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Tie Tuesday


Last weekend I got a bit of a sunburn – I have a bright red nose for most of the week! I can’t seem to stay out of the sun now that it is here. Thank goodness! I was starting to think summer would never arrive.

In keeping with the warm, bright weather I’m trying to have bright attire this week. This orange Old Navy shirt is a good start! It is starting to fit a little less loosely. It will probably last all the way until the end… as long as I continue to have pants that will accompany it!

I can still wear these non-maternity Forever 21 jeans, so that isn’t so bad. They still feel pretty good but the zipper won’t quite stay closed because the rise is being pushed down by my belly! All the legs on my jeans are starting to feel tight, though. Everything is starting to swell a bit, despite my best efforts. Maybe I need to start taking more baths?

These yellow sandals are from Zappos; I think they’re by Bandolino or something like that.


I’m loving these black pants from Old Navy more and more. They fit really well and are nice and soft, but they look nice for work, too. The only problem is that they collect lint super fast. I wore them to dinner on Saturday night, too, and it almost looked like my cloth napkin was still on my lap when I stood up – that much lint! I have discovered that my lint roller is indeed more productive than wrapping masking tape around my hand.

This Old Navy shirt still fits – score! It’s getting a little short but it’ll work for a while longer, I hope. I seem to be rejoicing when anything fits lately. I know a few things are on their way out already!

The black necklace is from Target – it’s a long necklace doubled up to fit above the neckline of this shirt. These shoes are super old – they’re black wedges by Report I think (I’m feeling too lazy to go check the brands of my shoes today!). They were Zappos finds, of course. Zappos is my favorite shoe store (I’m an online shopping addict!).


I took the day off work Wednesday for Kiddo1’s last day of third grade. It was a little chilly and I knew I’d be outside for a good part of the day (walking with the neighborhood kids to school in the morning, eating a picnic lunch at the school, hanging in the playground after school and walking back with all the kids in the afternoon). So I wore a sweater just in case things got chilly, and so I didn’t have to bring a coat with me. I certainly kept it bright though!

This cardigan is a little big so I like to belt it to keep it from flapping all over the place. Underneath I wore a couple Old Navy tanks – I’ve got to layer them otherwise my big ol’ flat belly button is even more obvious! Sometimes a tiny bit of it will stick out too. It’s rather amusing to Mr. Handsome.

These are also Old Navy jeans. Sheesh, other than the belt and shoes I think this whole outfit is Old Navy. Damn their constant emailed coupons on maternity sales! They sucked me in every time… I finally had to start blocking them!


This shirt is from Forever 21 and it is clearly working very hard to keep me covered. A couple of the beads on the front popped off while I was in the car. I’m sure that’s totally the seat belt’s fault… This shirt is a year or two old so maybe it’s just getting worn. It is from Forever 21, after all. It isn’t going to last, well, forever! Hahahaha…

The black skirt is another piece from Old Navy. It’s one of those soft cotton skirts with the rolling waistline thing. It is maternity but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work later on this summer, too. We’ll see how that goes. I like things to be versatile dang it!

These are my token black flats, of course, my Rocket Dog flats. The insoles on these are getting a little worn but they’re still holding up on the outside! I keep telling myself to get new black flats but I can’t bring myself to do it when these are still holding strong. I’m running out of shoe space anyway! Not a bad dilemma to have I suppose.


I’ve been dealing with my growing hair all week by styling myself some bangs, but on Friday I was just too lazy to do it! I haven’t used the blow dryer for almost a year, so you’d think blow drying a small part of my hair (bangs only) wouldn’t be so tiring! So I just pulled my bangs back into a couple pins for Friday. Works for me!

My favorite Banana Republic blazer officially can no longer be buttoned, but that doesn’t matter much to me. I can still wear it to dress up my tank top and jeans!

This pink tank is from Old Navy (of course) and is layered with another tank (of course) so my belly button isn’t on display for everyone to gawk at. Haha.

These jeans are the $6 Forever 21 maternity jeans that I love to point on the price on (they’re from the Love 21 maternity line before it was discontinued last year). I love a $6 jeans deal.

These gray Report flats were another great deal find, this time from Ross. The pink pearl necklace was my grandmothers. Yay for deals!

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