my room, but Baby2 would likely stay in our room for the first few months anyway. Perhaps this winter or next spring we’ll look at getting ourselves into a bigger place!

Photobucket Anyway, there are two bits of walls that Baby2 gets. On the changing table side, I first framed these two Degas posters back in late March during Spring Break. While that was only three months ago, it seems like ages!

I picked up the small lamp from a thrift store a month (?) or so ago; I cleaned it up and added a shade which I covered with red tissue paper (using Mod Podge, which is probably now my most favorite adhesive) to match the paper lanterns over the crib.

I finished the dresser over Memorial Day weekend, complete with pink drawer insides! The top right drawer is stuffed with cloth diaper prefolds (on their second round of washing prep, out of five rounds! More about that later). I finished the changing pad cover just a couple weeks ago – luckily I made two so Baby2 won’t feel guilty pooping on them (because, you know, I’m sure she’d care about that).

PhotobucketAlso, I hung up a little hook for a hanger so I can hang up her outfit of the day (well, the outfit she’ll be starting in, at least)! One of baby’s very first outfits is all hung up and ready to go! Well, I still have to wash them all, but I’ll get to that…

Speaking of clothes, how cute are all these?! I found tiny little hangers for them and made myself a small rod to fit in our IKEA bookshelves so I can display their cuteness.  Many thanks to the friends who have given us such adorable stuff! Baby girl clothes are so much fun to buy. It’s a good thing I can’t make up my mind about how the weather will be and what sizes to buy her because I would have WAY more clothes at this point than I do.

PhotobucketOn the other side of the room is Baby2’s sleeping space. The IKEA crib was outfitted with a crib skirt back during Spring Break. I got the fabric on Etsy and spent the next several months covering everything with it! Other than the crib skirt and the changing pads, I covered some throw pillows and a Boppy pillow with it too. There’s a small amount left over so we’ll see what gets covered next!

The Picasso poster was the very first nursery project I finished way back in early March (when I also got the inspiration to do a huge mobile!). It was also my first attempt at framing. I framed three more posters after that! I have a couple more I’d like to do someday, but they aren’t getting done anytime soon!

PhotobucketHere’s a baby’s-eye-view of the giant mobile! I’m still not completely finished with it, but I’m allowing myself to call it done for now. It has been way more work than it probably needed to me, mostly because I make things more complicated than they need to be!

These balls started way back during Spring Break, too! I finished the yellow one then. I’d like to make another small yellow one, but we’ll see how much I feel like doing that over the next few weeks… The purple one is small but so are the little bits of crumpled up tissue paper that are covering it. Making the ball covering takes so much time. I’m definitely not making another purple ball!

The red balls were super easy, just some cheap, white paper lanterns, red tissue paper, Mod Podge and a couple hours of gluing fun. The turquoise balls came as is.

PhotobucketHere were are as a family of three… and a half! Not too much longer and there will be a baby to occupy this little space.

Yesterday was also Kiddo1’s last day of third grade (yikes!). I always take the first and last days of school off from work, which is why I had the extra bit of time to get the final touches finished up. I’m pretty glad it’s at a point where I can call it finished!

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  1. So very cute! The color scheme is beautiful and I love the Picasso over the crib.

  2. Your family is so cute!

  3. Love your crib bedding, mobile and prints. Your little boy is super cute 😉


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